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How To Get Irresistible Lips

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From lip care like moisturizing and exfoliation to proper makeup tips, we have provided some of the best ways that can help you get irresistible lips at home.

irresistible lips

Having irresistible lips will be your best weapon to find that kiss you so desire, if it’s your first date or to sweeten every moment with your loved one. Believe it or not this part of your face is very important. To get irresistible lips first thing is that they are well hydrated. So before you start makeup, apply a moisturizing lip balm and massage lips gently. If you notice that the skin on your lips is too dry and cracked, you will have to once a week carry out a complete exfoliation of the area.

The next step is to apply a base is applied on the lips. That will allow us to unify the tone, hide imperfections and, most importantly, that the lipstick is much more secure and intact.

Although it may be tempting, do not try to make them bigger outlining out. Instead, make them more lush carrying creamy and soft tones. These provide a glow that helps create an appearance of full lips. And with a touch of gloss in the center of the lower lip will get an effect of thick lips. But here are some tips for you to get irresistible lips and to keep your lips healthy and beautiful at all times of the day:

  1. Line your lips with a pencil in the same shade of your lips, especially if you are using a lipstick in nude tone. After passing the lipstick on lips, press lightly with a tissue and apply translucent powder. Then again apply some lipstick and you’ll see the color lasts longer.
  2. The lipstick, it’s always better to be apply with two layers of brush. Painted first and then pressed with in a napkin so that the color is distributed good and ready. The later is the output, may be the strongest color.
  3. Use strong colors. If you want your teeth look more white choose lipstick with dark shades of red and violet.
  4. If you want full lips then use a pencil and fill the corners. Apply a lighter shade on the center of the lips. Other tip to achieve full lips and create illusion of fuller lips is to apply all the lipstick and the center of the lower lip apply some gloss.
  5. If your skin is clear then use warm colors they’ll better type and orange earth. If you are dark-skinned you better go cold tones like pink and light red.
  6. The color that should never miss in the lipstick shade is the red one. If you do not find the tone that you do well invest plenty of time to try and find a good color and nothing matches then red color comes to the rescue.
  7. If your lips are very skinny then it is better to use a lipstick with a glossy finish that will help you look a bit bulkier.
  8. To draw attention to your lips use a matte tone. My favorite colors are red, fuchsia and orange.
  9. No forget retouch your make up especially if the focus of your makeup are the lips in a dull tone. I always carry it in my bag a lipstick for retouch.
  10. If you are using matte lipstick in then it is better to drink with straw, so will last much longer and avoid smudging.
  11. Always moisturize your lips. It is better to use U.V protection lips balms to shield lips against sun.
  12. If you have dry peeling skin on your lips then weekly exfoliate your lip skin. If they are too dry then it is better to walk away the lipsticks in matte finish to make this texture look healthy.
  13. Check the makeup on your lips so that it looks symmetrical and not to see a larger side than the other lip, especially when you use matte shades.
  14. Always line your lips. Never take delineated lips without lipstick, is fatal. Ideally, mark the outline of the lips with a pencil. Some people prefer to enhance the core shape of the upper lip because they consider it more attractive. Those with rather thin lips, can use this tool to give them more volume.
  15. Use the same liner if you use a lipstick in red wine or very dark tone uses the same tone eyeliner.
  16. One possibility is to apply creams lips before sleep, often contain hyaluronic acid that keep lips moisturized. The important thing is not to keep lips moist using tongue because the effect is just the opposite and will just make it more dry.
  17. You can also get a lip peeling. It is easy and inexpensive. Just mix one teaspoon of sugar with a little salt and mineral water, rub with the toothbrush lips and this removes off dead skin particles.

So these were some important lip care and makeup tricks to get irresistible lips at home. Following this everyday will keep lips beautiful at all times.