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Lip Care Tips for Winter

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Find some of the best lip care tips for winter to keep them in protection against the cold. These tips will prevent your lips from becoming dry, dark and chapped in winters.

lip care tips for winter

In summer we are more than concerned that our skin is hydrated and healthy. However, with the arrival of cold and layers of clothing, we sometimes forget that the skin still needs to be cared for. But in addition, there is a part of the body that aside from giving it color, we often forget in our routine of beauty care: lips. With the low temperatures they tend to dry out and crack. All that can be prevented and here we explain the fundamental steps and lip care tips for winter to provide comfort and beauty to the lips.

Moisturize lips twice in winter

The lips are very sensitive and delicate as they are the transition between the mucosa of the mouth and the surrounding skin. They have less keratin that is the protein that protects and gives more thickness to our skin. Also, they lack melanin which acts as a protectant for skin. Throughout the year we must worry about frequent lubrication of our lips, especially in winter. For this there are multiple specific products on the market. The best are those that lubricate more and have fewer chemicals such as perfumes or colors and flavors. A simple alternative is to lubricate with petroleum jelly.

Goodbye dead skin

This is one of the best lips care tips for winter which helps to maintain the softness of the lip skin. Besides the body, the lips also need to be exfoliated. We will not get a soft skin if we have not removed the dead skin and impurities. For this, we propose the exfoliating lips either with products or with home prepared scrubs. Gently massage them to get rid of all imperfections and leaving the skin soft and clean. If your lips care chapped then do it slowly to avoid pain. Remember to never perform exfoliation everyday. Once or maximum twice a week is good enough and then moisturize.

After exfoliating and nourishing, a protective and restorative balm is the perfect ally for these days.
Go for a product with protection and extreme repair that has a concentrated formula which helps repair dry lips, protects them and provides a perfect glossy effect.

Foods that harm lips

In case of people who have sensitive skin, the lips will dry more easily. So be careful with certain foods that are slightly irritating to the lips like pineapple, melons, papayas, citrus, acids, etc. Foods that generally have enzymes or acids can dry out or irritate the lips. In addition, we should never go to sleep without a good cleaning of mouth. This eliminates food residues that modify the salivary pH, which at night could further aggravate the situation. Patients who begin with dry or irritated lips should consult the specialist to rule out more severe disorders such as oral malocclusion, mouth breathers, gastro esophageal reflux, etc.

Apply sunscreen to lips

We must take special care to protect the lips daily, with lip balms containing SPF 15 or higher. This is among the lip care tips for winter that should never be skipped. In case of extreme care SPF 30 or more are indicated. On irritated lips it is good to lubricate permanently to avoid injuries or scabs. Vaseline or natural oils give very good results. A good habit in the morning is that when applying the sunscreen on the face, take advantage of the moment and apply it also on the lips. In case of irritation, wounds or persistent inflammation it is advisable to consult the specialist to evaluate each particular case.

Tips to be followed

Like the area around the eyes, the skin around the lips is much thinner and thinner than the rest of the face. So we have to know how to give it the care it deserves if we want to look perfect, juicy and beautiful. But we must not only take into account those extra mime, but also some expressions and gestures that we do involuntarily and that cause unwanted wrinkles. In addition, smoking and overexposure to the sun there are few more things which make lips dry, dark and chapped. For this, we have counted on the help of the experts who offer us ten tips to take care of lips in winter. Take note!

  1. Tobacco: The first step is to stop smoking because it is drying the area and the constant contraction gesture accentuates wrinkles. It is your opportunity to become a healthy and smoke-free life.
  2. Sun: Even in winter the sun rays can damage the skin. Using moisturizing or protective cream, as well as a good lip balm is something that you must convert into a daily routine.
  3. Bites: Another issue to avoid is lip biting which does some serious damage to the skin. In the end always, by stress, by tiredness, by mere “tics”, we end up biting lips and contour. It is important to relax and end those habits.
  4. Fruit: It is perfect to take care of the area, but also provides an extra energy and vitamins good for the skin. Take advantage of it to include it in breakfasts, meals, dinners and snacks, either whole or in refreshing juices.
  5. Hydration: In this time of the year, the lip area is most suffering from dehydration. Therefore, as always, water becomes the indispensable ally to improve its state. It is recommended to drink two liters a day and apply moisturizing balms over lips.
  6. Exfoliate: To clean the area of impurities and improve texture of lips it is vital to exfoliate. After exfoliation when you apply other products such as masks and creams, it enhances the effect on lips.
  7. Makeup: We cannot avoid it, but we must be careful because the bases and facial products dry the skin a lot, both in quantity and time of exposure. Try to reduce your consumption and this will make your lips look better and more natural.
  8. Other cosmetics: We refer to lipsticks, gloss that we love, in a thousand formats, colors and textures, but do not abuse them and if you cannot resist, complement it with Vaseline and special moisturizers.