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How to Touch Up Your Makeup Without Ruining It

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Find the best way to touch up your makeup after work or in school without ruining it. These tips will help you fix and freshen up your makeup you applied during the day and make it look flawless again.

touch up your makeup

You leave home with your perfect makeup, but with the passage of the hours it loses the intensity and appears shiny. With these tips you will get it to finish your day impeccable. As the hours pass the makeup disappears and if you want to be impeccable at night you will have to touch it up.

In the morning you leave your house radiant, but as the hours go by, if your skin is greasy, the unsightly glitters appear. If your skin is dry, your makeup foundation will be cramped. Besides your lips and your eye shadows disappear, the mask and the eyeliner are blurred, the blush fades. Hence, it is important touch up your makeup.

Keeping makeup intact beyond eight hours is very difficult, even if you use long-lasting and waterproof cosmetics. And the problem is that with this rhythm of life we leave home early and come back late. If at the end of your workday you have an afterwork, a dinner, or any event you will have no choice but to arrange your makeup to get back your radiant look. Here are the best tips to help you touch your makeup without ruining it, but before take a look at how to make your makeup last longer.

Tips to make your makeup last longer

Clean your face well. Before makeup you have to clean your face perfectly. Wash it with a neutral or antibacterial soap and remove any trace of grease with any non-oil-based facial cleanser. Make sure that all your makeup is long lasting, so it will withstand much more heat without having to touch up makeup all the time. Use nothing based on oil. The oil makes the makeup heavier, therefore in warm climates it will run completely. Take care that all your makeup does not have this base.

Use water proof mascara. These eyelash masks are perfect for warm climates, will not melt and you can even get into the pool with them without any problem. Use this trick in your shadows. Moisten the brush with which you are going to apply your shadows. This consistency will allow them to last much longer on your skin.

Finish with matt powder. When you are fully made up, apply mineral powders to your face with the aid of a brush. It will give you a matte look and lengthen the life of your makeup. Spray your face with mineral water. To prevent your makeup from melting, you need to keep your skin hydrated. Drink plenty of water and carry a spray of mineral water in your bag. Spray it from time to time, renew your makeup completely. Try makeup fixatives. There are spray fixatives that are applied once you have finished makeup. It will give you extra hours of life to your makeup.

Steps to touch up your makeup

You need to retouch your makeup if for half a day or you notice that your face looks off or in excess of brightness. If you are about to interview with an important client or it is time to see the guy you like after a long day then you need a touch up your makeup! Follow these ten steps to fix up your makeup without ruining it and leave it perfect again.

  1. If you have oily skin, the first thing you have to do is to dry the excess oil with a tissue or wipes that some firms sell specifically for this. With a tissue or some special paper for greasy skin, with gentle touches remove the excess fat on your face accumulated during the day.
  2. If you have dry skin, do not forget to always carry a jar of moisturizer and reapply in the areas you feel drier with soft touches. You can also use thermal water which gives you a touch of hydration and you can use it on top of the makeup.
  3. To hide some imperfections such as granites or dark circles (which have been accentuated after 8-9 hours in front of the computer) use a concealer. Only apply a little corrector if the dark circles look too dark. If you need a little foundation or imperfection diffuser, use them without touching the area of the contour.
  4. Retouch your foundation by using a sponge or using a cushion product. Do it smoothly. Take a clean sponge and match the base, blush and contour with gentle movements as if you wanted to get shine.
  5. Another simple way to make your skin recover the morning splendor is to use sunspots or compact, easier to reapply and with which will raise the tone of your skin, keep it smooth and brightness at bay.
  6. The area of the eyes is generally the most damaged, especially if your eyelids are very fatty and you have made them with shadows. If your makeup is very bad, you should remove your eye makeup and start makeup from scratch. For this you will need to bring makeup wipes or sponge.
    To retouch the eyeliner, use the corner of the sponge to remove the eyeliner that has been and then prefer to use powdered shadow to redraw. It will not look so dense in your eyes, but more natural; something suitable to finish the day.
  7. If the eye shadows have accumulated in the folds, use the absorbent paper and then match the shade with a brush. Apply color if necessary.
  8. Spread a light layer of compact powder makeup.
  9. If you consider the need of color, apply a little blush. Be careful with the amount because the color stands out more when the makeup that has already been on the face for a while. Reapply the blush with the aid of a brush and give a light touch to make your face more radiant.
  10. As for the lipstick it is best to remove it altogether. Remove all lipstick and smear a layer of moisturizing ointment for lips and reapply lipstick again.

To touch up your makeup throughout the day you will have to carry a bag in your bag or have it in the office. The ideal for these cases are multipurpose products and mini sizes or travel products that take up less space. Here you have a selection of cosmetics that will help you to tweak your makeup so that after 8 hours you regain its splendor.