SiliSponge Makeup Tool from Molly Cosmetics: Complete Review

silisponge molly cosmetics

Find the best SiliSponge makeup tool from Molly Cosmetics review. This silisponge which costs $9.99 and the stardust sponge that cost $14.99 have become the product every beauty enthusiast wants in their makeup set. It looks like a silicone implant or a jellyfish, but it is not. We talk about SiliSponge, the new makeup sponge that raids on social networks and has become viral. It is a new tool that promises to save money and quantity when it comes to makeup as well as being much more hygienic than its…

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How to Touch Up Your Makeup Without Ruining It

touch up your makeup

Find the best way to touch up your makeup after work or in school without ruining it. These tips will help you fix and freshen up your makeup you applied during the day and make it look flawless again. You leave home with your perfect makeup, but with the passage of the hours it loses the intensity and appears shiny. With these tips you will get it to finish your day impeccable. As the hours pass the makeup disappears and if you want to be impeccable at night you will…

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8 Foundation Mistakes Most Women Make

Foundation mistakes

Find the common foundation mistakes most women make while applying makeup. Avoiding these mistakes will help do the perfect makeup for a beautiful face. The foundation is that wonderful cosmetic that helps you to get a flawless face with good color. But often the foundation can become your worst enemy giving that ugly looking makeup mask instead. Many foundation mistakes can also give your face an aging look. You do not have to be a makeup expert for your base to fit you well, you just have to avoid some…

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Best Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

eye makeup for sensitive eyes

Find the best makeup tips for sensitive eyes to maintain its health. Here you will find the tips required for beauty as well as the health of eyes. Take into account certain habits is essential to maintain a balance between beauty and healthy eyes. We bring you some basic tips when get cute. Makeup is synonymous with looking good to be elegant and fashionable. But few women who know what part of your daily routine can become a nightmare for your eyes if necessary precautions are not taken. Some people…

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How To Apply Concealer Correctly, To Hide Scars And Acne?

apply concealer

Concealer is known to be a beauty essential which can hide nasty blemishes, sun spots, and acne, brighten up your dull face and cover up dark circles. In this article, we will teach you how to choose the best concealer and apply it for a great complexion. Choosing the Best Concealer Concealer is available in different colors and shapes. To figure out what you need, you need to analyze your skin first. Do you want to hide under eye circles? Acne? Birthmarks or scars? Choose yellow or tinted green concealer…

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Weird Makeup Don’ts That Make You Look Aged


We all are on the lookout for more fresh and youthful appearance. In the world where beauty is important, there are lots of facials, creams, and procedures that can help you in this mission. But applying makeup is not as simple as that. How you apply makeup can make you look younger, or even older. So, beware of these silly makeup mistakes. Skipping Foundation It seems that the older we get, the more makeup we need to let our face shine, but the truth is just opposite. So, pack up…

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Step-by-Step Guide to Apply Foundation Flawlessly On Face


Having a flawless, clear skin is the dream of every girl. Though we are often out of luck because of our genes, a little makeup can fix everything. All you need to choose a right foundation. Foundation the is a miraculous makeup product of skin color that covers blemishes, evens out your skin tone and provides the spotless finish. It is available in different forms like liquid, cream, powder and mousse. All you need to know your skin tone and type to choose the best-suited one when it comes to…

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Going for Wedding Party, Here Are Makeup Tips for You

Going for Wedding Party, Here Are Makeup Tips for You

Is there any special occasion coming your way? Do you wish to rock the wedding reception tonight? When it comes to makeup for the wedding night, most of the women get confused what to apply first – mascara or eyeliner, foundation or eye makeup. Don’t worry; we are here to help you with this step-by-step guide on how to apply makeup on your skin for weddings and other special occasions. Start with Skincare before Using Primer Be sure to use regular moisturizer on your skin and let it sit on…

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Disadvantages Of Using Excess Makeup On Face

Disadvantages of using excess makeup on face

Exceeding the amount of makeup to be used can lead to some complications. Here are a few disadvantages of using excess makeup on face. True, we love makeup. It is one of beauty products with which we can play more, changing our look completely. However, there are many risks associated with it. We have warned about the risks that come when you wear excessive makeup. Makeup is undoubtedly one of the beauty products must in the portfolio of a woman. Many new companies have come with products with very less…

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How To Get Matte Makeup Effect

get matte makeup effect

Here are some of the products and tricks which will help you get matte makeup effect. These tips works great for mattifying the makeup on face. The illuminator is the hot item in makeup, but that does not mean we have to unleash our face shine. Learn how to control them so that only you decide when and how to get shine on face. Who has not ever wanted to show off that velvety skin like the models in ads for makeup? Almost all foundations they promise, but then we…

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