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How to Get Rid of Foot Fungus Between Toes Quickly

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Find the best way to get rid of foot fungus between toes fast. These tips and home remedies will naturally cure the foot fungal infection forever.

get rid of foot fungus

One of the parts of the body to which less attention is given is the feet. However, we should take care of them much more, not only for aesthetics, but also for health. There are certain oversights that can cause fungus on our feet, something that is very unpleasant because of the consequences it has in the form of bad smell, itching or excessive sweating. We explain how to get rid of foot fungus forever.

Keep your feet clean

Try to clean your feet every time you shower, especially in the area between your fingers. It will be the best way to eliminate dirt and bacteria, but also to prevent the appearance of fungus and bad smell. This process is very simple, use soap and water to only rub the nails, between toes and the area of the fingers. Then rinse with plenty of water. Special care must be taken with certain soaps, which are sometimes responsible for provoking itching with their perfumes.

Dry your feet properly

Just as we spend some time washing our feet, we should also do the same with drying, especially between the toes. If we leave the shower and leave them without drying it is most likely that we are contributing to the formation of fungi, which here is their ideal habitat. Chlorine bleach is likely to dry your feet, so do not hesitate to moisturize them with a little cream.

Use clean cotton socks

Do not just wash your feet daily to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. You should also wear cotton socks and change them daily. If you are one of those who sweat a lot, the convenience would be to replace them a couple of times a day. Being cotton socks you will get better perspiration avoiding excess sweating. Synthetic fabrics can be more problematic as they generate a more humid environment.

Beware of footwear

Shoes can also have their share of blame on the appearance of fungi. You should wash them regularly and change them from time to time. To finish with the bacteria you can throw talcum powder, which will also absorb the moisture. The best footwear against bacteria are those made of leather, which facilitate the breathing of the foot. Synthetic and plastic materials increases significantly sweat, especially in the hot months.

Home remedies to cure foot fungus

Nothing is more uncomfortable than wanting to wear open shoes and notice that your nails look yellow and sloppy. Fungi in the feet are usually caused by environmental factors such as humidity, high temperatures, or by using closed shoes for many hours a day. Get to know 7 natural remedies to eliminate and prevent foot fungus.

  1. Vinegar:

    The acidic property of vinegar helps eliminate nail fungus and decrease the alkaline level of the skin. This inhibits the infection from spreading further. Vinegar also helps extract the moisture that your foot produces helping the healing process.

    To eliminate the fungus of the nails with vinegar you must prepare a mixture with a part of the known vinegar and two parts of water. Let the feet soak for 20 minutes and then dry carefully. Repeat the process for a week or until the infection is gone. If your skin gets irritated you should reduce the frequency.

  2. Garlic:

    Garlic is a powerful natural antimicrobial that will help us eliminate the fungus on the nails. To use, boil 10 cloves of garlic in 2 cups of water. Then pour the liquid into a container until it cools down a bit. Insert the feet, previously washed into the garlic water for 15 minutes. You can repeat this process 3 to 4 times a week.

  3. Enamel:

    To the classic nail polish add 1 clove of crushed garlic, 5 drops of white iodine and about 5 drops of lemon. Once mixed, store it for a period of 2 weeks. Once ready, apply a coat of glitter enamel on your nails for 15 consecutive days. The sixteenth day removes the enamel using acetone and checks if the situation has improved.

  4. Yogurt:

    Yogurt contains cultures of active bacteria that are very effective in removing nail fungus. To use it, apply natural yogurt in the affected area and let it dry on its own. Then rinse with warm water and dry the area well, massaging it. Carry out this process twice a day for several weeks.

  5. Tea tree oil:

    Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that improves nails and feet noticeably.

    An external application of this oil in a concentration of 10%, has proven to be as effective as tolnaftate creams to relieve athlete’s foot. At concentrations of 25% to 50%, it has been shown to alleviate and cure the infection.

    An application of the tea tree to 100% twice a day has been shown to improve the appearance of nails with fungi by 56%.

  6. Tea:

    The tannic acid it contains is a natural astringent that helps to restrict fungal activity and keep your feet free of excess moisture. For this you should soak five bags of tea, preferably black, in four cups of boiling water for 5 minutes. Let the water cool down and put your feet to soak in the solution for half an hour. Avoid herbal tea since it is not as effective and remember to dry your feet well after treatment. Repeat twice a day for 2 to 3 weeks.

  7. Vick VapoRub:

    For this you should wash your feet, dry them well and then spread a little Vick VapoRub on nails, as simple as that. You can repeat it twice a day until you see the improvement in your nails.

Tips to get rid of foot fungus fast

Fungi are not only exclusive to the feet, as they can also affect the nails. You will notice it because it appears in the form of yellow spots. They most likely appear on the toenails, but they also occur in the hands. As prevention, we give you below a series of recommendations to prevent the formation of fungus in the feet.

  1. After each wash properly dry the feet with a towel so that there is no wet zone. Do not forget that these bacteria find a perfect scenario with these parts.
  2. The footwear must be leather and breathable, so we will avoid the plastic and material too thick.
  3. Talcum powder works perfectly against moisture, so do not hesitate to put a little on your feet once you have finished taking a shower and in your shoes. They are perfect against sweating.
  4. In certain public spaces, such as swimming pools or showers of a sports hall, you should never walk barefoot. Always wear flip-flops. Fungi are contagious too easily and maybe somebody has them end up transmitting to the rest. It does not cost anything to carry our flip flops with us in the backpack.
  5. Putting your feet in a bowl of warm water with a bleach plug or a little vinegar or hydrogen peroxide is also very valuable. It is about leaving them to soak for half an hour and repeat this process over a couple of weeks on alternate days. Remember the need to dry them when you finish.