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Going for Wedding Party, Here Are Makeup Tips for You

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Is there any special occasion coming your way? Do you wish to rock the wedding reception tonight? When it comes to makeup for the wedding night, most of the women get confused what to apply first – mascara or eyeliner, foundation or eye makeup. Don’t worry; we are here to help you with this step-by-step guide on how to apply makeup on your skin for weddings and other special occasions.

Start with Skincare before Using Primer

Be sure to use regular moisturizer on your skin and let it sit on the skin for at least 15 minutes before you move on to the foundation. Before using foundation and after moisturizer, it is strongly recommended to use a primer. With the help of a face primer, your skin foundation can last longer. Face primer can work as a divider between your foundation and skin.

Use Foundation

Now the primer and the moisturizer will make it smoother to apply the foundation on your facial skin. So, you need to use a good foundation you like, such as liquid, powder or cream. Be sure to set a cream or liquid foundation using a loose powder. This way, the foundation can stay longer throughout the day.

Moment for Some Eyeshadow

Keep in mind that your eyes need not to match your outfit. Instead, it needs to complement your dress color. Choose color of eyeshadow which is just opposite to the colors of your dress. You should use a flat brush to apply eyeshadow properly. Then you should use a dome-shaped fluffy brush to blend it well. Be sure to put the darker color on the crease and then use a highlighter over the brow bone. It will soften up harsh lines which can easily be seen to the naked eye.

                                Going for Wedding Party, Here Are Makeup Tips for You

After Eyeliner, Time to Apply Kajal

Apply a brown, black, green or blue Kajal in your waterline and use black eyeliner to line up the lash line. Feel free to use gel, liquid liner or pencil, whichever is comfortable for you. The winged liner can make you look fabulous. But don’t match smokey eye with your red lips. You should always complement bright lips with neutral/nude eyes, or smokey eyes with nude lips.

Apply Mascara and Curl Your Lashes

Keep in mind to curl your lashes before applying mascara always. Otherwise, your lashes may break out. Eyelash curler is one of the most undervalued products but your eyes can look awake after applying it. Start applying mascara from lashes’ roots and wiggle in a zigzag motion till you get the tip. It can add volume and define your lashes.

It’s Time to Add Some Blush

In order to add natural glow, you need to apply some blush on the cheeks on upward movement that is going through the hairline. The ideal option to find out where you should apply the blush is checking out your smiling face in the mirror. It will help you find out high-rise points. To blend the blush, use a fluffy brush on your cheeks.

Highlight and Contour

Next up, you should use brown matte that is 2x Shades darker as compared to your skin color to contour the cheeks. Suck the cheekbones in and find the hollow areas to apply the contour powder and blend. Make sure no lines are visible. In order to highlight more, apply shimmer powder or blush on high plains, which are cheekbones and T-zones. When light comes on any of such areas, you can get a sheen on your skin that looks beautiful in photos.

                        Going for Wedding Party, Here Are Makeup Tips for You

Moisturize Your Lips

Just like you need to moisturize your facial skin well before you apply makeup, you also have to moisturize your lips and make sure they are not so cracked or dry. After applying the color, you just see the lines. In order to avoid it, use a hydration for your lip and let it sit for few minutes before you apply color. Choose a lip color which can match your blush. Though several branded lipsticks claim to last long, it is better to go with lip stain on the special occasion like wedding.

For cool undertones and fair skin, you need to go with light, nude mocha and mauve. For warn undertones, go with nude, sand peach or shell. Don’t use dark bronze, bright pink and dark mocha.

For cool undertones and medium skin, you need to go with pomegranate, rosy pink or cranberry. For warm undertones, go with copper, bronze and cinnamon. Don’t use nudes.

When it comes to use lip liner, be sure to apply lipstick or lip stain. Next up, you need to use lip liner to add definition to the shape of lips and to seal it. Add little bit of color and blend it well.

For cool undertones with deep skin, be sure to use wine, raisin or ruby red. For warm undertones, use ginger, honey or copper bronze. Don’t use anything which is near to orange.

Keep your eyes natural and soft if you choose to go with statement, or a bolder lip color, and avoid bridal doll appearance. Don’t smack lips with one another as your smile is likely to look lop-sided. Don’t use lip gloss. It doesn’t last longer and add glare to pictures.

Applying Lip Color

Run the lipstick over the coat and place the tissue on the lips to prevent smudges. Run little bit of loose powder using brush over the lips. This way, your lipstick can last longer. Apply next coat of lipstick and push the tissue over gently. With this tip, you can drink or eat anything without worrying about losing lip color.

You’re All Set To Rock The Party

After following all the above steps, now you can walk with your multimillion dollar smile and great confidence. If you haven’t considered any step to your T zone, don’t worry! Keep in mind you should be happy and confident to look gorgeous. We hope you liked the above super simple tips that can help you to get spotless makeover within no time.