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How to Clean Makeup Brushes at Home

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It is important to clean makeup brushes properly to prevent accumulation of bacteria on brush that can lead to infections. To wash brushes at home you need to take warm water and an anti-bacterial soap or vinegar so that your makeup kit is healthy.

How to clean makeup brushes at home

Any makeup kit is incomplete without a makeup brush for a person who does make up. Women who use makeup on a daily basis would know the importance of a brush and its cleanliness. There are many different forms of brushes for makeup which are used to apply the eye shadow or the blush. Daily routine usage accumulates dust and accumulation of bacteria on the brush. This bacteria formation among other things may make these makeup brushes harmful for use on the face and skin since it can aggravate already happening skin diseases and even cause acne breakout.

Most of the makeup used in photo shoots and ads are unhygienic though not looking the same. We have also overheard some stories from many models who have become a victim to unclean makeup brushes and palettes which have also led to serious damages and huge doctor bills.

Listed below are some easy steps which will tell you how you can clean brushes of makeup at home for you to make sure the habits of makeup are healthy.

Use warm water for rinsing the brush

First you need to rinse the makeup brush under warm water. It is really important to confirm whether the water is Luke warm and not scorching hot. The reason for this is that the makeup brushes use glue which makes the bristles to stick with each other and using hot water could cause the glue to melt and ruin the brush.

Now use some soap for cleaning

Next you need to apply some regular soap on your palm and fingers and softly swirl it in top direction. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure as it could distort the form of the makeup brush. Makeup brush cleansers are available in the market and in case if you have no access to it then you can also use an anti-bacterial soap or a face wash as well. A baby shampoo is also a good cleansing agent.

Wash makeup brushes again

Once it is sure that you have cleaned all the bristles then you have to rinse the makeup brush again under Luke warm eater to clean the soap off the brush or any other cleaning material is used. Double sure that the cleaning material is off the brush and also remember not to apply too much pressure which may distort the shape.

Now dry the brushes

The last and the final step is to dry the makeup brush on a piece of cloth or towel by rubbing it very gently. Then leave the brush to dry in open air.

Importance of cleaning brushes weekly

A major advantage you can achieve is to clear the layer of past makeup you used, the oils, dead cells and the bacteria that are still on these brushes. An additional advantage of maintaining these makeup brushes fresh and clean is the smoothness it provides to the brush hairs. Building up and accumulation of cosmetics on your brushes is likely to make these products become rough. Washing your brushes on a normal schedule benefits to keep these products stay smooth and fluffy. For individuals with delicate and sensitive face this might be just the right thing for them.

Important tips for healthy brushes

It is important to keep your makeup brushes clean and you should also take care that any makeup tools should not come in direct contact with your skin on a daily basis. Some of these include mascara which you use. All these health tips will make sure the acnes do not break out thereby keeping your skin and face healthy.

Makeup brushes accumulate makeup oil and dead skin cells and much more to your knowledge. If not cleaned between uses the brushes will start accumulating bacteria. You can opt for using the clean disposable makeup brushes for your lips or eyes and even lashes. For the remaining use a clean sponge which you can carry yourself.

You can also ask as many questions as you please if you have booked an appointment at a makeup counter. You need to know if the makeup brushes were used on anyone else apart from you and if yes then have they been sanitized and how do they clean their makeup brushes?

When at home, make sure to clean the makeup brush, at least once a week, with a mild organic soap or shampoo. There are many brush cleansers available in the market and many contain harsh chemicals but simple cleansers may just do the job well.

One more tip is not to make the makeup brushes stand to dry after you wash it as the water drips into a ferrule which attaches the brush to the handle and weaken the glue. You may find that your makeup brush has become with only the handle remaining.