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Step-by-Step Guide to Apply Foundation Flawlessly On Face

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Having a flawless, clear skin is the dream of every girl. Though we are often out of luck because of our genes, a little makeup can fix everything. All you need to choose a right foundation.

Foundation the is a miraculous makeup product of skin color that covers blemishes, evens out your skin tone and provides the spotless finish. It is available in different forms like liquid, cream, powder and mousse. All you need to know your skin tone and type to choose the best-suited one when it comes to buying foundation.


Choosing the Right Foundation

Your foundation is the basis for your makeup. In order to ensure that it matches your face, pick a foundation that can suit your skin tone. It is important to choose the best shade for your skin tone or skin type. Perform a swatch test on your face rather than your neck or hands. Swatch 2-3 shades that can match your skin tone and try each of them on one side to see the change. You also have to check the undertone, whether it’s neutral, cool or warm. Consider all these things to get the best match.

To apply foundation on your face, all you will need is a primer, moisturizer, concealer, brushes a compact powder, and off course, a foundation.

Applying Foundation on Your Face

After choosing the perfect shade of foundation, you need to learn how to apply this product in a perfect way.

Step 1 – Getting Started

  • It is vital to use a makeup remover or cleanser to clean and prep your skin to remove all the makeup residue and impurities. Once your skin is cleansed, moisturize it perfectly to have a healthy look.
  • It will be better to use your hands if you massage the moisturizer on your skin as it works and penetrates well.
  • It’s time to use primer so your foundation can last longer and work before makeup as a base. If you have oily skin, also apply mattifier based primer to mattify your skin a little. You can get started using a concealer. Use an applicator brush to apply it on the areas where coverage is needed, such as around your mouth, under your eye or forehead. Concealer can instantly cover up the blemishes, reduce the look of discoloration and make your face appear even.

As far as makeup is concerned, there are no rules. Before or after the foundation, you can easily use the concealer, according to the intensity of coverage you need.

Step 2 – Time Now for Foundation

In order to apply foundation, you have to choose the correct brush. A sponge or a fluffy/flat applicator can work well. To apply foundation, start from the center of your face and then cover other areas and blend outwards. Buff your foundation onto the skin well and blend it perfectly over your face. Since your face shouldn’t look odd, you also have to cover the neck area.

 Choose a duo fiber synthetic brush to apply the foundation in a circular motion. It can easily buff the product perfectly in your skin.

Step 3 – Setting Your Foundation

It is best to apply some powder to set your foundation well. You may choose a pressed or loose powder which can be applied well and brush it gently around your face using a fluffy brush.

How you should apply powder depends upon several types of skin. Suppose you have dry skin, you need to apply only where it is needed, like areas that are likely to get shiny, for example, the T-zone and under eyes. For oily skin, you have to apply mostly on T-zone.

Final Touch


Top up your foundation using a light eyeshadow and a compact powder, lipstick and eyeliner. You are all set to go!

Some More Tips & Tricks to Apply Foundation

  • Foundation can also be used as a highlighter in order to brighten your face. Apply the lighter shade at the center.
  • Apply less amount of foundation to keep it creasing into the fine lines. More emollient foundation can just form blots and crease when done.
  • In order to get natural looking, fresh face, moisten your foundation brush using a hydrating mist and apply it on your face. This way, your face will look supple.
  • Before applying foundation, apply highlighter. It will add the illusion of adding natural glow from inside. Apply the highlighter on the forehead, bridge of the nose and around the cheekbones to get a natural lift.

Foundation FAQs Answered by Experts

How Long Does It Last?

It’s all up to the type of foundation or brand you use. A regular foundation can last up to 6 to 7 hours. You should buy a foundation which can last long or pair it with primer. It will helpful to make this product last longer.

How Can I Blend Foundation Using Fingers?

Always use your ring finger to blend your foundation to put the least pressure. When you have to blend any product and less pressure is required, take the foundation on your ring finger and pat it on any area you like. Keep applying it to cover more area and blend it well using middle finger in a stippling motion. When compared to sponge or brush, using fingers doesn’t soak up the foundation. You can save up on your product and have a naturally blended finish.

How Should I Remove Foundation?

Take some makeup remover/cleanser and apply it using cotton pad all around the face and let it sit for 10 to 15 seconds. Use another cotton pad to clean your face. To remove foundation and any type of makeup, use makeup remover. Use your daily cleanser for cosmetic products which are water-based. Use a specific remover for oil-based products. Use oil plus water based makeup remover for the waterproof foundation.

Which Brush to Choose for Foundation?

To apply foundation, use a stippling duo fiber or synthetic brush as it can buff foundation on the skin with ease and it can give well-blended and professional effect. A flat foundation can easily be used for the application.