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How to get Red Lips Naturally

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The best way to get red lips fast is by exfoliating it weekly and daily moisturization. To naturally make lips red, home remedies like ice, cucumbers, aloe vera, honey, milk and beetroot can be used. These tips can be used by men and women who want to make their lips look fair and beautiful.

Get red lips naturally

Clean your lips with exfoliation

After finishing your food, wash lips with water to remove the particles of food that stick to the lips skin. It is also necessary to exfoliate lips once a week to remove the dead skin layer, dirt and impurities. This will lighten the dark colour of lips making it fair and red. These are some common methods to exfoliate lips at home.

  1. Take 5 spoons of sugar and crush it to make the particles small. Now add rose water to it and rub it gently to clear the dead cell and skin darkening impurities.
  2. Another method is to use the above sugar scrub using a soft hair tooth brush. Add the scrub to your toothpaste and slowly move it on lips for 5 minutes.

These scrubbing tips should be followed in weekly intervals and keep in mind to add a moisturizer to lips after exfoliating.

Protecting lips in summers and winters

Extreme winter or summer season can remove the moisture on lips making it dry and dark. In hot or cold weather you may have noticed the dryness on your lips. This is because of the lack of moisture your lips faces in these climates. Hence to make lips fair it is your responsibility to add lip balms and moisturizers to it. Keeping lips moisturized help to keep it soft and away from dry and cracked lips.

Massing lips regularly

Massages are a great form to improve the structure and health of lips. Regularly massaging helps to flush blood to lips that will make it look red and full. Take an ice cube and rub it for 5 minutes daily. This is a great form of exercise for lips that will help you clear dirt and get red lips.

Foods to make lips red.

There are no foods that can make your lips look pink, but eating healthy foods is advised. Having fruits and vegetables will provide enough nourishment to your skin that will make it healthy and glowing. You need to follow some of these precautions to prevent your lips from becoming dark.

  1. Never eat very spicy or salty food, contact of such foods with lips can lead to inflammation and damage lip skin.
  2. Eating food when hot can also cause burning of lip skin that can turn it dark.
  3. Avoid hot drinks like tea and coffee for some days.

Creams for rosy lips

They say that the smile is the simplest and most natural way to look beautiful. But often we hide this expression because it is difficult to have a nice smile. We may have we neglected this detail, but the truth is that we can improve our smile with some steps and doing our part liking making our lips soft and beautiful. In order to make lips red, not only we should care for lips, but also the area around them. The lip area has a thin skin, and using both the movement and expressions lips become dry and wrinkles usually appear on the sides of the corner of his mouth and on the lips, with small grooves. We must use nourishing creams at night and creams with sunscreen for the day for keeping lips soft and rosy. Depending on our age, our skin will have some needs or other, but the truth is that we consider to be performed daily to care to get red and pink lips.

Home remedies to get red lips

  1. A leaf of aloe vera plant can prove to be helpful for lightening the dark colour of lips and making it look red. Cut the leaf and extract the sticky gel into a bowl. Add powdered sugar to this gel and softly rub it to the lips. The cleansing properties of aloe vera will rub away the dead cells and dirt that makes lips darker. Repeat this remedy once a week for getting better results.
  2. Take a bowl and add half lemon juice to it. Now add equal honey to this lemon solution and mix powdered sugar, just enough to make a thick paste. Wash lips with water and now use this lip scrub to clear impurities and get fair lips. Since lemon is highly acidic diluting it honey is important.
  3. Make a paste of beetroot and after cleaning lips keep this paste on lips for 10 minutes. Now use water and rinse the skin. This remedy will act as you naturally lipstick turning your lips to red. Although this is not a permanent solution to get red lips, but the colour look fine for few hours.
  4. Cucumbers are great skin lighteners plus the water content of this remedy can used to moisturize lips. Daily keeping of cucumbers on lips can make it fair and soft. Take slices of cucumber and cover your lips with it. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it with cold water.
  5. For sensitive or dry lips take milk cream, add honey and fine sugar and blend it together. Now with your fingers slowly rub this scrub to the lips for 5 minutes and then leave it for 10 minutes more. This will clear the dirt from lips and also moisturize it and get you pink soft lips.
  6. A person who daily moves ice on lips will definitely get red lips. The science behind this is, ice constricts the blood vessels and the skin starts to look red. Take a ice cube and move it daily over the lips for 5 minutes. This will also clean the impurities on the lips skin and give you fuller and pinkish lips.