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20 Hair Removal Tips For Smooth Skin

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Do you usually face rashes and burns after shaving? Take a look at these best hair removal tips that will help you get rid of hair easily and leave your skin smooth.

Hair Removal Tips

The New Year is the perfect time to get rid of old habits and commit to a better routine for skin care. Interestingly, only 23% of women would use male skin care products, but at the same time, 75% admit that they would use a male shaver. The correct shaver is the key to getting a smooth skin. Upgrade your shave and have a soft New Year’s Eve with these hair removal tips for smooth skin.

  1. Eliminate dead skin:

    Exfoliation is important as it gently removes the top layer of dead skin. Naturally, razors exfoliate as they shave, but you can also try to incorporate an exfoliant into your routine 1 times a week for noticeably softer skin.

  2. Update the way you shave:

    Shaving is part of skin care. Gillette shavers have three curved razors that fit the contour of the skin, which are as technologically advanced as the men’s razors.

  3. Get the most out of your humectant:

    Use a lotion or body cream. Choose a lighter formula for the day and a thicker cream for the night, which is when the skin has more time to absorb the key ingredients.

  4. Choose products made for you:

    Women skin is a bit delicate than men’s skin. It is important that you use products built for women. Nowadays there are several hair removal products made for women which prevent damage. Use shavers that have round, rather than square heads to prevent sharp edges from harming new skin.

  5. Give rest to your skin:

    After shave or waxing, it is important not to irritate your skin by scratching or scrubbing. Hair removal process can do some harm to the skin of your hands or legs. Your skin is repaired when you give rest while you sleep. So be sure to take lots of naps of beauty to get that youthful and beautiful shine.

  6. Forget about soap:

    Shaving with soap can dry your skin. Use creams or gels which are made for your gender and use it. Such products makes hair removal smooth and cause less damage. The flexible gel bars instantly moisturize your skin, giving an incredible glide and silky skin.

  7. Use warm water:

    Bathing with warm water feels great, but it can remove skin from its protective oils. Instead, use warm water, then dry, to retain moisture. After shaving, using warm water to wash your skin and then apply a thin coat of moisture to keep it soft.

Tips for waxing hair removal technique

The timing of home waxing should be done with enough care and patience. Many of the techniques we know about hair removal can cause redness, burning and burns. For this reason we want to give you 5 super useful tips to take into account when the skin area is shaved.

  1. Always premieres:

    It is different to depilate the legs because in that case it is not a problem to reuse your blade from day to day, but if you are going to enter the bikini area, it is best to use a new blade. The skin in this area is extremely sensitive so a sharp edge blade can easily cause cuts and irritation.

  2. Do not use soap:

    The purpose of the soap should be exclusive to wash and clean the body, never for hair removal. Opt for specialized gels with aloe vera.

  3. Help with water:

    This is one of the best hair removal tips to keep in mind. The best time for waxing the skin area is in the shower. The steam will help open the pores and make skin soft which will make the blade smoother against your skin.

  4. Cold water:
    After waxing it is important that you wash your hands or legs with cold water. This will help in closing the skin pores and prevent the entering of bacteria in it which can lead to infections.

  5. Wait a while before moisturizing:

    Many women like to get cream on their skin just after shaving. Let the skin breathe its natural air, this way you will avoid burning and unwanted reactions. After a few minutes if you can apply your type of moisturizer.

Laser Hair Removal Tips

Winter is the best time for laser hair removal treatments, because the skin is not usually tanned, nor is sun exposure frequent. To get the perfect result, we give you some advice:

  1. The skin should not be freshly tanned before laser hair removal. In light skin it is enough that one month has passed since the sun exposure, but in darker skins it is better to let two months pass, since the hair removal lasers attack the hair melanin, so it should not be newly activated .
  2. Do not pluck the hair before the hair removal session. A very important part of the effectiveness of the laser on the hair follicle will depend on the hair present in it. Hair heavily laden with melanin and absorbs light very well and transmits it to the follicle show great results.
  3. Each type of skin and hair has a laser. In addition, since the hair is changing throughout the treatment, it is very often that you deal with different types of lasers according to the treatment stage.
  4. Thin and clear hair is poorly sensitive to the laser. The effectiveness of laser hair removal is based on the ability of the hair to absorb light, which is conditioned because it is thick and dark. Fine, poorly pigmented hair and gray hairs respond poorly to treatment. Therefore, it is best not to include areas with thin and clear hair in the treatment.
  5. The result of the depilation must be homogeneous. There should be no untreated hair patches left. If after seven or 10 days the hair begins to sprout prematurely and patches, it reveals an irregular or incomplete session that needs a review.
  6. The time that the client is kept clean of hair should be prolonged if the session has been effective. A laser hair removal session leaves the client depilated for a long time. Once the session is done, the area should be kept hair thinner for a minimum of five or six weeks.
  7. The shaving between sessions is interesting. When the hair begins to sprout, but does not yet perform the next session, the client can be kept clean by shaving or depilatory cream. This allows you to stay comfortable while allowing more time to gather more active hair.
  8. The last shave before the next session. To adjust the laser correctly we need to see the hair and its response. Therefore, in the first weeks the last shaving will be seven days before; And in the last sessions, it will be 15 days before.
  9. After the session is good to apply a cream for skin irritation. Immediately after the treatment, a perifollicular edema occurs. This means a slight inflammation in the environment of each hair follicle. It is advisable to apply a soothing cream with aloe vera or some natural anti-inflammatory.
  10. Sun exposure after the session can be done a week. Once the session is completed, the patient may be exposed to it after three or four days, when the irritation of the skin has subsided. It is not necessary to wait a month for the exhibition.