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Disadvantages Of Using Excess Makeup On Face

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Exceeding the amount of makeup to be used can lead to some complications. Here are a few disadvantages of using excess makeup on face.

Disadvantages of using excess makeup on face

True, we love makeup. It is one of beauty products with which we can play more, changing our look completely. However, there are many risks associated with it. We have warned about the risks that come when you wear excessive makeup.

Makeup is undoubtedly one of the beauty products must in the portfolio of a woman. Many new companies have come with products with very less chemical that do not have harmful effects on the skin. Thus, we should find anti-allergic product which perfects our face by hiding imperfections. However all excess is bad, so cosmetics are no exception and constant use without care can bring adverse consequences for skin’s health. So be attentive!

Most of these effects can be seen in the long term and it can be hard to know even when the damage is already evident. The fact that the makeup covers precisely covers those imperfections, but not removing can lead to excess bacteria on face that can worsen your skin. Find some of the common disadvantages of using excess makeup on face.

Eye problems

The organs most affected by excess makeup happens to be eye, being so delicate; the use of mascara can mainly produce conjunctivitis, itching and irritation among other ills. It also happens that the eye makeup is more difficult to remove so residues often remain for more time which will affect the visibility gradually. The damage is more severe for those who wear contact lenses, as well as those evils can produce dry eyes, irritation and infection.

If we see that our eyes have become dry, it can also be a consequence of this, like irritations or infections. It is true that it may occur for other reasons such as allergies, but it is necessary to consider that it may also be a symptom for excess use of makeup.

The problems can be seen in different areas, but mainly reflected in the eyes and facial skin. As for the eyes, conjunctivitis is one of the disadvantages of using excess makeup on face. This risk increases when we abuse products, more than needed.

Skin problems
On the other hand, our skin can also be affected. Too much makeup clogs our skin, which means that our pores become clogged and our skin cannot breathe. This generates acne, hypersensitivity, irritation and even allergic reactions. Maybe a small amount of product is not sufficient to generate a rash, but excess can harm. This is one of the most experienced disadvantages of using excess makeup on face

Experts warn that anyone can be susceptible to have an allergic reaction to makeup, as well as any product may cause allergic reaction. Although usually more predisposed to atopic patients or patients with a history of other allergic diseases suffer more.

An allergy to these products usually take the form of dermatitis (skin inflammation in the affected area) with signs of erythema (redness of the skin), dryness, flaking or even small blisters in case of an allergic reaction acute or intense. All accompanied by symptoms such as itching, stinging or burning sensation in the affected area.

As for the skin, the damage generated include hypersensitivity, acne, dermatitis, among others. In addition, excess makeup often clog pores clogging the follicles that eventually end up causing premature wrinkles and blackheads.

Health problems

But among the most significant effect is the early onset of menopause. According to studies by the University of Washington, where more than 5000 women were surveyed it showed that women using cosmetics with large quantities of chemicals have a tendency to experience menopause two years above the average. While these chemicals called phthalates are not only present in the makeup, it is best to take care of the quantities of products we apply to our face. Recently a study has also found that chemicals in lipstick can lead to cardiovascular problems. You see, too much makeup is a much more serious than it initially looks, so we always recommend to be attentive to the amounts you apply. Always buy cosmetics that guarantee be anti-allergic and with less chemicals.

Avoid preservatives and fragrances

Preservatives and fragrances included in these cosmetics are the ingredients that usually cause greater reaction according to experts. So if you have atopic skin it is better to use products which are adapted to minimize the use of these components. People who are allergic to one or more of its components should opt for products safe for their skin. Pay close attention to the ingredients because if you change your makeup and the allergen component remains, allergy will reappear.

On the other hand there are patients with “intolerant cosmetics skin” that cannot withstand any makeup. We do not speak of an allergy to makeup, but an extremely sensitive skin that does not tolerate the majority of cosmetics.

To an adverse reaction, it is necessary to suspend application of more makeup. Subsequently, to relieve the symptoms of dermatitis, often topical corticosteroids applied to reduce skin inflammation, administered oral antihistamines to relieve itching and in “very acute or widespread” cases a short course of oral corticosteroids can also be given.

As a way of protecting our health and the quality of our skin, we should remember the importance of removing makeup every night, buying right and applying it in correct amounts.