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Natural Home remedies for Soft and Smooth Feet

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Following these natural home remedies will get you baby soft, smooth and beautiful feet quickly and easily. These days we people work too much and do not have much time to maintain their hands and feet but if you follow some simple steps everyday you can get soft and beautiful feet.

Get Soft and Smooth feet

  1. Wash your feet daily. First step to have soft feet is to wash your feet nicely, cut your nails properly specially of toes and clean your nails. Make sure you have clean feet.
  2. Get rid of dead skin on feet. One should get rid of his/her feet’s dead skin because it makes you legs look bad. You can exfoliate feet by following these two ways.
    One is to file off dead skin with the help of scrubs etc.
    Another is to fill a bowl of warm water and dip your feet in and relax until all your dead skin is removed. This step makes our feet smooth and clean.
  3. Massage your feet and apply lotion. Once you have removed your dead skin than you must massage it properly and apply any lotion or moisturizer like vaseline, petroleum jelly etc on feet and then cover it by socks and then go to bed.
  4. In the morning when you get up remove the socks and wash your feet to get rid of excessive lotion and then notice your feet. You will find that feet skin has become ultra soft. Follow this step in alternate days to makes your feet your smooth and silky.
  5. For women to make your feet look more attractive, you can apply some nail polish according to season colour.

    Now these are the basic steps, one can follow every day and get soft and attractive feet as you want.

    To follow these above steps you’ll need following things like vaseline petroleum jelly or any lotion of your choice, a pair or two of socks, scrub to remove dead skin and a bowl with warm water.

  6. Take some aloe vera gel and rub it gently to your feet. Anti oxidants and moisture present in aloe gel will soothe your skin and make it ultra soft.
  7. Take honey and add lemon juice to it. This mixture helps to remove dead skin cells from feet and provide lots of moisture. Follow this remedy twice a week for getting beautiful feet. One can also add honey to milk and keep feet in it for 10 minutes daily for getting rid of dry and crack feet.
  8. Daily massage olive oil or coconut oil to feet. These oils contain vitamin E and other helpful natural extracts that makes skin soft.

Advanced treatment for soft feet

Use a product that frees the rough skin on feet gently and safely. Such treatments are easy to use and you can see the change in just seven days. Select products with natural corneal peeling which is complex to a plant active ingredient that engage the individual components and provide the desired treatment success. Various fruit acids in combination with herbal extracts not only solve the problem of dry and rough feet, but supply the soles with improved moisture and this heels the cracked soles.

The multivitamin feet treatment is best to get soft and smooth feet. With Pro-Vitamin B5 and soothing Algae extract combined with pure sweet almond oil provides an invisible barrier against environmental damage caused by the weather and sunlight. Treatment involves fast absorbing skin care ingredients that will make your feet soft and healthier.