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8 Foundation Mistakes Most Women Make

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Find the common foundation mistakes most women make while applying makeup. Avoiding these mistakes will help do the perfect makeup for a beautiful face.

Foundation mistakes

The foundation is that wonderful cosmetic that helps you to get a flawless face with good color. But often the foundation can become your worst enemy giving that ugly looking makeup mask instead. Many foundation mistakes can also give your face an aging look. You do not have to be a makeup expert for your base to fit you well, you just have to avoid some mistakes that are detailed below and choose a foundation that suits your skin type and feels comfortable both in terms of texture as in its application. Here you have the most common foundation mistake many women make.

The world of beauty and cosmetics is a completely separate world where multiple techniques, products, trends, buzzwords, inspirations, tips, etc. abound. Therefore, knowing makeup while it may seem complex, it does not have to mean something impossible, since there is so much information. Who does not learn is because she really does not want or does not care.

However, in most cases though we know many women wear makeup every day, but doing it wrongly is something that can be very harmful to the skin, especially if we hate the appearance of wrinkles. Over time, excessive sun exposure, but also the misuse of makeup is the main cause of our aging skin

It is precisely one of the most common foundation mistakes many people commit daily. And this is not the only mistake. Therefore, here we list the eight most common mistakes made when using makeup and clearly translated into the sum of years either mode or simply wrinkles on our skin. The product is also very important, so do not hesitate to make use of the best makeup items, which you can find at a good price if you benefit from offers and deals online.

Foundation mistakes we all make

  1. You have not moisturized your face before. Research departments of cosmetic companies have developed formulas for skin with extraordinary ingredients, but it is still necessary to prepare your skin before applying the base. How? With good moisturizing serum or cream. Also, you can use a pre-basic, if not every day then on special occasions.
  2. You have chosen a too dark or very light shade. If you want the result natural it is essential to find the right tone to your skin color. True, it is not easy to find the right tone because we usually try hands with in store with lots of lights. Many makeup artists advise to have two shades, one lighter and one darker to blend. When buying your base, it is the best you can try it before in different situations, at home and outdoors. Experts also recommend choosing one as close to your skin tone to avoid the mask effect.
  3. You’ve chosen a texture that is not going with your skin is a foundation mistakes most women make. Using the wrong texture product will actually make your complete makeup go wrong. For oily skin, you have to opt for oil-free formulas and matte finish. In exchange for dry and aging skin, they are better cream bases.
    You use too much product. Do not use lots of foundation as this as not the right way to makeup your face. Makeup artists often use just a few drops to the entire face. And often they not even apply all over the face, only blemishes and other imperfections that want to hide.
  4. Not using the right technique to apply the foundation. Some foundations can be applied in any way with sponge, brush or fingers, but other formulas are especially suitable technique to give face a flawless look. In any case you should always start at the center of your face, and then out.
  5. Using too much powder. If you have oily or combination skin prone to flare then only you must use a base after applying a touch of powder and exclusively on the forehead, nose and chin. Hide excess powder finish with your base makeup as this can also make you look older.
  6. Choose a dark base. The foundation is one of the most important elements of our makeup and therefore it is extremely vital to choose one that suits our type and skin tone. It is virtually the same, only somewhat clearer, not the whitest you find in the store. If you persist in your idea of choosing a base with a wrong tone for your skin, it is more than likely that all confuse your complexion with a Halloween mask, precisely because this is the effect that is created. A mask that only further emphasize wrinkles and fine lines by adding as 10 years of age to your skin making you look older.

    On the other hand, it meets the rule of “less is more” and do not invest means in a single-use product, especially in those areas that you think have many imperfections, above all we want to be natural, right? Also avoid those products with very dense texture, and the best is a light and fluid makeup that removes wrinkles, not make them stand out.

  7. Cover the cheeks with rouge. We have a problem, yes dear have a serious, serious problem, because if you cast blusher nearby area to your nose, eye, not cheekbones, then this will be aging effect your face. Ideally, apply a little blush on the highest point of the cheekbones. This will allow us to enjoy natural cheeks with a pink blush which is a sign of youthful face.
  8. Using wrong company foundation. One of the worst foundation mistakes is using the product made by a company which uses lots of chemical stuff. Well, you may choose the right tone and you may apply it correctly, but if your foundation is not good quality then it is going to spoil your makeup. Using such foundation daily can damage your skin in the long run. So better go for a foundation of a reputable brand rather than choosing a very cheap foundation for the purpose of saving money.

These are the main foundation mistakes many girls commit while doing makeup. We hope that after reading this you no longer become part of those women group that are commit these makeup mistakes.