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What You Need in Your Makeup Bag

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Many women wonder what a complete professional makeup kit consists. Today I will show you all the essential products you need in your makeup bag. From foundation, concealer, lipstick and brushes, everything is described in detail.

What you need in your makeup bag

When we see advertisement in television, we buy many beauty and makeup products from shop, we used to fill shelves of makeup. This leads to overload of your makeup kit.

Today we will share with you some essentials for makeup bag and must have Makeup products.

Our makeup bag must have below mentioned beauty product.


Foundation is base of every makeup so it’s must beauty product to have in a makeup bag. To get flawless look and even skin tone, you must invest money in good foundation. If you want good coverage and even skin tone then buy light weight foundation. Before applying foundation make sure to blend it nicely. For blending foundation you can use your fingers to blend it properly.


Many girls have good skin, so they prefer using foundation but if you have blemishes, acne, dark circles, pigmentation than you cannot say no to concealer. So this is must have makeup product in your makeup bag. I have pimples dark spots, foundation used to make my skin even but did not cover those terrible spots so for me concealer is must. I use Maybelline dream lumi touch concealer for dark spots. This helps me in hiding dark spots from my skin.


If you want instant hint of colour then blush is best beauty product. If you want freshness and vibrancy in your face during day times than investing money in blush is good idea. In market you can choose blush according to your choice. There are 2 forms of blush available one in power form and second in cream form.

Kohl Pencil

Now a day’s dark black eyes are every girl’s favorite. For that Kohl pencil is must. According to your outfit you can apply black or brown Kohl Pencil. These two colors look good in Indian skin tone. I prefer buying Lakme eyeconic in brown shade Kohl pencil, for black shade there are many brands available in market.

White Kohl Pencil

Recently trend of Kohl Pencil in white started. You must give twist to your eye makeup with white kohl pencil. When you use it on waterline, it will give you big eyes. As a highlighter you can use it on brow bone. Even it can be used above the cupid bow to highlight nicely your lips shape, it’s really multipurpose makeup product, and you must have in your makeup bag. In market you can easily find white eye pencil. In Lakme you can get eyeconic white pencil.


Mascara is among basic product for eye makeup. If you do not apply Khol its fine but without mascara you can’t give your eyes different illusion. Mascara can be applied without eye shadow also. So it’s most essential beauty product in your makeup bag.


If you want dramatic and attractive eyes, curler is must. I recommend purchasing good curler which can give wide rolled up lashes. You must have curler in your makeup bag.

Pearly eye shadow

To create gorgeous and subtle day look, pearly eye shadow is good option. Apply pearly shadow with heavy hand to get perfect night look. If you add Kohl in night makeup then it will give you dramatic look.

Grey Eye Shadow

For night eye make, grey shade is essential. You can go for smoky eyes with grey eye shadow or subtle paired with red bold glossy lips.

Red lipstick

This my favorite item in my makeup bag. I love to wear red lipstick. Red is so classy and this shade of lipstick never go outdated. According to skin tone you can choose red shade in lipsticks.

Sheer Gloss

If you want fresh and subtle look you can use sheer gloss. You can apply gloss above any lipstick to give shiny and glossy lips anytime’s.

Nude Lipstick

If you want normal and not so loud lips than you can apply nude lipstick. I love to apply it with sheer gloss as it gives shiny, glossy lips anytime I want.

I hope you loved reading this post. Now rush to market and purchase makeup bag and fill it with above mentioned beauty products and have a lovely day! Please share this post and if something is missing do comment.