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Makeup tips for small eyes

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These are the perfect makeup tips for small eyes which uses the right eyeliners and the right colors that will make your eyes look bigger and beautiful.

makeup tips for small eyes

If you’ve always been frustrated by the size of your eyes, it’s time for you to stop complaining and use makeup to your advantage. You know that the shape of your eyes can be visually resized. For example, those round or fallen are generally easier to hide and ‘enlarge’ than slanted eyes or almond shape common in China or Asia.

According to a recent survey, one of the most attractive features in women and in which most men are set, they are the eyes. Big eyes with long lashes and almond shaped, are an ideal of beauty that is not only considered beautiful, it is also a youth sign. All young children generally have larger eyes than adults, so the face can rejuvenate and look more beautiful, with some indications, quite simple.

Often girls who have small eyes do everything possible to try to enlarge them. They think big eyes look much more attractive than small and resort to various makeup techniques to give an illusion to the look of eyes. If you belong to this group, we will give some makeup tips for small eyes and make them look larger.

The great advantage of small eyes is that you can get results with little makeup, unlike big eyes. You can also highlight cheekbones and lips or to use fixtures and shine without looking exaggerated. Follow these makeup tricks for small eyes to make them look big and beautiful.

Makeup for the day

The lighter shades are your best friends during the journey or when you have long time makeup. Beige, ivory or leather tone will give the illusion of larger eyes if applied along the eyelid while also adding sparkle to your look. Stay away from the liners during daylight hours as they give strength to your look. Finish with black or brown mascara on top lashes.

Makeup for night

When you have a party or special event, you must be careful when choosing your makeup. A soft smoky eyes can run you, however, bet on lengthy outlined will be a guaranteed success.
First: To get the look first use eyeliner to outline all around the eye up to the end of each eye. When you get the right outline, pull a small ‘tail’ at each end. Note that many times you will not get exactly the same outline, but with a little practice, you can learn. Help yourself with an angular brush something thin so you can give depth to your look.

Second: Apply the same outline in the lower eyelid, but no matter what you do about this outline. Never finish joining the outline of the upper eyelid over the lower, because that would ruin the image of big eyes you love so much.

If you opt for the famous “cat’s eye”, be sure to use clear shadows lengthen as the basis and the outline for a more exotic form. Many mascara or false eyelashes will help you enhance your eyes -the key is to not wear makeup or mascara on the lower lashes.

Looking for something more extravagant? Note that using vibrant colors combined with the color of your eyes from the inside of the eye to the middle of the eyelid is important. Check for depth coffee, coal or gunmetal shade. For nights you can apply glitter or sequins.
Do not be afraid to focus on other areas such as lips or cheeks. In fact, if you shape of your face, your eyes would further highlight. Illuminating powder or liquid, in strategic places, are almost necessary.
Long eyelashes: A dark and long eyelashes, make it look bigger and stronger. It is important because that opens the eye immediately. False eyelashes, a natural wing, are always a good choice too.

Lower lashes: If you makeup your lower lashes, your eye will win in volume and depth. A lower lashes also give doll look. A nice addition to this look is a good pale pink blush.

White eyeliner: if you want your eyes doubled in size, try to paint the lower internal tear with a white pencil. Automatically your eyes, they will be more illuminated and large. Avoid this trick if you have droopy eyes, because it emphasizes the fallen form.

Bushy eyebrows: Gone are the days when fashion was very thin eyebrows and depilated. Currently, the world of beauty, promotes natural and groomed eyebrows. The eyebrow is the frame that defines the eye and eyebrow form or another, can radically change the look expression. It is important that the eyebrows go according to the shape of your eyes, because they complement.

Pearly shadow: All light colors, highlight and look of eyes, while darker shades make them dim and small. To mark the angle of the lachrymal apply a pearly white pencil on the inner bottom half tear. Immediately you will see a very noticeable effect of light in his eyes.

Coordinates with the rest of your face

When you have small eyes, it is imperative that your eyebrows are kept polished and defined. If possible, shaves the area closest to the eye (of course, without losing the naturalness) and appliy illuminator under the brow bone.

Learn to master the art of correction. Dark circles tend to make eyes look small; therefore it is essential that you cover up any imperfections with corrective or base. The more “couple” your skin looks, the more light you provide to your look.

First of all we must mention to that small eyes are also beautiful and as they have a particular special charm. Lastly I want to tell that a good outline is an important makeup tip for small eyes. The makeup tips for small eyes are quick and easy and will not only enlarge the look of eyes, but will also make them look attractive and seducing. As you see, this technique is very quick and easy to follow, so you can do it every day so you have little time.