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How to get Smaller and Thinner Lips Naturally

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Keeping lips clean and moisturized with a proper makeup is the best way to get smaller lips. Although there are no natural methods for making lips thinner, but one can use aloe vera and lemon for cleaning and honey for moisturizing lips. Even men can use these tips to get a perfect lip shape.

How to get smaller and thinner lips naturally

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  1. Clean lips your lips once a week

    Lips when not cleaned look dark due to the accumulation of dirt and dead cells on it. Although dark lips tend to appear small but paying less attention on cleanliness is unhygienic. Hence use a best lip scrub to clear impurities from lips and make it dirt-free.

  2. Apply the best lip moisturizer

    Providing moisture will help to keep lips soft and smooth. Lack of moisture can make lips look dry and chapped. Now such dryness make lip to appear bigger, hence to get perfect lips keep it clean and moisturized.

  3. Do you wear braces

    Wearing braces can make lips to look big. But this is not a problem, as soon as you remove them in a few days your lips become normal.

  4. Treat your lips injuries properly

    You may have noticed that in case of any injury on lips it becomes bigger. A punch, biting lips or any other injury should be treated well. I know a person who had accidently fallen and injured her lips. She didn’t pay attention in treating it and now the center part of her upper lips has become large permanently. Hence you should take care of such injuries to lips. In case of any such injury immediately rub ice to lips.

  5. Use correct lipsticks and lip liners

    Never apply shiny lipstick if you want lips to appear thin because these shiny shades reflect light which make it to look big. A correct lip make up is as important as the tips provided above. To start with lip makeup first use a liner and then with a dark shaded lipstick cover your lips. This is my personally tried beauty parlor tip which I have done on many of my friends and clients.

  6. Lips surgery for small lips

    This should be your last choice if you have an abnormal looking lip which is making you conscious. For this you need to go to a dermatologist. Although this method is costly but can help in returning your lips to normal.

Makeup tips to get smaller lips

  1. Find out the color of your skin. Go to the pharmacy where you buy your makeup and find a concealer that does not easily fall. Keep in mind that a good concealer can be expensive but worth it.
  2. Check if you have hair on the upper lip, as this will be more obvious once you wear concealer. If you have hair, take them off with tweezers, wax, etc. Just get rid of them! Avoid shaving as this can make things worse.
  3. Take a lip liner and mark where you want to reach your lips. Put a drop of concealer on one of your fingers and put it on the line previously marked. Fill in your lips with lip liner, lipstick or gloss.
  4. Many people think that the thinner, dark and small lips are more attractive and sexy. So go ahead! Purchase a dark color lipstick for your upper lip!. Really works!
  5. Bring attention to your lower lip if you want your upper lip look slimmer.