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How to Cure Dry Lips Fast

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The best and fast way to cure dry lips is to apply a moisturizing cream to it. You can also use some natural products to provide moisture and remove the dryness from lips.

cure dry lips

Easiest and fastest way to get rid of chapped lips is by taking proper care. To soothe the dry and cracked lips naturally overnight then cucumber is very wonderful way to get rid of this problem. In market you can get good lip moisturizer that helps to soothe dry and cracked lips. To heal cracks and to have smooth and soft lips, applying vitamin E moisturizers will be very helpful. You can treat with this problem naturally or by applying chemical free products.
To fix this problem instantly apply well-known brand lips moisturizers.

Tips to cure chapped lips problem:

Apply healing balm or cream

You can use Nivea or Vaseline cream or some good brand moisturizing cream to cure the chapped and cracks lips. These moisturizing cream contain various natural extract and moisture which works amazingly and fills the gap in the lips. You can also use aquaphor to to cure dry lips.

Moisture is essential

Apply good moisturizer which contain vitamin E. Do buy uncolored lip balm to keep your lips soft and moist. If your lips lack moisture then you need to have extra hydration to fill cracked lips caused by cold and hot weathers, improper lip care and strong winds. 2 times a day provide moisture to your lips viz after bath and before going to sleep. These amazing precautions will prevent lips from becoming cracked and chapped.

Never lick your lips

The most common reason for chapped lips is licking your lips. When you lick your lips become wet and the saliva present in lips will evaporate the moisture and will make your lips dry. Our saliva contains acid thus it may lead to damaged skin in your lips to build cracks in. To keep your lips supple and soft, stop licking your lips.

Check your product if you are allergic or not

You can have allergic reaction if your lip product contains synthetic flavours and this may develop cracks on your lips. I am allergic to coloured or flavoured lip balms. Many people also get allergic, if their lip product contains SPF. Low quality Lip moisturizers and lipstick should be avoided. Harmful chemical present in these products will cause lip problems. So friends, I suggest to spend some extra money and buy good and quality lip products to keep your lips sexy and beautiful. If you use vitamin A oral supplements in excess then you will have cracked lips. Lack of vitamins and improper diet will cause chapped lips.

Avoid acidic food

Spicy, hot and salty food should be avoided if you are treating your chapped lips. Fruits and vegetables like lemon, pineapple should be avoided. These fruits and vegetables contain acid which may lead to inflammation and pain in your lips and thus your problem will be worsened. Consume proper and healthy diet which contains vitamins, proteins and minerals. To keep your body moisturized drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

Home remedies to cure dry lips

  1. Honey
  2. Honey contains moisturizing and antiseptic property which is very good and effective treatment to cure dry lips and helps to make your lips smooth. To heal your lips quickly apply honey over your lips as it kills germs and provide moisture to your lips. Once honey is dried then wash your lips with cold water. To get beautiful and positive lips repeat this results daily.

  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Aloe vera contains antioxidants and has healing properties it helps to make your lips heal quickly. You can use aloe vera gel as it provides moisture and nutrition to your lips and will quickly heal cracks and make your lips soft. Take aloe vera gel and apply to your lips and after 25 minutes was it with cold water. In the resting period aloe vera gel will provide antioxidants and moisture require to your lips. Thus follow this method daily to get rid of chapped lips.

  5. Natural Oils
  6. In market you can easily get natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil which are rich in vitamin E and helps to make skin soft and helps to fill the cracks in your lips and make it soft. Take your favorite natural oil and mix them together for best result and then apply. You need to apply this mixture before going to sleep. In overnight your chapped lips will heal.

  7. Milk Cream
  8. It contains skin smoothing fats, moisture and vitamins which helps to cure your chapped lips quickly. Take milk cream and mix it with aloe vera gel and add little antioxidants. With the help of cotton ball apply this paste to your lips. After 20 minutes, wash it off. To prevent from chapped lips you can apply this paste daily.

Friends I hope above mentioned tips will be beneficial to you and your cracked and chapped lips problems will be solved quickly and effectively. I wish you have smooth and soft lips like me.