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Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Reviews

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The babyliss pro hair dryer is one of the best product for drying hair at the best price. This review will cover all the features, pros and cons of this hair dryer and make it easier for you to select this best product.

Babyliss pro hair dryer reviews

Description of the babyliss pro hair dryer

The babyliss pro is the best hair dryer and has been designed as per the requirements of some expert hair stylist. The ionic and far-infrared technology used by this product makes it effective in drying hair quickly without damaging the luster and shine of hair. The product has a six speed heat settings which means that you can adjust the fan setting from 1(low) to 6 (high) making it a flexible hair dryer.

Features of the this hair dryer

  1. Ionic technology is incorporated in this dryer. Compared to normal hair dryers ionic ones make hair more shiny and soft.
  2. One can adjust speed from one to six.
  3. The babyliss pro uses a long life AC motor making the product to last longer.
  4. It has an easy to remove filter.
  5. The nozzle of the dryer is narrow which helps to properly focus on different area of hair.
  6. The union of Porcelain Ceramic technology with ionic technology dries hair fast without affecting its quality. This combination in fact makes hair more smooth and shinier.
  7. Has a long power cord.
  8. The product comes with a warranty.

Directions to use the product effectively for hair

There are two ways in which this product can be used, first to simply dry hair and second to give it a style.

  1. For drying hair : Before you start using the hair dryer just pat towel to your hair so that it can soak some water. Do not rub towel to wet hair to prevent split ends and hair loss. Now after some drying from towel, apply heat protectant to hair and start the babyliss pro hair dryer. Set the speed from one to six depending on your hair type. According to experts for thick hair keep the dryer hotter which means at speed five or six and for thin hair go for speed two, three or four. To prevent hair from dryness, direct the air in towards hair roots and move it evenly until your hair dries.
  2. To style hair : To start with styling first apply the heat protectant . Now, with a brush, point the concentrator nozzle at the area of hair that you want to dry. As you float the brush through the area, accordingly move the dryer. Proceed onward to the next area and repeat the same procedure.

Pros :

  1. Unlike traditional blowers which make hair dry and frizzy babyliss pro hair dryer posses technology that make hair soft and shiny.
  2. Dries hair quickly compared to normal dryers without damaging the hair quality.
  3. Adjustable six speed options.
  4. Long lasting product.

Cons :

  1. It is little heavy. Not that much heavy you cannot lift but yes a little heavy as compared to other products.

My review for babyliss pro hair dryer

It is the excellent hair dryer that will work for long. Not only it will make hair dry fast, but you can also use it as a perfect hair styling tool. It is a well designed product embedded with technologies which has made it incomparable to the traditional hair dryers. The options for setting the speed of the product from one to six make it versatile and can be used for both thick and thin hair.

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