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Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Review

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One of the best curling iron embedded with the latest technologies, the conair infinity pro curl secret helps to get the prefect waves in hair. In this detailed review you will get to know the features, the pros, cons and step by step guide to use this product.

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret review

So for all of those women out there who love to make hair wavy here is a new product in the market of your interest. A new curling iron is launched in the market called conair infiniti pro curl secret. The problem with the curls is that they don’t last longer, but if I tell you that this product is unique and the new technology and design incorporated in this curling iron is suitable for any hair size and helps in maintaining the curls for long time. So don’t you believe me, read the conair infiniti curl secret review and know more about the product.

Product Description

The Conair infinity curling iron with its high technology helps in making hair wavy in no time. The tourmaline ceramic curling chamber effectively holds the hair and generates heat for a particular time to get beautiful wavy hair. If you are think that the heat can cause burns to hair, so let me tell you that this product will produce heat up to 400F and then after 10-12 seconds the iron automatically stops the heat to prevent any kind of damage to the hair. So it is totally damage free.

Features of the curling iron

  1. The Conair infiniti pro curl secret incorporates tourmaline ceramic technology that prevents frizzy hair and provides extra protection to hair against damage and gets you shiny curling waves.
  2. Just with the right method and with the click of few buttons it adds waves to the hair.
  3. There is an energy saving mode in which the Conair infiniti pro curl secret goes in the sleep mode for saving electricity.
  4. It has two heat levels and three timer settings for managing the operation.
  5. Since it is very easy to use, anyone can get perfect curls like a professional.
  6. Whether your hair is rough, thin or thick, long or short, it works on all hair types.
  7. The product is versatile and you can make different styles using it.
  8. The cavity of the curling iron has a feature that heats completely from all ways for better and long lasting curls.

How to use this product

Using Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

Step 1 : Wash your hair, detangle it and make it dry.

Step 2 : Check whether the temperature indicating light has stopped flashing.

Step 3 : Now let the chamber of this iron face is in front of your head.

Step 4 : Its turn to open the handle and place some portion of hair in the cavity.

Step 5 : Now just as you close the handle, the hair is directly taken in the iron and then as I told you after ten seconds the wavy hair style is ready.

Step 6 : After hearing four fast progression beeps, open the handles and discharge that area of hair and repeat until all the hair turns curly.


  1. This hair product works for versatile hair types.
  2. Even without the use of any styling spray the curls will last for minimum one day.
  3. Easy to use and provides result like you get in high salons.
  4. Since it supports all different hair types and sizes there are different options and settings available to handle any kind of hair.


  1. First of all the product is a little expensive.
  2. You alone cannot completely style your hair. The short handle of the product makes it a difficult to reach the back hairs.
  3. Before you start styling, first learn the techniques because doing it wrongly can cause a little damage.

My review for the Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

The curling iron has long lasting motors and the quality of this product is excellent. The product is expensive, but if you can afford go for it, else there are other options available. It not only adds curls to the hair, but the technology incorporated has keeps the damage minimal. Well, I forgot to mention above, but the technology of this product is patent pending in the United Sates. So my final review, I give it 3.5/5 because of it high price and short handle, else I would have given it 4/5.

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