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American Crew Forming Cream Review

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Find my American Crew Forming Cream review and know whether this products works or not. This is a detailed review in which you will find everything you want to know about this cream.

American Crew Forming Cream Review

If you are a guy who is in trouble with his hair then you may have used gel and stuff to help with your hair. But the thing is my hair wouldn’t go down by gel and it takes me like 10-15 minutes of setting my hair when using wax that makes my morning a bit longer and boring. I wanted a product I could just put on and style my hair the way I want and on I go out the door. That’s when I heard about American Crew’s Forming cream; it was a bit new for me so I had to do some research about it before buying it.

You see I was not happy using wax as it took me a lot of time to style and to make sure that it would stick, so I was in the market for a product which can help me cut down that time in to something comfortable. My roommate suggested me this product as he knew how hard it was for me to style my hair quickly. I had heard about this product and how easily it can help you to style your hair in a jiffy. So, when my wax was over this time I considered this product and did my research and finally bought it. Here is the American Crew Forming Cream review and my opinion and some stuff you need to know about this product.

Does American Crew’s Forming Cream work?

As I told you before I did some looking into before buying this product. I know I seem kind of all girly when talking about this but the thing is I have used expensive gel before and it nothing for me. So, now before buying anything for my hair I do my background check to see if it would work for my hair.
And here are things I found out about American Crew’s Forming Cream from my research and some personal experience.

What is Forming Cream by American Crew?

Forming cream is an easy to use hair styling cream. It holds your hair, has great pliability and gives your hair a natural shine. It also makes your hair appear thicker than they are and essentially giving them a healthy appearance. In addition to styling your hair it helps to condition ad moisturize your hair improving your hair health from root to tips. Using this product you can style your hair anyway you want without taking too much time in setting them as you have to using wax.
It’s a great Hair Styling product which provides us with:

  1. Shampoos out easily without residue.
  2. Humectants that provides movable hold.
  3. Conditions and moisturizes your hair.
  4. A holding agent that encourages firmness.
  5. Body and fullness to the hair.
  6. Softens and Swell the hair shaft to make them appear thicker.

I call it a great Hair Styling product because it not only helps with styling your hair but also keeps them moisturized and conditioned while making them appear softer and thicker.
This American Crew’s Forming Cream comes in brown tub but is available in two different sizes of 50g (1.7oz) and 85g (3 oz). It is available in any local drugstore or beauty product stores and it also available online.
The need for a forming cream which can help you deal with your hair styling problems was felt. So, finally American Crew has brought us a Forming Cream which can do just that and more. Simply open it and apply on your hair and style your hair the way you want.

What kind of results can you expect?

It comes in a tub like many other hair wax and gel. You simply have to take some and apply t all over your hair and style your hair you want. When I used it the first time as the direction provided, it felt greasy to me on my hands at least and felt a bit weird to apply this to my hair. But then I just went ahead and applied it and started styling my hair. My basic hair style is to put my hair on the right side and let a bit in the front fall on my forehead from time to time. So I just went ahead and did that and to my shock it just took to me 5 minutes tops to style and I was ready to go. This alone was the reason why I liked this product.

The important thing for this kind of product is to keep your hair steady like this for entire day and that was the real test in this matter. So, I go to my office as always and not once do I have to set my hair and when I even touch my hair subconsciously it doesn’t feel that greasy to me nor it feels hard like when you use gel. It was able to keep it firm but still blending enough to make it look natural.

Now the thing with this product it when you wash them and if some of it is left in your hair then it can cause damage. And that’s what I was worried about since it is not that greasy it would be a bit tough to get it all out. But that too went a bit more swiftly then I expected. I just shampooed my hair and wash it like I normally do and it all came off, I didn’t had to wash my hair twice like I have to sometimes when I use gel. And more than that my hair felt a bit soft after wash but don’t know if it is a lasting effect as I use it regularly.

The only thing I have a problem with in this product is that it comes in a tub and not in a tube. You see, I feel really weird when taking a cream from a tub sort of like unhygienic. But other than that this American Crew’s Forming Cream has given me better result than I expected and even I anticipated.

Online Customer review

Before making up your mind it’s better to check out the comments made about the product online. These comments provide us with different perspective about a particular product and how some people may like it and some may not think it’s worth it. So here are some reviews of American Crew’s Forming Cream.

A daily user of this product shares his experience about it and tells us how he uses this product in many different ways. So, let’s see what Alex Peter from Amazon.com has to say about this Forming Cream.

“It smells wonderful and the best product to have in your handbag.”

Here is another user with a comment on how he gets the most benefit from this product and how it feel the following day. Let’s see what Pat from Amazon.com has to say about it.

“A bit expensive, but leaves my hair soft and smooth.”

Finally you can read more reviews on amazon and I hope that this review along with some customer testimonials may have helped you with the confusions regarding this product.

More about this cream

As I mentioned earlier that it is better to research about the product you may be using in your hair or skin as wrong products can do more harm than good. As a consumer of this product I would say that this product works for me quite nicely. But I won’t know how it will do for you as depends on what you need or expect from this product.
And as I always say never use a product without reading its ingredients part first. Because no matter what you have read on web or might’ve heard it’s always best to read it straight from the pack before using it.

Again I would like to mention that this product has a light fragrance but not strong or manly fragrance and if you like no fragrance or strong fragrance then you should probably try strong gel or no fragrance wax. This product contains concentrated hold which would make your hair flexible and add softness to it. It also contains Lanolin wax which helps to improve the hold on your hair and the special conditioners will help to keep your hair moisturized.
And Finally I would like to mention that it is packed in a brown shiny tub and comes in two different sizes which are 1.7 oz and 3 oz.

My American Crew Forming Cream Review

My final verdict is that I am going to buy this product and this time the 3 oz tub as it is working for me. As for you I would recommend using it once and if it works then go for it but if it is not holding your hair steady than you may try some wax. For me my friend was kind enough to loan me his cream and so I used it once and then bought the small tub to try for myself. It is for all kind of hair so you might as well try it out before going in for gel or wax.