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Best Makeup Tips for Sensitive Eyes

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Find the best makeup tips for sensitive eyes to maintain its health. Here you will find the tips required for beauty as well as the health of eyes.

makeup tips for sensitive eyes

Take into account certain habits is essential to maintain a balance between beauty and healthy eyes. We bring you some basic tips when get cute. Makeup is synonymous with looking good to be elegant and fashionable. But few women who know what part of your daily routine can become a nightmare for your eyes if necessary precautions are not taken. Some people have sensitive eyes and some types of makeup can make them irritated. Here are some of the best makeup tips for sensitive eyes.

According to research, three out of four women ever had an eye problem such as dermatitis, corneal lacerations, foreign body sensation and allergies, among others, due to misuse of makeup.

It is essential to note that when cosmetics are placed very close to the eye can migrate to the ocular surface, either by a direct mechanism, by a suction mechanism, due to the surface tension of the tear or simply by flashing or rub the eyelids. Thus, it may cause eye discomfort and / or composition of tears is altered, reducing or canceling the protective function of the eye surface and thus threatening eye health.

Another interesting fact is that 50% of women who use makeup are outlined inside the lash line, so their eyes are more exposed to discomfort, redness, toxic conjunctivitis or intolerance to contact lenses.

Maximum alert

Today there are countless aesthetic possibilities offered to eyelash for beauty masks, tinctures, false eyelashes and liquids that makes them grow and promise to beautify the looks, regardless of the risks that are present.

For example, some mascaras contain fine nylon fibers in order to give greater length and volume to them. But these fibers can be deposited on the surface causing eye irritation and discomfort.

In cases of curling eyelashes and false eyelashes, highly corrosive products such as adhesives and solvents which come into contact with the eyes produce significant erosions are used. That is why it must be done by very expert hands.

Liquids that make eyelashes grow increase the length, thickness and color. Side effects of them are that they can cause red eye, burning and pigmentation of the iris and / or periocular skin.

Dermopigmentation for eyes

Dermopigmentation is an alternative for women with allergies to makeup and is one of the recommended makeup tips for sensitive eyes. It is a semi-permanent makeup. They are performed in beauty salons and in the hands of specialists. Those who choose this practice must be careful not to damage the meibomian glands, which are glands that produce substances that contribute to the film Tear Duct. The Ideal is to use hypoallergenic pigments, of inorganic mineral (Origin), as the iron oxide.

More alert still must be with the staining of tabs-dyed to give you permanent color, since there is no product approved by the FDA (food and drug administration, from the USA), which is why it is an illegal practice. The dyes used contain parafenilenediamina toluenediamina and that produce contact dermatitis, kerato conjunctivitis, blepharitis and quemosiseiridociclitis with potential loss of vision when over used.

For contact lens users

This paragraph is for users of contact lenses, as they will have an increased risk to wear makeup. It is that it can come in and placed between the lens and the cornea producing erosions with possibility of infection. Even more care and attention should then be taken with mascara to prevent lumps from forming the paint and the shadows that have shine. The use of the liner inside the eyelashes makeup also causes deposits on the contact lens.

Take care of cosmetics

Cosmetics can cultivate germs, the more that contain water. One of the most fearsome is the “germ pseudomonaaeruginosa”, a very virulent and harmful to the eye. So, the preservatives are essential in the make-ups that are liquid. The most used, for its efficacy and safety, are the esters of Paraben (methyl paraben, propyl, ethyl, etc.) and benzalkonium hydrochloride and benzalkonium hydrochloride.

Choose makeup for sensitive skin

Furthermore, people tend to sensitive skin or allergies must choose hypoallergenic products, components and avoid heavy metal such as aluminum, copper and zinc. It should also introduce a new makeup at a time so you know what product they produce a rejection. And obviously, if your eyes are swollen or inflamed, any makeup should not be used.

Cosmetics intended for eye area have a specific legislation and removed from its formulation components with those recognized allergenic potential or off course (such as rosin, dihidroabietyl alcohol, formaldehyde and benzoic acid). Nor it should carry volatile substances such as perfumes, because they dissolve in tears and can alter the ocular surface.

As for the regular user it is very difficult to assess the composition of any cosmetic product, it is best to rely on a prestigious laboratory, which has invested a good study of clinical control and meets all safety requirements recommended.

It is very important to periodically check the expiration date thereof. And once open discard every three months. And throw them immediately if they have infections such as conjunctivitis.

Finally, it is essential to use makeup remover before going to sleep because it is not good that cosmetics stay longer than necessary. In addition, you can inadvertently rub eyes with hands or eyes pillow, thus producing the introduction of makeup within them. In short, to consider certain habits is essential to maintain a balance between beauty and eye health.