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SiliSponge Makeup Tool from Molly Cosmetics: Complete Review

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Find the best SiliSponge makeup tool from Molly Cosmetics review. This silisponge which costs $9.99 and the stardust sponge that cost $14.99 have become the product every beauty enthusiast wants in their makeup set.

SiliSponge Makeup Tool from Molly Cosmetics

It looks like a silicone implant or a jellyfish, but it is not. We talk about SiliSponge, the new makeup sponge that raids on social networks and has become viral. It is a new tool that promises to save money and quantity when it comes to makeup as well as being much more hygienic than its foam ancestors. That’s how it works!

The SiliSponge is the new basic makeup that you want to have and promises to come and stay. This is a new tool from the Chinese company Molly Cosmetics. It aims to replace foam beauty blender sponges and become your new basic beauty product.

And in fact, it is an applicator to put your foundation liquid whose material is silicone and flexible plastic TPU that resists oil and grease. In addition, the silisponge is designed to apply your makeup without dirtying your hands and save the amount of foundation you put on every day.

Among its advantages, proven among influencers of Youtube vloggers, it adheres the makeup to your face and after each use you can clean it with warm water and soap.

Benefits of Silisponge makeup tool from Molly Cosmetics

Its design has nothing to do with makeup sponges that revolutionized the market, but its results have surprised the most demanding influencers.

Beauty Blender has been a worthy competitor from the powerful Asian cosmetics industry. It is called Silisponge, has been launched by the Chinese brand Molly Cosmetics and is a transparent makeup sponge with a peculiar shape of pill crushed soap with two very obvious advantages:

  1. Does not absorb makeup: Unlike ergonomic makeup sponges, this sponge is made with a non-porous layer of polyurethane (and silicone inside) that prevents the product from passing through and therefore preventing waste. The immediate consequence of this takes place in the first application, when you realize that you have used more less product than necessary to obtain a perfect finish with this sponge. In this video below you can see how this youtuber checks for itself the amount of product that is left over when applying it with this new beauty accessory. As you will see, Silisponge saves half the makeup we normally use with other traditional tools like brushes or sponges.
  2. It is cleaned instantly: unlike what happened with brushes and sponges that revolutionized the market years ago, the Silisponge is put under the tap, rubbed with a little soap, rinsed and dried. No need to wait for it to dry or spend several minutes and some effort to have the product cleaned. Thus, there is no risk that the remains of makeup or moisture build up that can give rise to microorganisms that later give problems to our skin. On the other hand, this advantage makes it ideal for professional or shared use, since it allows easy cleaning between client and client applications, without the need for unhygienic use.

Youtubers Review

If a product becomes viral, it is guaranteed success and that is exactly what has happened to the Silisponge, the whim of the beauty influencers of the world, who have already surrendered to this discovery of Chinese cosmetics.

Made of a non-porous layer of polyurethane and with silicone inside, it does not allow the makeup to penetrate. Therefore, the savings of makeup is quite remarkable and the finish is the same or better than the other traditional sponges of the market or brushes which are the most traditional choice.

According to the Youtubers, another great advantage of this product is that, unlike the rest, with which you have to have a fairly thorough cleaning, it is sufficient to put it under the tap and apply a little soap. It is clear and ready! Do not wait for it to dry, nor do you have to apply any cleaning products as with brushes.

Many youtubers have done the test and although to apply the base the result is practically the same, but it saves a lot of your makeup. Also, it is much easier for applying in difficult areas of the face and works perfect when it touches the corrector of dark circles.

My SiliSponge Review

There are those who have compared the Silisponge with a silicone fill of those used to increase breast size. However, both the size and the coverage of the sponge seem to make a clear difference at the time of application. In short, the key is not the silicone inside which gives a firm but manageable form, but the layer of polyurethane that covers and allows to apply the makeup efficiently.

In addition, looking at the experiences of the world’s beauty enthusiasts, we can conclude that the Silisponge mixes and melts the makeup on the skin without much effort, while its shape allows covering the difficult areas of the face, such as The fins of the nose. It is therefore not surprising that its success has been such that the Molly brand has failed to meet the demand and has to establish a pre-sale system for the successive stock replenishments that are taking place.

Unlike other makeup sponges, it does not absorb the amount of product and promises to reduce the amount of base you use by half. It costs about 10 dollars which also represents a saving compared to its predecessors. The bad news is that it is sold out until January, even on the Hong Kong website.

The new silicone makeup sponge of course has some other detractor that ensures that after applying Silisponge, you must use brush or blender to improve the final result. Due to its several advantages millions of beauty fans are looking forward to try it out.

You can order this product from the official website of Molly Cosmetics. Hope that this product is in stock soon. If the product is out of stock then it is best to book it in advance, so when the next stock comes, this product quickly arrives at your door.