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Beauty Tricks to Care For Your Skin In The Snow

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Find the best way to care for your skin in the snow with this beauty trick. These tips will take care and protect your skin from becoming dry and damaged in winter.

Care For Your Skin In The Snow

Snow is a great attraction for many who wish to go on vacation. No doubt it is for many an addiction to which they return every year. We never have to neglect the beauty care, since we can find ourselves with a damaged skin when returning from the holidays. With the Christmas holidays and the cold that has settled in our country, surely many are thinking of practicing your favorite sport: skiing or maybe you are more snowboarding. There will even be those who do not like skiing but will not resist spending some day in the snow.

It is only a few months that we can enjoy the white mantle in the mountains, a beautiful spectacle, and an opportunity for lovers of winter sports. But did you know that the cold, the wind and the sun at that altitude are lethal to your skin? These use tips will help you care for your skin in the snow and extreme cold climate.

Moisturize the face

It is true that much of your body will be covered by the ski suit or clothes suitable for going to the mountain. However, the face irremediably remains exposed and if you do not want to damage it then you must protect yourself properly. Hydration is something that you will notice missing when it is very cold. Extreme cold mistreats the skin and makes it dry, taking away moisture, especially when there are strong winds. For this reason, we must take with us a face moisturizer that is nutritious. If your skin is of dry type, use a moisturizing product which extreme hydration power to avoid dryness throughout the day. For the face it should be a specific moisturizer.

Hydrate your body

Hydrate your body too. It is covered but the cold penetrates the clothes and can cause more dryness in your skin. With the cold we notice how the skin is more dry, and for this reason we must take care of it much more. You must carry in the beauty kit a body cream that is very moisturizing. If we see that the hands have become dry after sometime, we must reapply a moisturizing lotion as they are areas that tend to dry quickly. This extreme dryness should be avoided because cracks can occur. In fact it is in winter more skin problems such as psoriasis or dermatitis are manifested.

Protect yourself from the sun

We are becoming more aware of the damage that the sun leaves on our skin, in the form of wrinkles and spots that cause premature aging. People have always associated the need to use a sun protection with the summer. In winter and especially in the mountains, the sun is very harmful, even more so than in summer. Have you convinced yourself why you should use a high sunscreen (30 or more) when you go skiing? If not then read why it is important.

The sunlight is reflected 80 percent in the snow. To give you an idea, in the sand only 15 percent is reflected. So you will know that one of the best tips to care for your skin in snow is to protect using sun protection, the higher, the better. In addition, you must use it on the face as well as the neck and hands, all areas that will be exposed. If the day is cloudy, it must be used equally, because we are at high altitude and the sun’s rays damage the skin much more than at lower altitudes. This must be an essential in your suitcase. You should use the cream about twenty minutes before going outside to make sure it has been absorbed well, and keep in mind that it is better to be water resistant, because of the snow moisture.

Beware of redness

For sensitive skin the cold is a real problem, since redness appears constantly. You should use a specific moisturizer for these types of problems. If you also notice that redness continues to appear, do not hesitate to take some product that is soothing. Aloe vera is a great remedy for this type of skin and nowadays we can find from gels to cream with aloe vera to cure the skin. If the red skin is accompanied by irritation and itchiness then better consult with a doctor.

Moisturize lips

Lips are another area that is most exposed during the holidays in the snow. You must also remember that lip skin is extremely delicate, much more sensitive than facial skin. We should always use lip balm, and if you wear sun protection much better, as this area can also be burned with the sun. We must avoid wetting the lips, because this can remove the protection and we dry it much more.

Tips to Take Care of Skin in the Snow

There is more care that your skin will appreciate to leave unscathed for a few days of vacation in the snow. These tips might help you take care of your skin in snow and prevent damage.

  1. Remember to put sunscreen on exposed areas of your body (usually the face) half an hour before going out into the snow and repeat the application every two hours.
  2. The wind, typical of winter can be stronger when you are on the mountain. This can dry the skin, so do not forget to moisturize your face. The order for the day would be: serum, face moisturizer, eye contour (an area very sensitive to dehydration), and sunscreen. Nowadays there are moisturizers containing sun protection. You can use one to avoid carrying two creams.
  3. Protect your lips. The thin and sensitive skin of the lips suffers a lot when you are in the snow. Sun, wind and cold can cause dryness and even cracks, so do not leave without a good lip balm and sunscreen.
  4. Wear eyeglasses suitable for the eyes. Protect your eyesight with good glasses, blizzard for skiing or snowboarding, or glasses with a good filter if you are just visiting.
  5. Use a body moisturizer, with special emphasis on the knees, elbows and feet. Do not forget your hands. If you ski you have to wear suitable gloves, but still do not forget to moisturize your hands with a rich and nutritious cream. And reapply when you need it.
  6. On cloudy days you also need sun protection. In summer we tell you that you must use sunscreen even if it is cloudy, in the snow it is the same. Solar radiation passes the clouds and is still very harmful.
  7. End your journey in the snow with a good bath and after sun. Yes, after sun is not just a summer product. If you go to the snow, it will suit you very well to repair your skin. If you do not have it, you can use a body moisturizer.

Many people are thinking of going on a snow vacation. If it’s your first time, you’re probably thinking about protective clothing and ski equipment. You should also think about the beauty products that are needed in the snow. Extreme care of beauty is needed when we go out in snow, because extreme temperatures, humidity and sun can spoil it.