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15 Party Makeup Tips to Shine at New Year’s Eve

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Find the best party makeup tips to shine at New Year parties and give yourself a flawless look. Follow these tricks to avoid any makeup blunder.

party makeup tips to shine at New Year

New Year has arrived, the preparation of gifts, dinner and party decorations, sometimes leave women with no time to get ready properly. But … not everything is lost! Today we present a beauty ritual that you can do from your house to get ready for dinners and parties this New Year. Follow these party makeup tips to shine at New Year bash.

There is no need to go to a spa, or spend more on prodigious creams or exclusive treatments. You can exploit the best version of yourself from home, with natural remedies and products that everyone has at home. Taking care of yourself, inside and out will help you project a much safer and more attractive image of yourself.

First step for flawless skin this New Year

Here are some initial tips to follow before makeup:

  1. Clean your face perfectly, you can use a facial wipe and then a gel soap to remove the residue.
  2. Prepare an exfoliating paste with crushed oats and honey. Crush two tablespoons of oats and add a spoonful of honey, spread it down your face to the neck, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  3. Dry your face with a clean towel with a tap, do not carve it.
  4. Once it is dry, put on a mask of crushed rose petals with two drops of almond oil to rejuvenate the skin. Leave this paste on your face for 15 minutes, while taking the time to rest and take a nap. Sleep is basic for a luminous face. At the end rinse with warm water and dry well.
  5. Finally, put your moisturizing cream that you use daily and a serum that brings moisture and luminosity to your face.

5 Basic Party Makeup Tips for New Year

When you consider how to make up for these parties, you should never not want a makeup too loaded, but we do seek to be favored and, above all, attenuating the signs of the imperfections. We give you the key to the multi-purpose beauty pattern, both for an exclusive plan with family and friends.

New Year is just around the corner and sure you are clear what you are going to wear. But do you know what your perfect makeup will be? We always end up leaving it for the last moment, but it really is what you are looking for. Well, do not panic! With these 5 simple steps you will make your face look as it deserves.

  1. The perfect concealer

    The first step will be to give the best possible corrector base, and did you know that you should use more than single color? Use orange or salmon to correct dark circles, green to eliminate the redness and finally, the yellow will help to give the touch of luminosity to your face.

  2. Do not go with the rouge!

    Once we have our base and the skin is perfectly hydrated, the next thing will be to give some color to remove that pale tone with which we see in winter. Add a few brushstrokes of color to your cheeks will help you get rid of the rouge.

  3. For lips, bet on red!

    Whoever rises, wins. Use a good lipstick and bet on the color red that best goes to make you look flawless. And we give you two options: classic red and garlic eggplant which is a darker tone that takes a lot this season.

  4. Eyeshadow with dry or wet effect

    What we want is a makeup that lasts all day, but that is also worth for the night. We do not look for a shocking look, but it does make our eyes shine. That is why we have asked an expert makeup artist who presents us with two perfect formulas for our eyes: dry or wet. Use any one of the two that you prefer.

  5. Extend the duration of your shadows

    And since we never know how long these familiar days will last, the most important thing is to be concerned about what we are carrying and to ensure that they will continue our rhythm. Our eyes continue to mark the main role of our gaze, so we must take special care of them.

Makeup Tips to Shine at New Year Parties

Before makeup, be sure to thoroughly clean your face with a little milk in a facial cotton. Before using the brush and the mascara, moisturize your skin. Once your skin has absorbed it, you can start your makeup with the colors that favor you most.

Remember that a meal at home with your family is not the same as a gala dinner at a hotel. Neither your wardrobe is the same nor your makeup can be the same. For the day we recommend more natural looks, in which you can paint an eyeliner and combine it with red lips, or opt for a nude lip and a few brown shades.

At night, and especially if you celebrate a dinner out in a hotel or restaurant, you can dare to play more with your cosmetics and look more spectacular, with dark lips, take a lot, shadows with glitter or an infinite eyeliner .

Tips for perfect makeup this New year:

  1. Prebase, foundation and concealer will help you hide imperfections, pimples, dark circles. Choose a tone similar to the color of your skin to get a makeup that looks natural.
  2. Smoky eyes. It is a classic with which you will hit a home run if you know how to do it well. Even for the day it is a good choice, if you use soft colors like sand.
  3. Infinite Eyeliner. At night, an infinite corner eyeliner will give your look a very flattering touch. What if you dare with a blue eyeliner that is fashionable? During the day, do not get too much out of the corner.
  4. Long curved lashes change the look. You can get them using tab extensions or by applying several layers of mask. Dare also to use a different color like electric blue, garnet in the eyelashes for a special night like New Year’s Eve.
  5. Golden shadows. If you go to a party, you will hit squarely if you wear golden shades. They are elegant and combined with a nude lip will give you a star touch of Hollwyood.
  6. Red lips day and night. The red on the lips is a classic that you can wear at all hours. You just have to find the perfect tone and combine it with the rest of the makeup: by day, better to leave them as protagonists; At night, you can combine them with black eyeliner with a corner and a very luminous face.
  7. GO for nude makeup for your meals. Shades in neutral colors like beige, brown, pink, mascara, a touch of blush on cheeks and nude lips are fine. You already have a natural make-up for your day events.
  8. Dark lips, better at night. They are one of the trends of the season, which we have talked about in other articles. Browns, garnets, plums, purples, blues and even blacks are allowed for a special night.
  9. Play with the glitter. Makeup with glitter is a perfect choice for New Year’s Eve. You can use them well in the eyes, on the lips. Do not abuse it!
  10. Do not forget the nails. They too complement of your outfit. Dark colors: garnet, red, blue, green and even black are perfect for your hands in the last day of this year.