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How To Clear Freckles On Face

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Dark spot reducing creams, exfoliation and home remedies like lemon and tomato will help you clear freckles on face. Makeup is also a good alternative to hide them temporarily.

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Lots of people have freckles on birth and these are difficult to remove, although it can be reduced or made less visible. However, there are many people whose freckles appear during the summer months by sun exposure. This problem particularly affects people with very fair skin. If you are a person to whom this happens and you do not like the effect produced by these small spots on your face, you must know how to clear freckles?
When often try makeup to hide any aspect of the face with which we are not satisfied. Freckles on the skin appear more often in people with very fair skin and blond or red hair. However other factors that can alter the pigmentation of the skin and can make these spots appear as sun exposure.

Freckles are one of the most obvious symbols of skin deterioration. Contrary to what many people think, these spots which some like and some do not are the most obvious representation of the damage that the sun has caused in your dermis. If you are the type who does not enjoy having freckles on his face but rather hide, as here you will find five steps to clear freckles on face.

Ssteps to clear freckles

  1. Clean: The first step to cover your freckles is properly clean your face. Rinse your skin with a special soap according to your skin type, then apply the tonic and finally the moisturizer to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth.
  2. Sunscreen: If you apply a good moisturizer daily and a little sunscreen in extreme summer, especially if you know you will spend long hours in the sun, it is very likely that the number of small freckles to appear. However, if you’re prone to freckling it is very important to use good SPF sunscreen that help you prevent freckle son face and shoulders.
  3. Exfoliation: It is must for everyone to exfoliate in a 5-7 day interval for keeping face soft, clean and beautiful. It is important that you monitor that you don’t over exfoliate because excess only accentuates imperfections. Exfoliating in regular intervals with a good mask will work to quickly clear freckles on face.
  4. Cosmetic Creams: You can get a spot reducing cream from a store and use it everyday to clear freckles. Well, these creams do work, but take time. The skin friendly ingredients like antioxidants and dark spots reducing agents work to make skin young and beautiful.
  5. Makeup shades : Use a base darker than the color of your skin and concealer for makeup. It blends well the basis for the entire face, including the eyelids should be well applied. This will perfectly hide the freckles on your face.

Makeup to hide freckles

If you want to cover your freckles and want to take advantage to make your face more beautiful, the first thing to do is bet on the bases of opaque makeup. Such bases reinforce the natural beauty giving your face a dull tone and a natural finish. Yes, the dark shades of makeup should be applied correctly. Remember that it is best to use powder to help seal the makeup compact and to make it more durable. They will also help hide freckle on face, giving it a matt tone.

To clear freckles, opaque bases are an option. With only use you’ll cover and hide the freckles of your skin. Also, very dark bases either be your best ally and to conceal your freckles, so why not take advantage of them. As mentioned above, we recommend using opaque bases.

If you have a concentrated mass of freckles on her cheeks, your best friend, from now on will be the rouge. You must apply the powder gently, to give them just a touch of color without hiding. The best shades of blush to hide the freckles are copper and coral. With these simple makeup tricks you will hide the most of your freckles.

Home remedies to clear freckles

There are several tricks and home remedies to reduce and even eliminate them. However, the first thing to keep in mind if you have very light skin is delicate and you should protect yourself from the sun very well, especially during the summer months.

  1. Lemon : One of our main allies to clear freckles is lemon, which is used as an ingredient in many natural remedies. The juice of this citrus is ideal to lighten dark spots of freckles to make them practically imperceptible. It is enough to squeeze them lemon juice and a small cotton, applying especially in areas where you have more spots. Leave act lemon for about 10 minutes and then rinse your face with cold water. You will notice the effects (especially when you have repeated this routine several times), since the lemon is the quintessential natural bleach.
  2. Butter :Another product that also comes in handy to remove freckles is butter. Use a little butter in areas where you have freckles and let act around half an hour before removing it with a little water. By repeating this routine a few times a week, your skin will soon notice the effect you want.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide :Another remedy widely used for removing freckles is hydrogen peroxide, also known for its bleaching properties. Ideally, soak a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and wipe the freckles before bedtime (you cannot do when we go out into the street or when we go for the sun)
  4. Tomato :Finally, there is a remedy to remove freckles using tomato. Make paste of one tomato and rub it over freckles for 5 minutes and then wash. The high acid content and antioxidants in tomato will clear all skin imperfections.