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Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen | Get Perfect Skin Revitalization

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Collagen is known to be the secret to younger looking skin and it is likely to be the most vital element for your skin. This complex natural protein shares around 80% of your skin and adds elasticity, structure and protection to it. This protein helps retain moisture in the intense dermal layers. Collagen reduces naturally over time with aging. Later or sooner, loss of collagen can cause the skin to dry, thin and become more fragile. Lack of collagen is the leading cause of wrinkles and fine lines.

Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen

Is Liquid Collagen the Best Choice?

When collagen has become important to deal with signs of aging and for healthy skin, more and more women are looking for liquid collagen to get the important protein to their body. You can find a lot of ways to consume collagen supplement, whether tablet or caplet or even collagen injections at the office of a cosmetic surgeon. Such type of protein is available in different sources to keep you look youthful and provide several other benefits to your body. But liquid collagen is enjoying more popularity for the women who cannot tolerate tablets and caplets and running out of time for taking injections. You can get liquid collagen in different nutrition and health stores.

About Liquid Collagen

Liquid collagen is a kind of drinkable solution which lets you consume collagen and let it enter the body quickly and easily. For anti-aging, collagen is an important protein for the body. Once you get above 30, your body will no longer be capable of creating enough of collagen as it was used to. Once the production of collagen falls down, sagging and wrinkles start occurring. Collagen is the protein that can keep your skin looking plump, firm and elastic.

When most people use collagen serums and creams, they are not as effective always as the liquid. This is because collagen molecules are unable to penetrate intensely in the lower layers of the skin. The results are limited to the surface and they are usually temporary. Once collagen is consumed, they can have more impact and results can affect various body parts in a positive way.

How Liquid Collagen Works?

Liquid collagen can improve the natural production of collagen and replenish it throughout the aging process. There are different benefits of taking liquid collagen, such as –

  • Improves nail and hair health
  • Removes wrinkles and fine lines
  • Promotes joint health and connective tissue
  • Promotes appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
  • Relief from stiffness and joint pain

Basically, collagen supplements are formulated with fish extract or animal extract. Collagen with animal extract is usually derived from chicken, beef or pig. But collagen derived from fish is better as our body can absorb fish extract easily due to lower molecular weight.  Our body contains around 20 types of collagen. The most common are Type 1 Collagen is our body and it is found in tendons, bones and tissue. According to a research, collagen supplements with Type 1 Collagen can boost collagen levels in your skin.

Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen caretricks

Liquid collagen supplement may take the time to get results in your body. When some people see changes within few weeks, it takes months for some people. All collagen supplements are not made equally. A collagen supplement may not work if it is poorly absorbed. So, it is vital to choose the supplement which is made with top quality ingredients.

Choosing the Best Liquid Collagen

Picking the best liquid collagen relies mostly on the kind of results you want to achieve and the collagen type which is known to be ideal for the body. When some belief that cow and pork derived collagen can provide great absorption, experts recommend fish collagen as it is instantly absorbed by the body and you can get great results quickly. But the results are not supposed to cure specific skin conditions and not been approved by the FDA. So, you have to try various kinds of liquid collagen to see what works well for your body. Ask your doctor if you choose any liquid collagen and know if it will work on your health goals.

Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen

It is truly an innovative and unique product designed particularly to deal with the signs of aging. Each liquid tube contains a great amount of collagen with a huge range of nutrients and antioxidants for perfect skin revitalization from within. All you need to pour one liquid tube in 16 Oz. of water every day. The package contains 4000 mg of liquid collagen to replenish the proper supply of collagen to your body. It contains the best beauty nutrient, Biotin, and strong antioxidant compounds like Vitamin A and vitamin C to improve internal production of collagen. It protects your skin against free radicals with a combination of green tea and fruits extract.

Collagen is considered to be a very important element of skin. This complex protein delivers great elasticity to your skin. It also helps maintain moisture inside deep dermal layers. Liquid Collagen can supply around 4000 mg of collagen with a huge range of botanicals, Antioxidant Blend in order to combat the lack of collagen for glowing skin.

This liquid collagen fulfills the deficiency of collagen in your body. It is simply the beauty of science. Collagen naturally reduces with aging. Later or sooner, lack of collagen can cause your skin become drier, thinner and more fragile. Lack of collagen is known to be the leading cause of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin. Liquid collagen fights back with the loss of collagen and supports elasticity. It helps in skin hydration and has all the ingredients for healthy, glowing skin.

It contains around 4000 mg of hydrolyzed collagen to fulfill the body’s need for collagen. It contains vitamin A for internal production of collagen and it is helpful for luminous and healthy skin. It contains the combination of green tea extract and super fruits to protect your skin against damaging impacts of free radicals. It has around 6000 mcg of silica and 2000 mcg of biotin for glowing skin.