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Makeup Trends And Tricks for 2016

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The new year has started and hence we have come up with new makeup trends and tricks for 2016. These makeup tips will keep you updated with the latest trend.

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Since 2015 is over, do you think we need to advance our makeup for 2016? The primary key that defines the year is the make-up in natural key. Gone are the gothic, colorful looks and here are the makeup trends and tricks for 2016. The 2016 will be a year where nature triumphs and makeup only to camouflage marks and highlight our strengths without masking and forget those traits that make us unique. No wonder the color of the year is the rose quartz … On that premise, the possibilities are endless.

Makeup tricks for 2016

On the one hand, we can give color to our eyes with one of the fetish colors like blue. Just outline or blur around the upper eyelid, the color of the sky light up our eyes and give you a chic makeup day touch. Do not forget the rest of the face as with a new year the makeup trends and tricks should also be new.

For evening there are two options; on one hand give prominence to the eternal red lips. We both favor or leave a nude look where the face has its own light with a juicy and moist look without highlighting any particular skin area. A little pink blush and mascara will just make you look more beautiful.

But anyone that knows about makeup must try to keep it natural and eyebrows should always be perfect, the so juicy lips and skin and style of good girl will be complete if you pick the free hair. You can give a little blush to your cheeks or risk lashes outlining. Finally, if you want to escape the preppy girl look without giving up a natural makeup of this trend, opt for manes air with a slight wave. Makeup your eyes slightly beige, camel or similar color and do not forget a good mask.

First, before you start up the eyes it is important to apply all over the face, especially the eyelids, a pre-base that will make the product intact for longer, prevent the appearance of folds and intensify color the shadow. To highlight the eyes should use three types of shadows that are in the same range: one from a main color that sets the look, a darker and lighter than the last previous to illuminate the eye.

While dark circles appear for various reasons such as lack of sleep, poor diet and even hereditary factors, it is good to know that you can fight not only with cosmetic but also by changing certain habits. Makeup can fix it temporarily. It is best to use correction fluids instead of cream when making up the area under the eyes that are darkened. They are best applied and are more hydrating, meaning they do not mark the lines. As this area is very sensitive it is also important to remove makeup then let her breathe.

The New York fashion week is although over, but the beauty and makeup trend of it not over. Adding color over the eyes has become the newest trend which was also displayed at the Paris fashion shows. It can be considered that a natural looking makeup with juice lips and colorful eyes is the new makeup trend of 2016.

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Easy makeup tips

Experts give you 5 tips to consider to have a lasting impact and makeup.

  1. Apply foundation on your face like a cream.
  2. Using a brush, apply powder to your tone to prevent the glow on his face, so we sealed the basis for a more natural finish, especially in the T-zone of your face.
  3. Following applies the shadows, the trend for this summer are the earth colors that are great for beach weather. Use the lighter on the eyes tear, with the median shadow on the eyelid and the darkest shade mark the depth of the eyes and apply it beneath them to give more intensity to your look.
  4. The eyeliner and mascara play a key role in our makeup. To avoid smearing mascara, apply waterproof mascara on the lashes up and down.
  5. Finally, put color to your lips and over eyes. Use a blush pink tone that will give your face elegance and before applying lipstick, use a lip moisturizer and a lip end well cute summery coral color.

Applying makeup correctly is no easy task with so many products, brands and tricks to discover. That’s why, learn to makeup and highlight your face without making mistakes. These are the fundamental steps to highlight the strengths and hide all that upset. This simple guide is for understanding the new makeup trends and tricks for 2016 to give you a flawless look.