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How to Apply Sunscreen Properly

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It is important for a person to learn the correct way to apply sunscreen on face, hands, legs, neck and all over body. Using the lotion properly will protect your skin from sunburns, suntans and uneven skin tone.

How to apply sunscreen properly

Proper sun protection is an important issue more than ever and the best way to prevent suntans and sunburns. However, many people make fundamental errors when applying lotion which they must repent later with a sunburn or worse. In this post we give you tips on how to apple sunscreen properly to keep skin safe and healthy.

Skin cancer spreads more and more. The sunlight is always aggressive and some people spend a long time in the sun without adequate sun protection. Also, sunscreen with a high SPF does not offer full protection. A stay in the midday sun, from about 11 to 15 clocks, should be completely avoided if possible.

Sunscreen should be of high quality

Many cheap sunscreens do not have the sun protection factor, which is stated on the packaging. For this reason, you should ensure good quality of a sunscreen. The quality of sun protection product is not only essential for the optimal effect, but also the adequate dosage.

Never underestimate UV rays

The UV rays in the light are responsible for the unpleasant sunburn and may actually promote the development of skin cancer in the worst case. The UV radiation causes damage to the genetics of our body. This damage leads to genetic changes in genes that are responsible for the development of cancer -Warns the Association for the fight against skin cancer on their website. Proper sun protection is so far no vain beauty measure, but a real health issue. The radiation levels can be quite different. Therefore, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection always publishes a daily data of current UV Index. You should use a sunscreen lotion before going to sunbath to prevent sunburn and to reduce the risk of cancer, even if no absolute protection can be guaranteed against skin cancer.

Pay attention to the SPF

A good sunscreen is effective against UVA and UVB rays – can be seen by a seal on the packaging of the product. It depends on the skin type, how long someone can stay in the sun without protection and without reddening of the skin. A minimum of 25-30 SPF is required for providing a proper protection to skin.

Apply and distribute sunscreen properly

It is important to evenly apply the sunscreen in sufficient amount, namely about two milligrams per square centimeter of skin and not to forget treacherous places like the ears, neck and feet. Those who want to cool down between the sunbathing in the pool, sea or under the garden shower should then reapply. There is no sunscreen that is water resistant to 100 percent.

Determine the individual’s skin type

In Central Europe there are four skin types – from a Celtic type with very light, pale skin, which has only a self-protection time of three to ten minutes to the Mediterranean type with dark skin, which can withstand up to 45 minutes without prejudice in the sun. People of Asian and African countries have developed resistant to sun for 1-2 hours. The brighter the skin, the higher the SPF should be.

Depending on which skin type you are, varies the natural protection time of the skin and sensitivity to the sun. For example, while type I (fair skin, freckles, reddish hair) has only one self-protection time of 5-10 minutes, type III (light brown skin, no freckles, dark blond, brown hair) can stand 20 to 30 minutes without significant reaction to the sun. The sun protection factor should always be adapted to the type of skin.

Many people carry too little sunscreen on

The specified UV protection is not achieved. What many people do not know is, if a sunscreen applied too sparingly, it cannot adequately shield your skin. The EU therefore recommends an amount of 35 grams of sun lotion, this is about 7 teaspoons, for face and body, so that an adequate sun protection is achieved.

But very few people have a scale or a teaspoon on the beach available. For this reason, I will show you a simple way how you can dose your sunscreen optimal:

Learn to apply sunscreen properly

  1. Buy a sunscreen with a sun protection factor optimal for you.

    This section will now serve as further guidance for the optimal dosage of sunscreen for you.

  2. Apply a stroke sunscreen per arm, therefore here you need two strokes.
  3. For the face and neck, you need a stick sunscreen (one stroke).
  4. One sunscreen stroke you need for the belly.
  5. Another stroke sunscreen you need for the chest area.
  6. Per leg (including the bare foot) you need two strokes sunscreen, thus four strokes are necessary in the entire leg area.
  7. For the entire back area you need two strokes sunscreen.
  8. To ensure that your whole body is well protected from the sun, thus you need 11 strokes sunscreen. Sun Protection Factor indicated is achieved only after this amount of sunscreen s used.


  1. Check the expiry of the sunscreen, before using it.
  2. Avoid sunbathing perfumes, deodorants and cosmetics while going for sunbaths, this could lead to pigmentation problems.
  3. Never leave your ears, neck line, nose and foot without sunscreen.
  4. Use the lotion 15-30 minutes before going out for sun baths.
  5. Save your eyes from sunscreen, in case it enters eyes immediately use cold water. Such lotions can cause inflammation and a sting to eyes making it red.