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Mai Couture Blush Paper for Makeup

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Find the new trend in makeup where people are using blush paper for makeup. Mai Couture blush paper has become quite a trend among women. Since they are easy to carry and use, one can makeup touch anywhere.

 Mai Couture blush paper

Every season new trends, techniques and cosmetic products appear to make life easier for women. One of these new trends are blush on tissue paper. This innovative product is a creation of the cosmetic brand Mai Couture and it is rouge on paper. These blotters in blotting paper allow you to personalize the color with a light pressure with the fingers, so that its application is very easy. Also, you can always carry them on. Discover with us what they are and how you can apply the blush for a quick makeup.

The blush on tissue paper is a very new cosmetic product, we were able to see them at the Amazon Beauty event in London last October 20 (also, very soon, we will tell you more about beauty products that we could try at this event). But what are the blushes on paper? It is a product created by the cosmetic brand Mai Couture. They have a Post-it look, but it does makeup. The idea of this blush lies in the way you can use it to complete or retouch your day makeup or even can be used as a usual beauty product. In addition, it is a very comfortable cosmetic to carry over in a pocket.

Blush on tissue paper has a light weight and is compact, allowing the product to not spill into your bag. These blushes have a texture and use much like the papers that are used to remove excess glitter on the face.

Mai Couture Blush Paper

Mai Tran, founder of the US firm Mai Couture has been responsible for shaping the makeup on paper. It has produced blush tissue like paper towels to remove excess fat from the face, so as to reduce its glossy appearance. In this case are papers are incorporated with colored powders and you can buy it in foundation, blush and highlighter format.

This product, according to its creator is for active woman who barely has time for makeup. That way, you can use fast and convenient way to make small tweaks or makeup everyday. Similarly, it is perfect to use while traveling, it takes up little space and its papers are easily disposable.

The firm proposes several blush tones (a total of 7), for which you must choose the tone you like. It is used by making small touches or pressures on the cheekbones. The ideal way to apply it is with the folded blade and with a semi-circular movement upwards. It is very easy, comfortable and fast to use. With the touches you can go graduating the coverage that you want.

The rouge on tissue paper has a natural, uniform and luminous finish. Let’s say the result is the same as any blush. With the Mai Couture Blush Paper you do not need brushes or sponge. Nor will you have to suffer from a lack of hygiene produced by the very used brushes.

How to use for face makeup

Despite the new slow beauty trends, there are still express techniques for the hurried ones that do not have the time to perform a thorough and careful makeup, or those that are in an unforeseen situation. Fast, practical and very effective, we unveil the secret of a simple and natural look with only two products that fit in a pocket: the concealer and the rouge.

Both products are very versatile since the concealer not only serves to cover imperfections, but also serves to illuminate certain areas of the face.

To camouflage we only need a small amount of product that applied to small touches with the fingertips to awaken the skin, makes us achieve a uniform and clean complexion which is imperfection free. First, in the eye socket, and then in the noses, chin and forehead, as well as any granite or mark that we want to cover.

The second great ally, blush on tissue paper to highlight the cheeks. With them we can color the eyelids and create more depth in the look, breaking the uniformity. It does not matter if its texture is powder or cream, but here we are using Mai Couture Blush Paper. A few strokes with the finger, along the cheeks will be enough.

Its use is simple, just remove one of these roles (come in kits of 50 units), apply gently over your face, lips and eyelids. Automatically it will grant your face touches of color, but without glitter and give a very natural makeup look. However, keep in mind one thing that the higher the pressure exerted, more will be the resulting color intensity.

Mistakes when using the Mai Couture Blush Paper

Choosing the wrong color is one of the most common mistakes people do with blush. Since we do not know whether to pull it to dark or clear, we often commit this mistake. Mai Couture Blush Paper comes in seven tones, so select anyone which you feel goes well with your skin tone. If it is for the eyelash, it is better to be a tone below, since when we apply the base the tone equals and thus we avoid making eyelash look gray.

The second common mistake is using excess of product. Many times we put too much to correct and we do the patch effect. It is better not to abuse makeup.

Where you buy

Each Blush Paper sheet is lightly impregnated with pigment-free powders without parabens and free of talc. In addition, it is hypoallergenic. Each package contains 50 sheets and has a cost of $15, so you have or a lot of sheets for applications. These wonderful paper blots can be bought in the online store of the brand, Amazon or the Nordstrom website. What do you think about this new makeup product?

Paper makeup of Mai Couture is free of chemical compounds such as talc or parabens and therefore suits all skin types. At the time of purchase one must look at the tone that best suits our skin. The base comes in three different shades from very light to more intense or dark (Fair Glow, Nude Glow and Golden Glow), while the face illuminator has an ivory shade and other transparent (Crystal Cove).