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How to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly Like a Pro

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Today I will share with you some techniques to apply nail polish perfectly. But I am not a pro when it comes to paint nails. I have researched from many professionals and from their tips and lot of practice even I can correctly use nail polish. Now I am confident to share with you tips and techniques that I have learned from experts.

Initially many times my nail polish used to be messy and now I come to know what I use to do wrong.

How to apply nail polish perfectly like a pro

Many times it’s really hard to tackle with the hardest part of nail paint is painting your nails with wrong hand mean non writing hand. I am lefty so for me applying nail polish with right hand is really tough.

Nail polish can be daunting or fun. It totally depends on your experience. No matter how your experience is while painting your nails. Always its fun to crave beautiful nails.

Well, go through the post to know how to apply nail polish perfectly.

Soak you hands in water: This is initial step in applying nail polish perfectly. Take warm water in tub or mug. Soak your hands in warm water. This will help to soften cuticles. Soak your hands for 5 minutes in warm water. Clean underneath of nails with nail stick.

Remove old nail polish: always remove old nail polish before applying new one. If you do not remove old nail polish your nails will look dull and won’t get desired color.

Remove the cuticles: With the help of cuticle pusher and remove excess cuticles. Even shape your nails while doing this process.

Apply a base coat: If you want nail paint to stay longer than firstly apply a base coat. Start from cuticle and go till tip of your nails. Many base coat nail paints contains ingredients which helped nails to keep healthy and prevent splitting, breaking and peeling as it contains Vitamin E, protein and calcium.

Choose your nail paint color: Before applying nail paint, choose color which you want to apply on your nails. Start from pinky finger of your hands till your thumb. Apply until it dries. Do not move your hands for 5 minutes. If would apply light shade in hands.

Apply 2nd coat – Once your nail polish is dried nicely, again apply same nail polish to give 2nd coat. Second coat will give you actual shade of nail polish.

Soak your hands in soap water – Once your nail polish is dried nicely, take a mug and fill some soap water in it, and soak your fingers for 3 minutes. Now take a brush and remove excess nail polish that comes in contact of your skin.

Tips to get perfect nail paints

Before applying nail paints

  1. Nail paints contain harmful chemicals which cause serious health effects so it’s advisable to paint your nails in well ventilated room as this will reduce rick of inhaling chemicals.
  2. Choose brilliant color for your nail which will go well with your hands complexion.
  3. Before applying new nail polish, gently remove old polish.
  4. While purchasing nail polish remover, ask shopkeeper to give no acetone nail polish remover.
  5. Always apply base coat whatever the color of nail polish be.
  6. Shake nail polish bottle gently never move bottle up and down, slowly rotate nail polish bottle so that no bubbles arise in nail polish.

While applying nail paints

  1. Before applying 2nd coat, wait a while till 1st coat dries nicely.
  2. Be composed while applying nail polish.
  3. Do not shake your hands while applying nail polish.
  4. Never apply nail polish repeatedly as it will end up with an uneven mess

After applying nail paint

  1. Be steady till your nail polish dry.
  2. Avoid rubbing your nails or picking things till your nail polish dry.
  3. Always close nail polish bottle tightly after applying it.

By this above mentioned steps and tips you can polish your nails perfectly. It’s necessary to concentrate while applying nail polish.