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How to Moisturize Lips at Home

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There are several ways to moisturize lips fast at home using either a moisturizer or natural home remedy. Apply any of them before sleep and leave it overnight to work. In the morning you will get soft and silky lips even without the use of chapsticks.

Moisturize lips at home

There are various internal and external factors that are responsible for removal of moisture from the lips that make it dry and chapped. Smoking, licking lips and acidic foods are your internal habits that damage the lips skin, while sun and winters are external factors. To keep lips moist you need to change those habits that causes harm to skin and also protect it from extreme climatic conditions. Here are the precautions and treatment available to moisturize dry lips and keep it soft and smooth.

Prevention tips to keep lips moist

  1. Smoking

    Some of the ill effects of smoking are dark skin, premature wrinkles, eye bags, psoriasis, yellow teeth, hair fall etc. The nicotine and tobacco content in cigarettes can clear the moisture from the lips plus turn it dark. So stay away from this bad habit if you want a beautiful appearance.

  2. Avoid touching lips with tongue

    Our saliva contains various enzymes that is important for digestion of the food. When we eat food some of the acidic properties of the food remains in the saliva and licking lips can lead to contact of such saliva with lips which can make it dry and chapped. And other reason to follow this prevention tip is that when saliva evaporated from the lips it leaves lips dryer.

  3. Covering lips in supreme climates

    Whatever the climate is either very hot or cold, both can cause cracks and de-moisturized lips. For this one need to cover lips with the vitamin E moisturizers of lips balms that helps in keeping lips smooth in such climatic conditions. These precautions are very important to maintain the softness and beauty of lips.

  4. A good diet

    A good diet definitely in any sense cannot remove the dryness from the lips, but it can help for overall skin. Have vitamin E rich foods and plenty of water to keep our skin moisturized from inside. Almonds, avocado, peanuts, fish and other nuts are some good vitamin E rich foods.

  5. Avoid hot tea and coffee

    One should avoid such hot drinks because it can burn the skin of our lips. Hence let these drinks to slightly cool and then you can have it. Having tea or coffee should not be more than twice a day as it can turn dark.

Different ways to moisturize lips

  1. Lip moisturizers

    There are a variety of lip gloss and balms available to keep lips moist in any weather condition. These products contain many extracts that are responsible for maintaining the moisture levels of the lips. Lip glosses are little expensive but they are really good for the lip skin. One thing you should always remember that it is ok to spend few bucks more and buy a good brand product instead of cheap chemical product. These cheap products destroy the skin cells of lips and instead of turning lips soft it actually removes the hydration from lips.

  2. Add humidifier to the room

    In certain parts the air is very dry and using humidifiers at home helps to keep the air moist. Apply the cream to lips and switch on the humidifier before going to sleep. In the morning not only your lips but also your skin will turn soft.

  3. Massages

    You can consider massages as one of the exercises that help to keep lips in a good shape. The benefits it provides are it stimulates blood flow toward lips and also increases supply of oxygen other necessary nutrients. You can use either a hydration cream or some home remedy for massaging lips and turning it soft and pink.

  4. Ice

    Moving ice is one of the best techniques to clear impurities, cure dry chapped lips and make them red. Take one ice cube and daily massage it over the lips for 5 minutes to get beautiful lips.

  5. Cucumber

    As everyone knows cucumbers contain moisture, relaxation properties and lightening powers and hence it is used on eyes for treating several problems. Keeping cucumber on lips can do the same wonders it can moisturize and at the same lighten lips. Apply the paste of cucumber or if you want keep the round slices on lips daily for 10 minutes.

  6. Honey

    Nectar is one of the most popular product when it comes to using a natural moisturizer. The ample of water content in it can be used either on skin or hair to get rid of roughness problem. To moisturize lips at home this can be the best option. Take a spoon of honey and apply it to the lips, leave this gel to dry and then clean it with cold water.

  7. Olive oil and coconut oil

    Olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil have lots of vitamin E content and everyone knows the importance of vitamin E for soft skin. So take any one of this oil and before sleeping apply it to the lips. Do it daily if the lips have become chapped and in a week you will get smooth and silky lips.