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How to get Clear Skin Fast for Men

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The best way by which men can get clear skin on face fast is by paying a little attention to the skin cleansing. Steaming, exfoliation, applying moisturizer and using a toner for each day can make the skin clear in a week. You can also try some home remedies like lemon, aloe vera, turmeric, olive oil and vinegar for clean and beautiful face.

Get clear skin fast for men

Like every woman even men want a spotless and perfect skin with no dark spots and acne scars. Clear and healthy skin is one of the fundamental components of an individual’s life. Your daily habits play an important role in the well being of the skin. Some of the factors which play an important role in maintaining the quality of skin are sun rays, healthy nutrition, moisture, cleansing, sleep, stress, cigarettes and alcohol.

Daily wash your face once with a cleanser

There are many facial cleansers for men that contain acids which work great in clearing the impurities from the face. Use such a cleanser only once a day and then provide some moisture to your face as these products also wash away the moisture from skin that will make it dry.

Wash your face with slightly hot water

Take some hot water and splash it on your face. Check with your finger whether the water is not very hot or it can burn your skin. Using such water helps to soften the skin and the impurities on the face. Another option is that you can boil water and let that steam to pass to the face. Both the techniques are good but steaming can take more time. Since skin of a man is quite rough as compared to a woman this step helps in making skin soft.

Now carry on with exfoliation

Since your skin is now wet because off the above step, apply a gentle cleanser to your face. Now with a soft brush continuously rub it for 5 minutes in a circular movement throughout the face. These brushes are easily available at Walmart, Amazon or any other store with a beauty section. Peeling is viewed as a standout method when it comes to skin cleansing. In addition to clear skin, exfoliation will help to clean the dirt filled pores, wash off the oils, dead cells and make your face fair and glowing. In a man’s life exfoliation should be an important part for keeping skin elastic and young.

Use the lotion

Now after you have peeled off the dirt from the skin make your face dry and then apply a good moisturizing lotion to the face. The benefit of this step is that it will add moisture to the skin preventing your skin to produce it which makes skin oily. Select a moisturizer according to the type of skin you have to keep skin problem free. Also there are lotions available that provide a special layer of protection to skin against sun. Using such products is advised to keep skin in a healthy condition.

Apply skin toners for men

Now the markets are also flooded with men’s beauty products and there are many good products that can help a man to get clear skin fast. The special ingredients of such products help in erasing the ugly marks from the face.

Visit a skin specialist

In case you have tried all the treatments and still you can’t get any positive result then I recommend that you should pay a visit to the dermatologist. These skin experts have various creams and medicines that can help you to tackle the blemishes from both inside and outside. It is worth spending a little money for maintaining the beauty of our skin. In case you are facing money problem then try some home remedies, these can help you. But if these also don’t work than a dermatologist can help you attaining a clear facial skin.

Home remedies for getting clear skin

There is a time period in every person’s life where our skin looks dull and needs special attention. Not every man can manage the cost of a dermatologist and hence here are some natural treatments that can help you to get clear skin quickly at your home.


The citrus extracts in lemon helps to keep the skin clear by uprooting dead cells and its vitamin C content aides in diminishing dull spots by expanding the cell recharging process. These ingredients give lemon blemish fading properties that will give your face a clear complexion. Apply new cut lemon juice to your whole face and abandon it on for 5 minutes. Now wash it off with cold water. You can also prepare a natural exfoliating product using lemon. To prepare the scrub add powdered sugar, lemon juice and few water drops and use this paste for deeply exfoliating skin.

Green tea

Green tea is loaded with cell reinforcement antioxidants and supplements that can help your body battle pimple scars, dark spots and other skin blemishes. Cancel your coffee and tea and instead drink green tea for lightening the marks on the face and making skin healthy and spotless.


Turmeric is a fabulous cleanser, an antiseptic and skin lightening specialists that is beneficial for removing the scars and dark spots on face. One of the most popular and widely used home remedy in India, turmeric has great skin benefits. Its skin friendly benefits are medically proven. Add drops of water or rose water to turmeric and apply this paste all over the facial skin. Keep it for 15 minutes and then using a face wash clean it off. Using a face wash in this case is important otherwise the face will appear a little yellowish.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has numerous profits for the skin and can be beneficial to get clear skin for men. It has antibacterial properties that help eliminate bacteria’s that cause pimple inflammation, skin calming properties and astringent properties that help lighten marks from the skin. In addition, aloe vera saturates the skin and helps in the stimulation and growth of new skin cells. When you cut the leaf of an aloe vera plant, you will find some sticky gel coming out. With your clean washed hands, take this gel and apply this to the black spots on face. One can also apply the gel all over the face and leave it for 30 minutes. This skin cleansing mask will remove all the imperfections from the face making it clear and glowing.


Well if you are looking for another powerful natural skin exfoliator then papaya can be the right choice. One can utilize the benefits of this fruit to improve the skin complexion and composition. The common skin lightening vitamins and compounds plus the powerful skin cleansing enzyme papain help in giving your face a clean and clear complexion. Apply papaya paste to the face for 30 minutes two times a week will get you the skin your dreams.

Baking soda

Baking soda has many benefits for the skin, but the quality that has made it to this list is the power to maintain the skin pH levels. It is also a very good natural product for clearing the dead skin cells and dirt layer from the top of the skin. To get clear skin for a man it is important to add few water drops to baking soda and keep it on your facial imperfections. Within few treatments those skin marks will be considerably lightened to a few tones.

Some important tips

  1. Do not rinse face more than two times a day. This causes the skin glands to compensate for the loss of the moisture by over creating moisturizing oils which obstructs the pores and leads to imperfections.
  2. Having a good sleep with a good diet will play an important role in the skin cleansing process. Sleeping is very important as the skin repairing and growth takes place when a person is in sleep.
  3. During this process if you are smoking or have alcohol then it will be a total waste of time for you as nothing will work. Even after getting the skin you want I advise you to stay away from these activities.
  4. Don’t unnecessary touch your face all the time. The bacteria on the hands can be transferred to the face and can act as an obstacle delaying the treatment.