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Hyaluronic Acid Treatment for Lip Augmentation

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Do you want to know about the complete hyaluronic acid treatment for lip augmentation? Well here I have outlined the complete overview of this treatment to get plumper lips. The injectable hyaluronic acid is now in the top 5 cosmetic procedures performed dermatological treatment. Other four treatments are botulinum toxin, laser hair removal, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Hyaluronic acid treatment for lip augmentation

A well-shaped with a more youthful appearance and absolutely natural bulkier lips is the dream of many women. We all want the lips of Angelina Jolie, but we wither fear the cost of treatment or the surgery. But what if I told you that now can increase your lip volume without going through a surgery?

We propose the Bi-Hyaluronic technique based on the synergistic combination and two kinds of different density hyaluronic acid use. One of the most frequent and visible lips remodeling mistakes is excess volume. Plumping of lips should be done in the correct proportion else it may not look nice and may also kill the natural lip projection.

To avoid this, we consider three key factors: the infiltration technique, moderation and the use of hyaluronic acid with little hydrophilic and high malleability capacity. Using some hydrophilic hyaluronic acid assures us that this will not hold much water, preventing inflammation and unwanted effects. On the other hand, working with malleable material, we can achieve a more homogeneous and natural effect on the mucosa, without it falling or change shape due to the weight of hyaluronic.

What hyaluronic acid treatment?

It is a component of the extracellular matrix we have in the body and eventually be reabsorbed. It is an acid from the “harsh chemicals” concept. It is a gel with different degrees of viscosity, crosslinking (process to prevent it from being degraded by endogenous enzymes in the body) and density. This gives you the versatility to treat various anatomical areas and different types of wrinkles. It has hygroscopicity, this means ability to retain liquid locally.

The story begins with bovine collagen dermal fillers, approved in 1981 by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the US). This agency performing a required animal allergy later found defect and this formula was discontinued. Liquid silicones having the characteristic of being permanent, migrate and form granulomas, so they were also withdrawn approval.

Over time, dermal fillers evolved, improving their chemical characteristics and progressing in their tolerance and durability. The products of hyaluronic acid currently used do not require allergy tests. However, beyond the technological advances in industries that produce it with high quality, the technique has very less adverse effects compared to other treatments.

One must understand that it is not only fill wrinkles or add volume to the lips. Today we know that aging is a complex process and experience at all levels of the body. So you must know very well the anatomy of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and bone. Emphasis should be placed on restoring the lost volume, especially in the middle of the face, to be reabsorbed over time. In return this gives a natural and healthy appearance to the face with plumped pink lips.

Working of hyaluronic acid treatment for plumper lips

Treatment with hyaluronic acid is generally well tolerated with the use of topical or local anesthesia. It is reversible with time. Why put a definite substance if the face is changed all the time?

Its duration comprising between 6 months to 2 years and this depends on the characteristics of the metabolism of the patient, the degree of crosslinking of hyaluronic acid, type of wrinkle and the anatomical area. In general, it appears that the treatment lasts longer when applied in combination with botulinum toxin.

Importantly, against any complication, there is an antidote for hyaluronic acid which is hyaluronidase enzyme. Anyway it is not good to abuse it because it also degrades the patient’s own hyaluronic acid. In this technique the way it is applied is also important. Again, the treatment is encouraged to be done in the hands of experts for making it a safe and very satisfying procedure.

The Bi-Hyaluronic technique is based on the work as on the lips for a more natural effect. These are the keys:

– A denser hyaluronic acid is used, in this case, VolLift to give lip dental support. Thus, the wet mucosa that remains within the lip is flipped and becomes dry mucosa, what is known as lip regularly. Thus, a similar volume of a young face is achieved, preventing upward projection that occurs if excess product in the dry mucosa is applied.

– Again volume is given to the mouth, used a lighter hyaluronic-usually, VolBella to give a greater sense of firmness and highly moisturised lips, working mostly profile. This makes for a juicy aspect, which rejuvenates artificial smile without giving it a look.

– Using the same hyaluronic light, the columella is marked, i.e. the Cupid’s bow. Over time, it flattens, and takes a fallen lip look that gives your face a flawless look. Two micro-infiltrations vertical projection will return and contribute to the effect of younger and plumper lips.

This was the complete information I could provide you about hyaluronic acid treatment for lip augmentation. It is best to go to an expert who has previously done this treatment so that his experience can bring you plumped lips without any side-effects.