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Easy Home Remedies to Prevent Dead Skin and Maintain Healthy Glow

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Dead skin is one of the most common problems everyone deals with. Most of us shed around millions of dead skin cells daily. However, there are lots of solutions available if the problem gets too tough to handle. By taking few steps to exfoliate your skin and prevent dead skin, you can ensure healthy and fresh glow of skin for long time.


Exfoliate Your Facial Skin

In order to prepare your facial skin for exfoliation, soak in a clean towel in fresh warm water and place it gently on your face for at least 1 to 2 minutes. It will open skin pores and help you remove dead skin.

Use a Gentle Cleanser to Clean Your Face

After getting your face ready with warm towel, you need to clean your face with mild cleanser. It is the one you keep it for regular use. It can further open skin pores and prepare your facial skin for best exfoliation. Once face is washed, clean your skin gently with a dry towel. Don’t rub it too roughly or it will damage your skin.

Avoid Chemical Exfoliation

Women may choose from physical or chemical exfoliation. In physical exfoliation, you can use the product physically that removes dead skin cells by putting pressure on them. You may use microdermabrasion and exfoliating pads for physical exfoliation.

Wash Your Face Once Done

Wash your face with clean water and let it dry. After 5 minutes, finish it by using moisturizing lotion to get healthy glow and prevent the early aging signs.

Exfoliate Other Areas

All areas of the body can easily be exfoliated with the same procedure, except mucous membranes and sensitive areas. You may use it on your neck because it is also visible to the public and a bigger cosmetic concern.

Use Home Ingredients to Make All Natural Solution

All exfoliating products are not store bought. You can easily make exfoliating peels, creams and rubs on your own if you go for all natural procedure. Here are few easy recipes you can try at home –

Oil & Sugar Scrub – Mix any cooking oil (such as grape seed oil, olive oil etc.) and brown sugar equally for a very effective and economical skin scrub. Rub it on the skin to exfoliate and clean it with water and soap. Add 1 tbsp of honey and a couple of drops of lemon to add extra nutrition.

Papaya Enzyme and Greek Yogurt Face Conditioning Mask – Blend 3 tbsp of mashed up papaya and Greek Yogurt (1/2 cup). Apply the mixture to body or face and leave the same for around 15 to 30 minutes. Clean your face once done.

To Prevent Dead Skin

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Apply Moisturizing Lotion Evenly

Your skin usually secretes natural oils to keep it healthy, soft and moisturized well. If these oils are removed by something or their production is stopped, your skin is likely to get flaky, dry and cracked. In order to soothe your skin after getting dry, you need to apply a moisturizing balm or lotion liberally. These solutions hold moisture around the skin with layer of fat or oil. If your skin is dried out severely, you have to apply lotion every day.  Be sure to apply thick moisturizer to help dry skin restore its moisture. Thick butters, balms and creams are more effective than watery, thinner lotions.

Cover up Your Skin in Cold Weather

If you are living in an area where you get hot, dry air inside and icy-chilled, dry air outside, you need to cover your skin while going out. Such conditions may take a toll on your skin and cause cracking, dryness and irritation. The best way to ensure safe skin in the winter is keeping it covered well with long sleeves and other accessories.

Don’t Overdo with Harsh Abrasives

Sometimes stiff brushes and pumice stones and other stronger abrasives are good to eliminate severe dead skin deposits. If it is used too often on sensitive skin, they can leave your skin raw and red, and vulnerable to irritation and dryness. If you are experiencing redness or pain after exfoliation, take a couple of days and try milder abrasive.

Don’t Take Too Long on Hot Showers

Though feels relaxing, hot water strips essential oils away from the skin and leaves it susceptible to dry out. To prevent this, all you need to bathe with warm water, not hot and control your showering length, i.e. around 10 minutes. The shorter and the cooler your shower, the less likely you are going to dry out skin. Also avoid soap-based soaks and bubble baths as they can remove natural oils of your skin. Hence, cooler and shorter showers are best. Instead of scrubbing your skin, put your body dry after bath. Scrubbing with towel can strip natural oils and irritate your delicate skin.

Change Your Soap

Some cleaning products and soaps have chemicals that can easily remove its natural oils and dry out your sensitive skin. Alcohol-based soaps are strict no-no. Though they are good to kill germs, alcohol can critically dehydrate your skin. Don’t ruin your hands to stay clean with harsh soaps. Switch to a milder soap to avoid cracked, dry skin.

Go for a Gentle Steam Bath

Spending a couple of minutes in sauna or steam room can easily unclog skin pores, soften dry skin and makes you feel great. If you can access a gentle steam room, spend around a half hour or so occasionally in your weekly routine. Don’t stay longer if it is not comfortable. Ensure safety while using sauna or steam room. Don’t raise heat so high that it becomes too difficult to stay awake and breathe in. don’t use alcohol in sauna time.


By considering the above tips, you can take better care of your skin and prevent dead skin for a longer period of time. These tips are also helpful for you to look younger and more beautiful. Don’t use harmful chemical-based exfoliation products. Try home remedies instead.