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Here are the Habits that give you Wrinkles on Face

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The many small and large factors in our daily lives determine how wrinkled the skin will later be in life. The obvious villains are the sun and cigarettes, but other things are also true. Experts have collected a number of classic habits that later in life could lead to unwanted creases on your face.

habits that give you wrinkles on face

  • Your diet

    If you eat a diet that contains lots of sugar or high – glycemic, so it will affect your skin later in life. According to a study revealed, sugar binds to proteins in your skin including collagen, making them stiff and deformed. It will give your skin a lack of elasticity, making it nudged and give fine lines. To avoid wrinkling of skin eat foods rich in antioxidants like tomato, berries, apples, kidney beans and green leafy vegetables.

  • Alcohol

    If you are an alcoholic, then all the alcohol you consume dehydrates your skin making it dry and wrinkled. It will eventually make your skin less flexible and give you wrinkles. In addition, alcohol affects the levels of vitamin A in your body negatively, and this particular vitamin is an important antioxidant in your body, which is important for the regeneration of your cells in the body and the skin.

  • You chew gum

    Are you addicted often have a piece of gum in mouth, so it will appear around your lips with age. According to experts, people who chew a lot of gum later develop wrinkles around mouth.

  • You sleep with makeup on

    It is very unhealthy for skin when you do not remove your makeup and cleanse the pollution that automatically sticks to skin during the day. The dirt builds up in the pores and over time it will make your skin less elastic leading to fine lines on face. Maintain a proper skin cleansing hygiene to remove these unwanted impurities and make skin glow.

  • Sun and smoking

    The absolute top performers when it comes to wrinkling are the sun’s UV rays along with smoking. Studies have shown that smoking and sun actually are the main villains that degenerates the skin. Many dermatologists, have point out that in order to protect against the sun’s harmful rays, you should every day use a sunscreen with SPF 30, even if it rains.

  • Your sleeping habits

    If you sleep face down in the pillow, then it could actually cause wrinkles in your face in the long term. Sleeping in this texture actually puts pressure on skin that can later develop into wrinkles. Hence sleep with your back down. A research has shown that people who do not sleep with their face down on pillow have vey less chances of developing sleep lines on face.

  • You live a stressful life

    People who have a lot of stress in life often lack sleep, drink lot of alcohol, smoking and eat wrong foods. Apart from this stressful body releases enzymes that destroys collagen making skin wrinkled. Hence it is advised to stay happy in life to keep skin youthful.

  • Your skin is always dry

    People who have a dry skin type should use a good moisturizing cream to get rid of the dryness and keep skin soft. Keeping skin dry for a long time makes skin to lose out the elasticity that causes fine lines on face. To solve this problem you just need to moisturize skin every day so that skin remains soft and flexible.