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How to Apply Bare Mineral Foundation

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This makeup tutorial is completely based on how to apply bare mineral foundation on face. It is always better to make use of the natural mineral makeup than the regular because it gives your skin the natural glow and coverage that it is required to look young and supple. Most people wonder how to use this makeup because it may seem difficult to use, but the truth is that it is very simple to use.

How to apply bare mineral foundation

There are a variety of mineral foundations available in the market and beauty stores. Yet somehow properly applying the mineral makeup can a little challenging compared to the liquid foundation makeup. All set to experiment with mineral makeup, however not confident the right methods to make a start? Find here out, how to apply bare mineral foundation and give yourself a charm and beauty to the face.

  1. Pre-Make Up Preparation: Before you get your hands on the mineral makeup, you need to make sure your face is ready for it. For this, you need to begin by cleansing your skin. You can begin by cleaning it with a cleanser and then using a scrub over your face to help gently exfoliate dead skin. Use a bit of moisturizer as well to keep your skin soft and hydrated. This is because the mineral powder has no moisturizing agent in it and it will tend to dry out your skin. Do not use the moisturizer excessively as it may leave patches on your face. By following this regime, you are ensuring that your skin does not look patchy or oily.
  2. Applying the mineral concealer: Remove some of the concealer powder on the lid of the jar and use your concealer brush to apply it on your face. Before using it on your face, tap off the excess concelaer content. The brush should only contain a tiny amount of the concealer on it. Apply it on your face in a circular motion and in very small quantity. The concealer needs to blend with your skin.
  3. Applying the mineral foundation: Remove some bit of the mineral foundation on the lid of the jar. Make use of a face brush that has lesser number of bristles to give off light coverage. You can also make use of the kabuki brush that has lots of bristles to offer maximum coverage. The procedure to apply remains the same, use your brush and tap off the excess mineral powder on it, to the extent that it does not need to show on your brush. Use light layers of it on your skin.
  4. Applying the bronzer or blush: By the same way as mentioned above, load up the right brush with a bit on the blush or bronzer, whatever you chose to complete your look. Apply it in circular motion and in a thin layer. To the areas of your face that need some more color, apply a second thin layer over it. Ensure that your make up does not look made up.
  5. Mineral Veil: Follow the steps as given above about loading the right brush with a thin amount of mineral. To get an even tone application, make use of a dense brush. Apply the mineral veil in a circular motion. The mineral veil is a long lasting makeup product, it does not block the pores and also gets rid of the face shine due to sweat and humidity.
    How to apply bare mineral foundation

  6. Mineral Eyeliner or Eye shadow: If you want a very soft color effect then use the eye shadow in its dry form. Remove a tiny amount of the eye shadow on the lid, use the right brush and smoothly apply it over your eye lids. You can apply as many layers as you want to get the right look. If at all you want a rather bold look then wet the eye shadow mineral powder a bit. Take only a bit of the eye shadow powder and wet it to form the kind of consistency that you are comfortable with. Wetting the eye shadow mineral powder gives you a very rich and lour look that is best suited for parties and other such grand occasions. For daily use, applying the eye shadow in its natural powder form and still serving the purpose.

If you want to apply mineral makeup to your entire face then you can also simply mix the mineral powder in a moisturizing lotion.