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How to Prevent Dry Cracked Lips

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The best way to avoid and prevent dry lips is by keeping it clean and moisturized. Apart from the precautions there are certain cures mentioned to treat dry chapped lips and turn it soft. So just hydrate lips every day and it will stay healthy and beautiful.

Prevent dry cracked lips

Dry lips are a typical issue in both summer and winter seasons because as the moisture in air reduces it makes the skin dry. To keep the lips moisturized requires additional every day care like applying a moisturizer or any hydration cream to maintain the softness of lips. Keeping it dry can turn them chapped, which is a very painful situation and hence to prevent dry lips and stop it from becoming cracked use a good lip moisturizer or balm.

Allergic products

Every young lady prefers to apply makeup, but the problem occurs when those products are not up to the quality. Using a lipstick which contains chemicals can lead to infections which can make lips dry and rough. In many cases, some of the coloured lip balms and balms with SPF (sun protection factor) are the reason for the removal of moisture. Also, do you know that even toothpaste can be responsible for your cracked lips. Using a standard quality product is the first prevention method you need to follow to stops lips from drying.

Avoid licking

There is a category of people who have a habit of licking their lips and then complain of their unhealthy looking lips. If you are in this category then you need to put a stop to licking. The science behind licking making lips dry is, the first one is as you touch the wet tongue to the lips, saliva can wipe the natural moisture from the skin and then make it rough. Another reason is for the process of digestion our saliva contains several acids for food break down and this acidic saliva can lead to painful cracks in lips.

Use vitamin rich lip moisturizers

So the basic tip which every person knows, but only some follow is to use a good lip moisturizer that can protect lips from drying. As hot and cold dry winds can remove the moisture from the skin and lips, these special lips products can help in keeping lips soft and smooth. The major advantage of using these products is, for any weather these creams keep the moisture locked to the lip skin. Hence using such a healthy lip product will prevent and also seal any cracks in the lips.

Exfoliate lips and then moisturize.

Your dry lips can also be because of the layer of dead skin on the surface. To eliminate these dead cells from top, you need to exfoliate your lips. Exfoliation will help you peel this dirt layer and let the natural moisture reach the skin and keep it hydrated. Here are some of the best ways to exfoliate lips.

Home remedies to prevent dry lips

If you want to take help from some natural products than these are the ones that I recommend you to use it to keep lips moist.

  1. Ice pack

    Ice can be an effective natural treatment to get rid of dry and chapped lips. Add few cubes of ice to a clean soft piece of cloth and move it on lips for 5 minutes. This will not only re-moisturize lips but will also clean the dirt and make lips fair and pink. Follow this remedy 4 times a day for a week to get the perfect lips of your dreams.

  2. Honey

    This is a natural skin moisturizer that hydrates skin and with its antiseptic properties prevents any kind of infection. Since it has high water content it is an ideal cure to get rid of dry lips. Daily apply honey to the lips for 10 minutes and then use cold water to wash it.

  3. Aloe vera gel

    The aloe vera leaf contains a watery type of gel which contains anti-oxidants and nutrients to repair the skin. This gel also comprises of antibacterial properties that can help to prevent dry lips caused due to any allergic reaction. Apply this gel to the lips daily. The water content of this will be passed to your lip skin and make it soft.

  4. Olive oil

    Olive is said to contain vitamin E which is the moisture producing vitamin in our body. Just apply this oil before going to sleep and the rest will be done by the powers of this oil to eliminate dryness. You can also use oils like almond oil and coconut oil as an alternative treatment.

  5. Milk cream

    The reason milk cream has made it to this list of home remedies is because of the content of fats it has that can hydrate the skin of lips. Add few rose petals if you have to milk cream and cover the lips with it. Follow this remedy every day for 10 minutes and repeat it for a week.

  6. Cucumbers

    Cucumber holds 90% of water with respect to its weight and this water has special hydration powers. Simply keep cucumber pieces on your lips and the rest for 10 minutes. This remedy is the best if your lips have dried and lead to cracks in them.

Well, there are a lot of other remedies that can stop lips from drying, but these are the best. Apart from following the precautions, these are some of the best remedies that can get soft and silky lips.