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Body Back Buddy – Hand Held Massager Review

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This is the review of one of the best hand held massager and the name is, body back buddy. To review this product I have taken into consideration a variety of aspects from quality to performance and portability. This massager claims to calm many muscle pains, but does it really?

Body back buddy

Body back buddy is designed from the feedbacks received by the expert massage therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists. This is the finest hand held massager that is used to soothe muscle pain and have a relaxed feeling.

Description of body back buddy massager

  1. It is a 27 inch long hand massager with 11 knobs of different sizes and shape.
  2. Angles are designed to have better grip on the product.
  3. Large enough to even reach the lower back with comfort.
  4. The specially designed body back buddy can be used on all muscles pain like shoulder, neck, entire back, quads, calves, thighs, feet, abs and chest.

The massager provides a perfect self directed healing pressure on the muscles that help to get quick relief. Pressure of the massager can be controlled by the user.

Where is this product helpful.

This hand massager is helpful for curing all types of aches and muscle pain that we get in our day to day life. Developing neck or back pain due to bad sleep positions, working long on laptops and computer and after travels this is the best product to get relief. Walking or standing for longer time makes our calves and thigh muscles to pain and this is where you can use the body back buddy massager to get rid of the muscle pain.

Why to use it.

You have muscle pain and to get relief you eat pain killers. Pain killers contain some ingredients that damage our body and this is why you need this massager. The design of this product is such that you can even use it for back pain.

Body Back Buddy Pros

The product has a 95% positive reply from the users of amazon.com that have used this product.

  1. One can easily use it on all the muscles of body, apply pressure and massage the area properly.
  2. The cost of the product is low making it inexpensive.
  3. It also gives trigger point therapy which every hand held massager do not provide.
  4. It is often recommended by many massage therapist and physical therapist. This means even professionals have liked the product.
  5. 11 knobs with different sizes and shapes to treat different muscles of body.
  6. Has the ability to speed up circulation to tight muscles giving you quick relief.

Body Back Buddy Cons

  1. A complete knowledge is required of the trigger points of different areas of pain. Without this knowledge the trigger point therapy is ineffective. To overcome this you can buy a book on amazon regarding the use of this product.
  2. Since it is large and designed with a two curve pattern it does not fit in gym bags.

My final review for body back buddy

According to my research this is the best hand held massager available today. With a low price and its effectiveness to treat muscle pain it is excellent compared to the heavy pain killers which later proves harmful to body. I have written this review for one of my daily blog visitor who wanted me to research and give my review for this product.

The truth is I have not used this product but I have deep researched about it. The complete review is based on the information and review from the people who have used this product.

Get some discount on this product.

If you are thinking to buy this product, you have made the right choice. There is a 13% discount on the product. To get the discount, immediately go to amazon.com and search for this product.