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How to Dye your Eyelashes

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Colouring your eyelashes is not as difficult as you think, but doing it incorrectly can cause irritation in eyes. To learn how to dye your eyelashes at home you need to first prepare the dye and then properly follow the steps below to have beautiful coloured eyelashes.

Dye your eyelashes

Everybody hankers after lashes that draw the attention of everybody. For standout lashes, one can either visit a parlour to dye the lashes professionally or dye the lashes at home. One must remember that despite sounding nerve-racking, dyeing lashes is relatively easy and can be done by anybody.

Select a suitable eyelash colour

The initial step in colouring eyelashes is to ensure selection of an appropriate dye colour. One must not use the normal hair dye on lashes as it has chemicals which can be dangerous. Also, select a colour that well-matches the hair colour one has. While those having brown hair must opt in for lighter brown shades, black is suitable for those having black or dark brown hair.

Prepare the colouring dye

To use the dye, one initially needs to simply combine both the colour and the activator. One needs to mix them till they thicken. If one adds additional activator, there are chances that the dye would become thin which would be difficult to apply.

Conduct a allergy check up

Make use of a certain amount of completely ready dye to the skin on your neck or maybe on the elbow skin. Permit the dye stay on your elbow or other skin area for half an hour before rinsing it off, after that simply wait for an extra 8 to 24 hours before carrying on further .It is advisable to keep an eye on that area on which you used the dye. When itchiness and burning sensation starts or turn out to be painful, you will be most probably facing an allergic effect to this eyelash colour. One must remember to take a allergy test by applying a small amount of the dye to ensure that one is not allergic to the dye.

Utilize a shielding layer

While applying the dye one must apply a protecting layer around one’s eyes by using a cotton ball and by applying petroleum jelly. While the dye is not likely to discolour one’s skin, the petroleum jelly ensures that it can be easily washed off.

Steps to colour your eyelashes

To apply the dye one needs to dip the side of the brush into the dye; it is essential to turn the wand many times to ensure that the dye is present on all sides of the applicator. One can employ the colour dipped brush to both the upper and lower lashes of one’s eyes. After applying the base coat one can also touch up the dye. It is essential to look into the mirror while applying the dye. One must apply the dye as close to the roots of the lashes. It is possible that the dye may enter the eyes which may result in some irritation. One needs to immediately wash one eye if this does happen.

After applying the dye, one needs to use clean cotton to wipe of any smudges that the dye may have caused around the lashes or the cheeks. After letting the dye to set, one needs to wait for around 20 minutes before rinsing and wiping the lashes repeatedly with cotton balls dipped in warm water.

Such dyes usually last for around one to one and a half month. One may repeat the process after this period if required.

Another simpler way of colouring the lashes is to visit a professional. One can visit a beautician who is well versed with dyeing lashes. At a parlour, the procedure takes around 20 to 30 minutes. Also one needs to ensure that the beautician or parlour used a special brow and lash dye to avoid adverse impacts. One must know that professional lash dyes are not permanent and are vegetable based. Any other dye is not appropriate and must be avoided. Also, one must ensure that the beautician applies protective pads around one’s eyes to prevent the dye from staining the skin. One must also remember to close one’s eyes when the dye is being applied. Professionally applied dye needs around 7 to 10 minutes to dry. A second application of the dye totally depends on the requirements. The clean up procedure is essentially required. Also, the beautician may provide a saline solution for the eyes to ensure that no dye remains stuck inside the eye. Since, even salon treatments for lash colouring are semi-permanent, one needs to revist the salon after a period of four to six weeks.