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L’Oreal Paris Collagen Filler Lip Treatment Review

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Have you heard about L’Oreal Paris Collagen Filler Lip Treatment? Check out my review to know how this product can be used to make your lips plumper and sexy.

L’Oreal Paris Collagen Filler Lip Treatment Review

When you get to a certain age you get wrinkles and your lips begin to give out looking sexy instead looks dry and kind of tired. I felt that this would happen when I am too old to care about this stuff but no it’s happening to me now and I am just in my early thirties. I felt betrayed, well kind of betrayed anyway by my skin that I am going to have dried out lips with vertical lines surrounding them. And when I asked my friends for some advice she simply teased me about my smoking and then she told me about this product to fight against this and to have plumper lips. So, that’s how I found out about this product and now wrting a detailed L’Oreal Paris Collagen Filler Lip treatment review.

If you are here than I think that you may have heard about it as well from the web or from a friend of yours. But it doesn’t matter the only thing that matters is that whether this product works or not.

Does L’Oreal Paris Collagen Filler Lip Treatment actually work?

Even though my friend recommended it to me I thought I should do some research before blindly buying this product. I mean it’s always better to do some digging to find out all you can about the product you are thinking or buying so you don’t end up regretting your decision or feel blindsided by it.

And so I started digging and everything I found out about this product is described in detail below.

What is Collagen Filler Lip Treatment?

Collagen Filler Lip Treatment is basically a two step method to get you a younger and plump looking lips rather than having a dried out lips. It involves two different creams, the first is a plumping serum which is to be applied on the lips to help hydrate and make your lips appears smooth and second is anti-feathering cream which helps with filling in the vertical lines and defines your new lip line. This way when both creams are through with their work you have plumped and younger looking lips.

It’s a Complete Lip Rehabilitation system which can help with:

  • Lips Plumping.
  • Filling visible lines on your lips making them appear smooth.
  • Moisturizing your lips and keeping it from drying out.
  • Redefining your lip lines.
  • Protecting your lips from external damage.
  • Best Anti Aging trick for Lips.

I say it a Complete Lip Rehabilitation system because it redefines your lips completely and also treats and protect your lips in the process.

This L’Oreal Paris Collagen Filler Lip Treatment comes in a 2 squeeze tubes attached to each other. One is 0.2fl oz smoothing cream and another of 0.2 fl oz plumping serum. And the entire thing is packages in a box container.
Between all these lip moisturizing creams, anti aging creams and then there was surgical options to make my lips appear more plumper L’Oreal Paris brings you a product which can do all without undergoing any elective procedure. And in the end I thought it best to give it a try rather than looking up an elective surgery. It is only a two step procedure to begin with which makes my lips smooth and a bit plump all works for me.

It is suitable for all skin types but just in case you have any doubts then you may try it out in just a small amount first and if you don’t see any side effect then and then only, go for more.

What sort of results can you expect?

L’Oreal Paris is a trusted brand so I had no problem trusting it after I had done my research on the subject. But still there were some results that I expected from this product. Now let’s see what my expectations were and if this product were able to meet it or not.

Firstly my main concern was the lines forming around my lips making me appear a bit odd. So when I used this on my lips I hoped that it would just make them disappear and the result I got was that it was able to stop them from spreading. And after continuous using it I saw a gradual change around my lips as the Collagen Biospheres were able to fill my vertical like slowly but steadily and eventually I did got the lips with redefined lines to make them look good.

Now as far as the plump thing goes, then every girl loves fuller lips and to have a product which can give you that is a blessing. But as far as this product goes it does contains Hyaluronic Micro Spheres which are suppose to help plump your lips by hydrating them properly and making them appear smooth and fuller. And it did just that although not as much as the surgical effect I would say but it did it to a extent that I was happy with the results.

You see this product promised me younger looking skin and it did just that, so, I am compelled to say that I am happy with the result. But if you were looking to get the plumped lips like you get when you undergo surgery then this is not for you. The only thing that it does to help your lips get plump is it fills it and smoothes the surfaces so it looks more natural and fuller.

The only thing that I was a bit sad about that the quantity of product is too less for such price. I mean it lasted me for just over a month. But the best thing about this product aside from it good result was its ease of use. I mean I never had to use my fingers to spread the lip, all I had to do was squeeze the lips and apply it directly on and around my lips as the direction provided, that’s it. The added benefits of this product was that it hydrates my lips so I didn’t had to apply any additional lip moisturizer and it also protects my lips from external dangers.

Online Customer Review

It’s always better to have different perspective on any product before you go ahead with the purchase so here are some comments people have made over time about this product.

This review here is what I found helpful because it’s always good to hear a review from a person who is experienced and know what they are talking about. Here is a comment from MissYoko007 from Amazon.com in which she tells us about how she found out about this product and her experience about it.

“My best lip product which I use 10 minutes before I apply my lipstick. It makes my lips look fuller and sexy. ”

Till now all we have heard about this product is that it works but now here is a person who likes it enough to buy it but still have some concerns over the working of it so let’s see what nana from Amazon.com really have to say about this product.

“Overall the product has done some good for my lips by increasing its volume and erasing the fine lines on it. ”

As I said earlier that getting different perspectives on a product always helps to make a decision and so here is another one who likes the lip plumper serum unlike nana they think its working wonders for them. So, let’s see what Jera form Amazon.com have to say about this.

“I always love using L’Oreal products and this one has definitely help my small lips look plumper.”

I hope these customer review may have been of some help to you in deciding whether you should trust the product or not.

What else to know about L’Oreal Paris Collagen Filler Lip Treatment?

As I said even though I trusted L’Oreal Paris brand it is always best to do some research on the subject before buying anything. As a customer of this brand and a consumer of this particular product I would say that this product will help you in the long run as we all get old and wrinkles and aged dried lips are just around the corner. And as we say ‘Precaution is better than cure’ so just look at it as a precaution from those dried up wrinkled lips.

But before going in for the blind faith please check out the ingredients label on this product. If only to check whether you are allergic to any of them or if you have problem with any of the ingredients. And then too use it small amount first and if you don’t have any side effects then and then only use it regularly. The moment you see the sign of side effects it is best to stop using it and wait for your lips to get normal or consult the dermatologist immediately.

What’s my Final Advice?

My advice for you is to try this product if and only is you see the need for it. This is a product which can help you get plump or fuller lips and if that’s what you want then give it a go. But if you are just thinking of using it as a moisturizer then I suggest not to as there are many other product out there specifically for that purpose. If you are using it for vertical lines then this is a great product. And if you are thinking of using it as a last resort before surgery then too this is good for you but not that instant as surgeries or Botox go but with very less risk factor. Try it once, then if you like what you see, try it again but do finish the first box.