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How to Apply Lip Liner

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Learning how to use different makeup tools is an art which you will only learn with lots of practice. In this tutorial I will teach you how to apply lip liner pencil like a pro to make lips full, thin wide and to add lots of glamour to your lips. In the first few tries if it goes wrong then don’t lose hope everyone requires a little practice to become a master.

How to apply lip liner

In order to understand how to enhance your beauty with makeup, you need to have knowledge about the special tools used for the same. Eye line, mascara, lip gloss, foundation, lip stick, lip liner etc. are just a few of them. However, today we are going to discuss about one of the most important makeup tools, “lip liner” and will teach you how to use it.

Lip liner is used to give your lips a particular shape. Not all are blessed with beautifully shaped lips. In fact for a woman to look voluptuous, her lips speak a lot about her. If her lips are well shaped, she will have the attention of the beholder only and only on her lips. It may even have a mesmerising effect. Lip liner however needs to be used with utmost intellect. This I would say as, a lip liner can make your lips look big, small, wide, narrow, beautiful or worse ugly.

Using a lip liner for fuller lips

Some people need to have their lips seem fuller. This is favourable for women with comparatively smaller lips. Yes, if you feel your lips need to look bigger in size, then all you need to do is use a lip liner and also a lipstick both which are lighter in shades. This is because darker shades will make your lips look smaller. Lighter shades give your lips a fuller look. Hence give it more space to be looked at. Define the shape of your lips with a lighter shaded lip liner first. Try to stretch the edges of your lips till they look pretty. But make sure that your lips do not end up looking fake. Later paint the remaining portion of your lips with the lip liner. Yes, fill it with the lip liner as your base, and then top it up with your lip stick. This process will help your lips hold the lipstick longer.

Apply lip liner for wider lips

Well on a different day, you may want your lips to look wider. It is once again a very simple process. The lip liner is once again a very essential part of it. Use the lip liner to shape your lips. Stretch more at the edges of the width of your lips. This time paint the remaining portion of your lips with lipstick and then the most important part. Use a lip gloss this time. Make sure you paint the middle portion of your lips only with the lip gloss. This way, your outer lips will look wider, and the middle area voluptuous.

Use a lip liner for smaller lips

Many of us have thick lips. This is a very common problem. People in this category do not need to pout. They have a natural one instead. However, everyone likes a change. In fact at times such a lip type can be misleading to others as well, especially in a professional environment. Hence a lip liner comes to your rescue again. By now you must have already realised the importance of a lip liner. Use this on the inner line of your lips only. Fill the remaining portion with a darker shade of lipstick. Always remember, whenever you use a darker shade, it narrows the look of your lip.

Apply lip liner for normal lips

If you just want to increase or decrease the size of lips and just want to add some beauty to it then you must follow these steps. Before following these steps just remember that your lips are cleanly washed and dry.

  1. Select a lip liner whose shade closely matches to the colour of your lips.
  2. Use the tool to make 4-5 small circles on the upper and lower lips respectively. Make sure that these dots are just below the edge of lips.
  3. Now with your fingers rub the shaded dots and make a line on the lip edges and if you see some gaps left then add shade to that area.
  4. Take your makeup sponge out and wipe of any colour that is outside the line of your lips.
  5. Now use a similar shade lipstick and apply it in the center part adjoining the shaded lip line. You can use a lip brush or your fingers for slightly mixing both the colours of the liner and lipstick.

How to apply lip liner is hence, extremely essential and it is a must have. However, to use it correctly is even more important. It has the ability to make or break the way your lips look. Hence knowing how to use it appropriately needs to be given utmost time and importance. Always use it for the look you wish to showcase. Experiment a million times with it and you will realise your own potential beautician inside yourself. So the next time your friend or relative asks you on how to apply lip liner, remember the above mentioned easy steps. Use it for yourself and show the secret behind your lips world and how it’s done like a professional.