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How to Apply Full Face Makeup

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Learn the best way to properly apply makeup on face with this step by step tutorial. This guide covers full face makeup including eyes that helps to give you an attractive look. Using these tips can help you to look beautiful in weddings and parties.

Apply full face makeup

Every person wants his or her face to be the perfect all the time. This may also mean when they wake up from their beauty sleep. But this may not be true always. The reason behind this is the regular routines which all follow. The eating habits, the travel which includes a lot of harmful pollutants and the lesser known makeup facts and tips. It is very necessary for a person to know how to apply face makeup? This will ease their problems and also nurture the skin.

There are many things which add up in a face makeup. Let us take a look at each of these steps.

Step 1

The eyes tell a lot about you and your appearance. This means the eyes should be well projected each time you step out of the house. You can also learn to apply the eye makeup in the right manner which should make sure that not only eyes look good but also amazing. The main problem is that a lot of women do not know how to apply eye liner or eye shadow to get the best look. But one should also know that having the right makeup technique will help your eyes stand out as one of the best features on any one’s face.

Step 2

One should learn to apply eye shadow to enhance the color of the eyes and create the perfect look that you may want.

Step 3

You should select a base color for starters which many women skip but do not know that it helps to show the depth to the eyes when one uses a base shadow. You could start with the inside of the eye and then apply the makeup towards the edges keeping one motion and that too smoothly. The tip is to cover the entire eye lid with the shadow.

Step 4

Face powder is very necessary for any face makeup and at the same time we do not want our concealer to be smudged while we apply foundation over it and neither do we want to smudge the foundation while we apply powder. All we want is the products to be on the face and not to distort them. The face powder should not be used with the puff on the box but with a gentle brush which should be taken care of properly and should last at least five years or even more.

Step 5

One should always cleanse tone and moisturize the face before they use the makeup base using the finger tips over the face.

Step 6

To get a foundation that will match the skin tone exactly. One should test the color first on the jaw line which should disappear totally.

Step 7

In case of any blemishes or dark circles, one should do more coverage by using a concealer which again matches the skin tone. It should be dabbed on to the brush just enough to be used on the blemishes or the dark circles.

Step 8

A blusher with a natural color which comes when you blush or post a great work out should work best. You should apply it on the cheeks and forehead and chin and even the tip of the nose to give a great radiance all over.

Step 9

One can also dust the face entirely with a loose powder which is also translucent to set the makeup completely.

Step 10

A facial mist can also be used or even a Kleenex would do wonders if applied just for a second. A fine line should be drawn with kohl at the outer half of the upper lash line so that the eyes look a little bolder and bigger. You can also smudge the line a little to soften it.

Step 11

A coat of mascara can be applied to open the eyes and make it look long and lush. A lipstick with the same color as the inner lips can be picked and applied with a lip brush and the excess can be blotted with Kleenex.