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How to get Rid of Dead Skin on Lips

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The best way to get rid of dead skin cells on lips fast is to keep it clean and moisturized to not only lighten but also makes lips look beautiful. Not cleaning makes lips look dark and also reduces the attractiveness of our face. Scrub lips every week using natural items instead of chemical exfoliators for removing the impurities and making lips look pink.

How to get rid of dead skin on lips

  1. Wet your lips with warm water. This is the first step to begin with scrubbing lips. Take a soft cloth and dip it in warm water, keep it on lips for 5 minutes and then go for the next step. In the next stage you can use sugar scrub, gram flour paste, honey or cucumber mask.
  2. Prepare a sugar scrub. Take some powdered sugar in a bowl and add few lemon drops and little water to make a paste out of it. With your clean fingers gently rub it to lips for 5 minutes. This will remove the dirt and dead cells and get pinkish lips naturally. If your results are not up to your expectations, then use a brush instead of your finger. Not every remedy suits everyone. So if your results are not positive then go for some other remedy.
  3. Take a toothbrush. A toothbrush can be used for any of the recipes from sugar scrub to gram flour paste. Remember to use a soft toothbrush and rub slowly and gently to prevent any damage to lips.
  4. Keep cucumber slices. Keeping cucumbers on lips not only clear dirt, but also lightens the tone of lips. Cucumbers have a natural tendency to provide moisture and lighten skin and using can also help us to get soft and smooth lips. Take cucumber slices and keep it on lips for 5 minutes. Now take another slice or cucumber paste and rub it to lips for another 5 minutes. This natural remedy has no side effects it can also be used for sensitive skin.
  5. Make a gram flour paste. Take gram flour and add few lemon drops and water to make a paste. Now with your fingers or with a toothbrush rub it for 5 minutes. Wash your lips and again apply the gram flour paste to it. Rinse lips after gram flour dries. This will deeply clear lip impurities making it fair and pink.
  6. Honey lip scrub. Like cucumbers, honey also provides moisture plus it has antiseptic properties that help in curing dry and chapped lips. Keep honey on wet lips for 15 minutes and then wash it. This will keep your lips clean, moisturized and free from problems.

Tips to take care while cleaning lips

  1. Rub slowly. Rubbing of fingers and brush to lips should be gentle and slow. Harsh and strong rubbing can damage lips.
  2. Clean once a week. Cleaning of the lips should be just once or maximum twice a week. Overdoing it can lead to chapped and cracked lips.
  3. Try to use natural products instead of using chemical scrubs.
  4. Moisturize after cleaning. Exfoliating makes lips dry, hence use a good moisturizing cream to full fill the moisture demand to keep lips soft and supple.