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DIY Face Mask for Dark Spots

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Do you want diy face mask for dark spots? Here are some of the best recipes you can prepare using natural home remedies to lighten your dark spots.

diy face mask for dark spots

As we grow old, our skin starts looking old and it all starts with age spots and skin discoloration at first. All these things can also happen due to excess exposure to sun, hyper pigmentation and some injury among other things. Having these spots on face or other visible area of body may cause some embarrassment to the person. Skin whitening is one way to get rid of these dark spots and that too with making your skin tone a bit lighter as well. You can use these diy face mask for dark spots and lighten them to make them invisible.

And for skin whitening there are many products available in the market which promise result as soon as possible. But these products contain chemical ingredients which not always work on dark spots. Some of these products may react with your skin a bit differently than expected and may cause some more damage. In today’s world, people having light and clear skin are considered more beautiful than those who do not.

DIY Facemask for Dark Spots

Cleaning and daily hydration: If you want to prevent the appearance of pimples and blemishes, you have to concentrate on how you should wash and clean your face every day (once in the morning and one at night), but you have not makeup that day because the street has a lot of pollution and our skin is super sensitive to all particles that surround it.

Seaming: Steam to clean and open the pores of the skin. Surely some of you have already done this once. It consists of boiling water to reach the boiling point and apply two tablespoons thyme leaves. Remove the fire and bring the head by covering it with a cloth or towel and breathe deeply for five minutes. After this steam you will notice how clear and soft your skin has become. Finally, don’t forget to moisturize your face.

Turmeric: Where having light and clear skin is important, what’s more important is to go for a safe and effective method. Using home remedies, like turmeric to whiten dark skin or when you have uneven skin tanning or if you just feel like having a lighter skin tone is good as it works. Using this home remedy to whiten dark spots is easy to use and to make and shows quick results.

Honey: At first glance it may seem disgusting and uncomfortable because honey is very sticky, but is a natural remedy that stands out for all its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. You can both consume and apply a layer of honey on the face and neck for a period of 15-20 minutes. And finally, remove it gently with warm water and circular movements. And if you’re one of those who love to mix honey with milk, it’s perfect! Because lactic acid in milk also helps fight dark spot, remove dead cells and reduce inflammation in the area.

Coconut oil: This natural oil is rich in vitamin E and is the beauty secret of many celebrities. It has become the flagship product both in the world of cosmetics and cuisine thanks to its capric acid and lauric acid which helps protect against infections and bacteria and reverses dry skin and pigmentation. Apply virgin coconut oil for 15 minutes and notice the change.

Egg: It is not only made enough to eat, but also has a tonic effect tensor and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and dark spots. One can make a great diy facemask for dark spots using egges. Just beat egg whites until fluffy, add unflavored yogurt to it and apply all over the face evenly. Let the mask on and dry thoroughly and finally remove it with warm water. Then wash with cold water to help seal the pores.

Garlic as healing: Garlic has great healing properties, including antibacterial, which protects you from infections. Remedy: Mix three cloves of garlic in a cup of vinegar, let it rest for two hours and then applied to the dark spots twice a day. Another alternative is to rub garlic on your skin but you must be careful not to cause irritation.

Onion: It has similar properties of garlic, except that it is less strong and does not irritate the skin. It is perfect diy face mask for dark spots on sensitive skin type. Remedy: In a blender or food processor blend half onion and two tablespoons of honey. Apply the mixture on the spots and wait for an hour. Repeat the same operation two times a day.

Baking soda: This home remedy has the ability to dehydrate the evil agents, clean the skin and leave the skin soft, so it is perfect to help reverse pigmentation. This diy face mask for dark spot is easy to make as you just need to mix some water to it. Put some of the paste on the spots and allow the skin to absorb it. Remove with warm water.

Aloe gel: Thoroughly wash your face before going to sleep and apply aloe gel on the dark spots to act overnight. In the morning, remove with warm water and within a week see how the black scars have decreased. If you need a solution urgently you can apply the gel and let it stand for 20 minutes, at that time will fulfill the role of a skin lightener and allow its rapid disappearance.

Lemon: Another trick is to put on some natural lemon juice on the dark spots, as with the aloe gel before applying wash your face. We recommend that you use only in the evenings as lemon contact with the sun it can lead to pigmentation of skin.

Vinegar: Mix a little vinegar with water, until you have created a kind of dilute solution. Now place it on the dark spots with the help of a cotton swab. Let dry and then remove with warm water and clean your face as you normally do.

Cinnamon and honey: In addition to helping to shrink pimples, you provide deep hydration and also clear acne scars with this face mask. Mix a little cinnamon and honey into a paste, wash your face and apply the paste obtained in infected areas before you go to bed.

Tree tea oil: It has beneficial dermatological properties for your skin, helping to combat impurities. Therefore, apply a little tree tea oil on the black spots area and leave overnight.