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How To Get Matte Makeup Effect

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Here are some of the products and tricks which will help you get matte makeup effect. These tips works great for mattifying the makeup on face.

get matte makeup effect

The illuminator is the hot item in makeup, but that does not mean we have to unleash our face shine. Learn how to control them so that only you decide when and how to get shine on face.

Who has not ever wanted to show off that velvety skin like the models in ads for makeup? Almost all foundations they promise, but then we always have to resort to our house “tricks” to get matte makeup effect.

Everyone should know the right product and technique that lets you better finish on the skin. You must use the right products to get a matte makeup effect on face. Use the these products for achieving mattifying makeup that will likely lead to a stiff finish. Choose the ones that best suit your face and match as you need:

Mattifying moisturizers

Most are intended for combination skin or dry skin, but these special moisturizers are those that have a natural tendency to flare. So, if we use a moisturizer for dry skin, it may prove that with little moisturizing and we end up realizing that we still have slightly dry skin with the passing hours. But such moisturizers simply have an antiglare formula that extends for hours providing matte finish to our makeup.

Why do you use them? The moisturizing with matte finish will not prevent possible glare that can leave your foundation.


The PREBASIC makeup can be effective a weapon in achieving a matte finish on our skin. As you know, it is applied between moisturizer and foundation with a particular purpose. Normally it is used to correct imperfections. But using primers can help you to let the mattifying effect of your makeup stay long.

On the subject at hand, the first would be the appropriate matting, which can eliminate glare that has left us our moisturizer before applying foundation. Some people use it to entire face and ten there are those who apply only in the “T-zone” to combat shines own combination skin.

As with the moisturizers, matte effect prebases are ideal for people with oily skin or mixed, they are unable to control the brightness of your complexion with passing hours.

Why do you use them? Prolong the duration of makeup on the skin, unifying the complexion and conceal imperfections providing comfort on the skin. And, contrary to what you might think, do you feel your skin too “loaded”.


Maybelline bases (new), Rimmel, Clinique and L’Orealare good foundations to be used to get
Matte makeup effect.

Increasingly brands are introducing some matte makeup base that provides a velvety effect without sacrificing our moisturizing coverage. Such bases are suitable for almost all skin types (perhaps not for skin prone to dryness) and need not be accompanied by any other mattifying product, unless you have a particularly oily skin where you can seal finishing with a translucent powder.

Many foundations formulas provide “oil-free” matte effect, such as Clinique, for people who need to control excess sebum on the skin.

Why do you use them? For unified and skin free from imperfections. Often they leave a long lasting finish that looks like it is just applied.

Mattifying powders

Sephora mattifying powders, Rimmel London and Make Up Forever are good mattifying powders available in the market. These powders are great for maintain the matte makeup effect for longer duration. No matter if they are colored or translucent. They are used to set makeup for longer, providing a velvety finish on the face. We must be careful with the amount applied and always relieve excess product before moving the brush over your face to avoid too opaque and artificial finish.

Why use them? They seal the makeup and extend its duration by preventing the occurrence of glare. In addition, powders are ideal to carry in your bag and fix our makeup with passing hours.

Steps to get matte makeup effect

  1. The very first step you need to follow is the moisturization of your face.
  2. Now begin with putting on foundation for a fashionable matte look. After that use a concealer to cover the under eye area and other area you want to cover. It is also important that you apply concealer on your eyelids as a base.
  3. This step involves applying of matte powder to achieving the desired matte effect on your face.
  4. Finally, apply mascara, add some pinkish color to your cheeks with some matte powder and use a lip stain over lips.