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How to Get Rid of Dark Lips

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The fastest way to get rid of dark lips is to take proper care of skin. To remove darkness from lips you can use skin lightening cream, moisturizers or use natural home remedies. Cucumber, lemon, olive oil, turmeric, potato, aloe vera or baking soda are popular home remedies to lighten skin.

get rid of dark lips

When we see the mirror, we many times notice dark lips due to dark skin layer and dirt. Both men and women can lighten their lip tone and make them fair by following these mentioned treatments.

Today in this post I will share some easy tips and steps to lighten lips. Daily apply moisturizing lotion and lip balms to prevent lips from becoming dry because dry lips often make it appear dark. You can also scrub once in a week to make your skin fair. During this treatment you need to avoid using 2 things which are licking and biting lips.

Follow simple steps to get fair lips

  1. Remove dead skin

    Dead skin cells can take away the fairness and make your lips dark. Using the technique of deep skin cleansing to exfoliate your lips is a good idea. Dead skin cells and other impurities block the fresh skin layers and thus it is important to exfoliate to clear the darkness. While purchasing good scrub do look at ingredients like lactic acid and glycolic acid. Impurities can be removed easily by these ingredients and your skin can look lighter and fair.

  2. Use skin lightening creams

    In market there are many skin lightening creams available. Purchase good skin lightening cream or lotion which contains natural extract and peptides which help to easily removes darkness of your lips. These products can also be used 2 times in a week to remove dead skin and dirt easily. After scrubbing your lips apply these skin lightening products which contains moisturizer to get rid of dark lips quickly.

  3. Always keep lips moisturize

    Lips can look dry, dark and rough if it lacks moisture. Daily before going to bed apply moisturizer or a lip balm to your lips. Moisturized skin will keep your skin fairer and soft. Moisturizer which contains Vitamin E helps to keep your skin hydrated and you can get rid fair and soft skin.

  4. Daily wash your lips

    Daily while taking bath, wash your lips properly. Also it is important that after eating food you must splash water to the lip skin so that the food particles on it are cleared. When you wash your skin often, it becomes dry so don’t forget to moisturize it. You can also use steamer to remove darkness. Your tight blocked dead cells and dirt can be removed using steamer for 10 minutes.

  5. Rub cotton balls to your lips

    Wet the cotton ball and dip it in warm water and then for 10 minutes rub it on your lips. Wet skin will make your skin smooth thus rubbing will remove dead cells and dirt. This step can be performed anytime followed by providing moisture. This important trick will help your lip skin to permanently become fair.

  6. Massage your lips

    The greatest way to remove impurities from lips is to massage your skin and make it look light and fair. You can massage your lips using ice, olive oil or coconut oil for 10 minutes. Darkness from your skin will be removed and it will make your lip skin soft.

  7. Follow healthy food

    When your body has lack of minerals and vitamins it will make your skin look dull and dark.. Healthy and proper diet containing vitamin C will help your skin to look light. Collagen is produced when you consume vitamin C thus it helps to repair your dark skin and helps to make your skin fair and healthy. Eating food when it is too hot can lead to burns on your lips skin which can make it appear dark. Also too much spicy and salty foods particle that comes in contact with lips makes it look dark.

Home remedies to get rid of dark lips

  1. Lemon: It cleans your skin naturally and helps to lighten your skin tone easily. Take lemon juice and rub it over your lips for 15 minutes and then wash your skin. Daily repeat this process to lighten your dark lips.
  2. Cucumber: Your lips can be effectively lightened with the help of cucumber slice. Cucumber contains moisturizing and lightening properties which helps to repair your skin naturally and helps to make your skin look fair.
  3. Aloe vera: Aloe vera works wonderfully on your skin. It contains natural exfoliating properties. Take aloe vera gel and apply it over your lips. This aloe gel will not only moisturize your lip skin but it will provide antioxidants as well. Thus applying aloe gel will make your lips soft and fair.
  4. Turmeric: Sandalwood and turmeric paste along with rosewater is very effective home remedy to get rid of dark lips. Make this paste and apply it to your skin and once it is dried wash off with warm water.

Tips to prevent dark lips

  1. Don’t bite or lick your lips. The acids in saliva and the damage to skin from biting will cause darkening of skin. Thus avoid these habits.
  2. Do not use low quality lipsticks or lip balms as they contain harmful chemicals which may cause darkening of skin. Use only the best and trusted product.
  3. Lack of moisture and no exfoliating skin can cause dead cells thus it may cause dull and dark skin. Thus proper care is very important.
  4. Lots of tea, coffee and cigarettes causes dark lips. Hence limit your tea consumption and stop smoking