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Effective Ways to Lighten Dark Lips and Make Them Rosy Pink

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Every woman loves to have rosy pink lips because they improve her overall beauty and add grace to her face. Pink lips need proper care as they are the sign of good health. Lips don’t have oil glands and they are very sensitive part of your face. So, they require external care to stay supple and soft.  Exposure to UV rays, allergies, smoking, age and hormonal imbalance are the common culprits behind your dark lips.

You may want to buy lipsticks and lip balms to make your lips look pink but they have side effects. You can make your lips look rosy with several natural scrubs and home remedies. Every woman loves to have supple, soft and pink lips. But because of harsh environment, pollution, and busy schedule, we don’t have proper time to take good care of our lips.

                                                                  Lighten Dark Lips

There are different factors responsible for dry and dull lips, which are chapped and have no shine. In fact, some of them are because of smoking, drinking, and harmful sun rays, dehydration, more licking of your lips, lack of fatty acids and vitamin and also because of using medications. So, you need to reduce drinking hot beverages like tea and coffee due to which your lips look dark. Today, we will discuss some of the home care remedies that can help you achieve the soft pink lips quickly and easily. So, just go and grab the ingredients you like.

Homemade Remedies

Saffron and Cream

This way, you need to take 1 teaspoon of milk cream, 1 teaspoon of milk and a few strands of saffron. Blend all the ingredients well and store the paste in the fridge. Apply the cool mixture on lips and rinse it well with a cotton pad.

Milk Cream and Beetroot

Blend some drops of pomegranate juice or beetroot juice with a tablespoon of milk cream. This blend has great effects on your cracked lips and it also helps get back the pink color. You can use honey as it can nourish all types of skin. You can also use it to moisturize the lips. Blend ½ tsp of lemon juice and ½ tsp of honey and apply the mixture on your lips. Leave the blend for a few minutes and rinse it well with cold water. You will feel your chapped and pale lips getting pinkish and soft within few minutes. Apply milk cream and tomato paste to get soft pink lips. Use butter, ghee or saffron to get pink and shiny lips.

Rose Petals and Milk

Add a few rose petals on 1 tablespoon of milk. Crush petals in milk till it gets pink. Take them out and store the milk in the refrigerator. Add 1 teaspoon of almond powder and blend it into thick paste when it cools down. Apply the blend and leave it on your lips for around 15 minutes. Clean it using wet cotton pads. It can make your lips shiny, soft, and can help maintain rosy pink lips.

Carrot Juice

It also gives same benefits to your lips like beetroot juice. Soak a cotton pad in the carrot juice in a small bowl and apply it to your lips. Apply it constantly whenever lips get dry. Carrot juice has vitamins that add color to your lips.

Orange Peel


Do you throw the peel of orange after eating it? Do you know how it is healthy for lips? Orange peel can add extra brightness to your dark looking lips. Your lips will truly blush. Just rub the peel on your lips for a few minutes and see the results.

Cucumber Slices

In order to brighten the color of lips, all you need to rub cucumber for few minutes. As a result, you can get more pink lips. Cucumber is considered to be the best choice for skin. Eat it with applying the juice.

Mint Juice and Rose Water

Rose water and mint juice are known to be the great sources to be used to gain pink lips. Blend the mint juice with rose water and apply it to have stunning pink lips. Mint juice will help you stay hydrated.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub works truly well to exfoliate your lips. All you need to apply the thick paste of butter and sugar and apply it as a scrub for your lips. With the help of sugar, you can easily remove unwanted dead skin cells on your lips and butter will be helpful for your lips by improving their color and adding gloss to them.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can also help you get beautiful rosy lips. Use it with lemon juice and honey for added benefits. Combine them and apply as a balm to your lips every day.

Lemon Juice

Lemon has natural bleaching properties so it is ideal to lighten up your dark lips. It can remove dark spots and patches from your lips. Apply well-squeezed juice on your lips before you go to bed.

Turmeric Scrub

Blend turmeric powder and some milk and make a paste. Apply the paste on your lips after cleaning them with soft toothbrush gently. Rub it again after 2 to 3 minutes. Clean the lips with a towel and put this natural lip balm.

Strawberry Lip Balm (Homemade)

Put a blend of petroleum jelly and strawberry balm and get smooth and natural pink lips. Mix almond oil, honey and sugar together and apply it on your lips and massage on for 10 minutes. Mint juice, carrot juice, and coriander juice are also good for pink and soft lips. Moisturize your lips by applying milk cream from boiled milk. You can also rub raw potato on your lips to lighten your dark lip color.

Raspberry Scrub

Raspberry has all the essential vitamins and minerals to make your lips bubbly and vivid. Mix raspberry with pure honey and Aloe Vera to make a paste and massage the lips and clean it after 10 minutes.


These above are the home remedies you may try anytime and anywhere to get your lips smooth and rosy pink.