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Pura d’or Shampoo Review

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Are you looking for a hair loss prevention shampoo? Check out my Pura d’or Shampoo review to know everything I discovered about this product in detail.

Pura d’or Shampoo Review

If you have been looking for hair loss prevention shampoo then you may have come across a shampoo named Pura d’or. This shampoo is specifically made for prevention of hair loss using organic materials. Hence, it is also called as Pura d’or Hair Loss Prevention Organic Shampoo. To be honest I have moderate hair fall as I am sure many other woman have as well. So, I wasn’t particularly looking for a Hair Fall prevention shampoo, but when this shampoo crossed my desk I had to try it out. Take a look at my Pura d’or Shampoo review to know whether this product really works or it’s just a fake claim.

What is Pura d’or Hair Fall Prevention Shampoo?

Pura d’or is a naturally organic shampoo to help prevent hair loss. It is free of harsh chemicals which are currently the leading reason behind chronic hair loss. This shampoo is free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), parabens, DEA, gluten, artificial colors, artificial fragrances and harsh preservatives. The hair prevention formula used contains organic blend of argan oil, Vitamin B complex, biotin, nettles extract, saw palmetto etc. Plus it also contains many other clinically proven natural ingredients which can help prevent hair loss.

These ingredients are specifically selected for increased bio-availability and maximum absorption. It starts from nourishing your hair follicles with essential nutrients to reverse the damage already done to your hair and then begins the healing process. It is well known to prevent hair loss and strengthening hair naturally.
It’s the Best Hair Fall Prevention shampoo which can help with:

  • Strengthening Thin Hair.
  • Frizzy Hair.
  • Distressed Hair.
  • Prevention of hair loss due to breakage.
  • Healing damaged hair caused due to chemical treatment or colored hair.

I say it the best hair fall prevention shampoo because it helps to protect, treat and prevent hair problems like hair fall, frizzy hair, thin hair.

This naturally organic hair loss prevention Pura d’or shampoo comes in a pump bottle containing 16 fluid ounces. The pump systems were a bit different for shampoos for me anyway but it worked out well enough.

Does Pura d’or Shampoo actually works?

But before trying anything out I like doing my research to know what kind of results can I expect or what to lookout for in order for me to know if this is working or not. And I think it’s a very nice habit as this way I am never blindsided by any allergic reactions or side effects of any product. So, if you want to know a bit about this product here are some things worth knowing which I found from my research as well as my personal experience. So, I guess I may be able to help you out regarding whether this product will help you out or not.

Now for the working part, the shampoo is good in hands and when applied on damp hair as directions provided immediately gets mixed in. It doesn’t feel greasy it’s just soft and easy to move around while applying. After waiting for couple of minutes one need to rinse it off but I give it a good five minute till I was the other parts of my body. And finally when washing it off, it came out easily no need to wash it rigorously, but simply pouring water and massaging your hair lightly works.

From my point of view, it can help your prevent further hair loss and strengthen your hair. However, it can’t grow new hair where there are no roots. For me it did work as expected, but took its own sweet time to get there.

What kind of results can you expect?

Pura d’or Shampoo claims to be all natural organic, but it is always better to check out the ingredients sections. When I finally saw the ingredients part I was a bit shocked because the list went on and on. I mean how many things you need to stop my hair fall. But before getting into the ingredients, let’s talk about the packaging, it’s a pump bottle. It’s easy to use, but as the days pass and shampoo’s quantity gets less the pump needs to be pushed a bit more each time for it to work. Anyone who has ever used a pump bottle knows its common and how to tackle it.

Now, I knew that it won’t be working instantly even if it claims. I started noticing the changes after couple of weeks. When I combed my hair and saw the comb afterward there were not as much hair as it used to be. First I thought that it may be a lucky day, but this continued as long as I was using the shampoo. My hair fall gradually became less. I wouldn’t go as far as telling that it stopped my hair fall completely, but it managed to cut my hair fall in half or more than that. I guess to continue using it as it might stop my hair fall completely, but there is a doubt as even the best hair has to fall sometime.

Online Pura d’or Hair Fall Prevention Shampoo Review

Many people who have been using Pura d’or Shampoo shared their story about the product online. Many in their review shared how it’s helping them with their hair troubles. So here are some testimonials from real consumer of this product.

Here is a review from Amazon.com where a reviewer talks about how much she loves this product and how well it’s been working for her.

“Since my pregnancy, my hair fall increased and I stumbled upon this product. Just a month of use and I can notice less hair fall. Highly recommended!”

Here is a reviewer just like me, who’s been using this product for a while now. She would like to share her experience with us. So, let’s see what she has to say to us.

“I used one complete bottle of this shampoo along with my conditioner. In terms of improvements, my hairs are much fuller and thicker. My hair fall problem is also reduced significantly.”

I hope these Pura d’or Shampoo review from customers online, along with my personal review would have helped you to know if this product is compatible for you or not.

What else to know about this shampoo?

As I mentioned earlier, I like to research before using any products on my body. And that I came across this when I was researching for argan oil for my hair fall problem. This product contains argan oil which is recently discovered medical plant oil from Morocco. There people have been using it for ages to help with their hair troubles. Secondly it also contains Saw Palmetto which is traditionally used by Native Americans to reverse balding on which the research is still going on to know how it actually works. Additionally it contains a lot of other natural ingredients which are all good for our hair.

Another thing worth mentioning is that one always needs to be careful when using new product. So always check the ingredients to know if the product contains something that you are allergic. Also, check the package to know if contains any danger notes. Even after knowing all the things it’s always better to use the product in little amount at first. After using if there is some rash or itching, then you should immediately stop and consult a specialist. If there isn’t then you may go ahead with using the product as you like.

And after doing some digging into it I found myself ordering and finally using it. And it worked out quite well for me. It claims it can be used daily so if you need to then you can switch to this shampoo entirely. It’s an all natural shampoo made to prevent hair loss and treat thin hair, damaged hair and much more.

My Pura d’or Shampoo Review?

For a while now I have been having moderate hair fall problem, but never really thought about using shampoo to treat it. This is because all the shampoos that claimed to help with hair fall contained harsh chemicals which I wasn’t really comfortable with. So, I needed something a bit more natural. I was considering using argan oil for hair loss and during that research I came across this shampoo.

For me it took a while to get used to the pumping system, especially towards the end of the first bottle. Other than that I don’t have any real complaints about this product because I really didn’t expect much. If you are looking for an instant solution then this might not be your shampoo. Also, if you are looking to get back those bald patches to grow hair then it’s too late for using this shampoo.

My final verdict would be to buy this product if you are looking to prevent hair loss and not if you are trying to reverse balding or trying to treat male pattern baldness. This shampoo is for people to have healthy, strong hair and lack of hair loss thereof. As far as I am concerned I am going to try another bottle to see if it can still reduce my hair loss even more. One best part of using Pura d’or shampoo is has strengthen my hair and makes them appear thick and shiny. Lastly never forget to moisturize your hair after a hair wash.