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Best Way to Apply Mascara Like a Pro

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The best way to apply mascara like a pro is by following a series of steps and tips which I have researched by asking a makeup professional. To properly put on mascara on eyes you need some tools and a little confidence.

Best way to apply mascara like a pro

Being a beauty blogger, a common query that so many people inquire about is precisely what mascara shade one should apply and how to apply. I pretty much never get out of the building without mascara due to the fact that I sense it is one of the best attraction gaining cosmetic product which is able to add charm and beauty to my eyes. But in the case of mascara, even I am not an expert so what I did is I took help from an expert to prepare this tutorials.

Recently for my college project I had visited to nearby beauty salon to research about Indian Makeup. There I met professional makeup artist. She was busy in doing makeup of Punjabi bride. You know the lash of that bride was looking amazing. When I asked artist, the secret behind her lashes she explained me the importance of applying mascara.

Today in this post will share with you professional way to apply mascara.

  1. Curl your eyelashes – with the help of eyelashes curler, curl your lashes. Press and hold eyelashes curler for 10 seconds to get perfect curled eyelashes.
  2. Mascara primer – applying primer is 1st step in applying mascara.
  3. Take mascara which you want to apply.
  4. Twist the bottle nicely with the help of applicator present inside mascara.
  5. With the help of tissue paper get rid of excess mascara from wand, this is important as it avoid clumping.
  6. Stand in front of mirror and look forward and straight. If you shake your hands, you won’t get perfect mascara.
  7. 1st apply mascara at your upper eyelash, place wand horizontally on the base root of eyelashes and gently comb or pull it toward eyelash tips.
  8. While applying make slightly wiggling forth and back movements carefully. This avoid clumping of lashes. Do this process until mascara is applied on eye eyelashes.
  9. Do not blink your eyelashes until mascara is fully dried.
  10. Now it’s time to apply on lower lashes.
  11. Look down and place your mascara wand vertically on the base of lower lash.
  12. Make downward and outward movement while applying on lower lashes.
  13. Once mascara is dried thoroughly, now apply 2nd coat. If you apply 2nd coat it will give bolder look.
  14. If you want thin application then slightly lift up your skin of upper eyelid with your finger and slowly brush your eyelashes using mascara wand.
  15. If smudging occurs then with cotton bus and makeup remover remove mascara and re-apply it.
  16. If you want thicker eyelashes, apply black waterproof eyeliner on waterline

Some amazing professional tips

Tip 1 : If you want change or some interesting shade or texture in mascara than you can mix lengthening mascara with volumizing mascara.

Tip 2 : Use 2 different tones of mascara on your lashes. Use brown eyelashes on bottom lashes and use carbon mascara on the top lashes.

Tip 3 : Prevent clumps while applying mascara.

Tip 4 : always clean your eyelashes before applying mascara. Before applying mascara, with the help of tissue remove excess mascara from wand.

Tip 5 : move your wand in zig zag position while applying mascara.

Tip 6 : before applying mascara bend your wand to get desired mascara on lashes.

Tip 7 : move your wand in upward sweep motion to create illusion of curly eyelashes.

Tip 8 : try to focus on corner of lashes to get long lashes.

Tip 9 : Long lashes always help your eye to look opened and brighter.

Tip 10 : If you dust powder bronzer dark eye shadow this will help you to get thick mascara.

Look applying mascara is so easily. Instead of going to salon apply mascara in above mentioned way to get like professional look.