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How to get Bigger and Fuller Lips Naturally

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One fast way to get bigger and fuller looking lips naturally is by taking proper care and with the use of the perfect makeup for lips. Lemon, honey, sugar, cinnamon are some home remedies that can used to clean and moisturize lips making it look big. Also now a days there are lip plumpers available that makes lips look full.

How to get bigger and fuller lips naturally

Steps for making lips look bigger and fuller

  1. Exfoliate your lips once a week for removing impurities from lips and giving it a lighter tone. Dark lips tend to look smaller and when you exfoliate it becomes fair giving it a bigger look. These are some of the most common methods for exfoliating lips.
    1. Sugar scrub is an excellent cleanser for removing dirt and dead skin from lips giving it a glowing look. Make powder of sugar and add a few drops of water plus 2-3 drops of lemon juice to it. Now use this paste for gently rubbing and removing impurities from the lips. This scrub makes lips look clean, fuller and pink.
    2. Wet a smooth cotton cloth in warm water and rub it to your lips for removing the dirt from it.
    3. Use a tooth brush to clean your lips. Take a soft bristle toothbrush, wet it in warm water and rub it on the lips softly. You can also use a sugar scrub along with tooth brush for deep lip cleansing.
  2. Massages are great lip exercise for increasing the circulation of the blood and improving the texture of the muscles of your lips. Different techniques for massaging and making lips look bigger.
    1. Massage ice cubes to relax your lip muscles and make them look redder and fuller. Add ice cubes to a clean cloth and keep it on lips for 10 minutes daily.
    2. Aloe vera lip massage can prove helpful in making lips look bigger. Antioxidants in aloe gel help to treat the fine lines, making lips attractive and fuller. This gel has power to remove dirt and provide moisture giving you bigger and softer looking lips.
    3. Apply lemon juice to lips and massage it gently for removing dead skin flakes, oils and dirt from it. Add water drops to lemon for making the solution dilute. This is one of the best treatment for getting bigger and fuller lips naturally.
  3. Lip makeup is one the best way for creating an illusion of fuller looking lips. Darker the lipstick smaller your lips will appear. Apply light shaded shiny lipsticks to lips for making an illusion of bigger looking lips. Shiny lipsticks tend to reflect more thus making the lips look fuller.
  4. Apply cinnamon oil for making lips look red and full. As cinnamon oil is very spicy, add two drops of water to one drop of this oil. Increase the water quantity as per your need. You can also use cinnamon oil mixed with honey. Honey will moisturize lips while cinnamon oil leads to swelling of blood capillaries of lips which makes them look big and full.
  5. Moisturizing lips is also an important step to get good looking lips. Lack of moisture to lips can make it dry, rough and small. Hence, use lip moisturizers and balms to keep lips hydrated and soft. Moisture in lips can make it look bigger.
    1. Apply olive oil to provide vitamin E to lip skin. Vitamin E provides moisture to skin, making it soft and smooth.
    2. Honey is also an excellent skin moisturizer. Apply honey to lips for 20 minutes daily. This will make your lips to absorb water from honey and make it look big.
    3. Place milk cream on the lips for nourishing the skin of lips and for making it moisturized. Milk cream is an effective remedy for getting rid of dry and rough lips.
  6. Lip surgery is the guaranteed and costly way for making lips bigger. Lips plumping surgeries can help you in getting the perfect shape of lips. Although this is not a natural method, but is used by many celebrities for getting a good lip texture.
  7. Niacin rich foods such as avocado and mangoes can be used as a natural scrub for plumping lips. Prepare a paste of these foods and keep in on lips for 20 minutes daily for increasing fullness in the lips.
  8. Vitamin C is a natural skin lightner that can be used for increasing the tone of lips. Lighter the lips may appear it may look big. Lemon and oranges are some of the best foods for making lips bid and fair.

Treatments for fuller lips

get bigger lips

The volume of the lips adds to the beauty of face. With this treatment we rejuvenate one of the areas important to women when it comes to physical attractiveness. Increasing lip volume is best known as the aesthetic treatments and we must recognize that it is not always shows good results. Such treatments have good results for one person while for the other it is bad. Well, the key is to increase the ease by proportion and necessary volume.

Today we have, although not permanent, absorbable products that allows us to get bigger lips. Hyaluronic acid treatments , first not only gives relief and increases the volume, but contributes to the deep moisturizing of connective tissues. Infiltrations with hyaluronic acid must be repeated every two or three months, depending on each case.However, it is always much better increase the size of the lip with these substances, allowing us to rectify and improve lip shape in the following sessions.

Tips to make lips bigger

  1. Avoid biting and licking your lips to prevent drying and bad lip shape.
  2. Keep your lips always moisturized to keep it soft and big.
  3. Fuller looking lips can be achieved by proper cleaning. Hence remember to clean and moisturize lips once a week.
  4. Lip massage is a great form of exercise for getting bigger and fuller lips naturally.
  5. Daily wash your lips with warm water for removing the impurities from lips.
  6. And at last proper makeup is important for making lips appear bigger and beautiful.